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Students smash competitive clustering LINPACK world record

HPC Blog Enormous happenings at the ISC17 Student Cluster Competition, where students from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat (FAU) broke the student cluster competition world record for HPL (LINPACK). This gives the home court German team the coveted Highest LINPACK award. This marks the first time a German team has won a major …
Dan Olds, 3 Jul 2017
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Straight outta Shandong cluster noobs set new LINPACK world record

HPC Blog Another world record has fallen. Asian Student Cluster competitors have broken the student LINPACK record with an amazing score of 31.7 TF/s. This barely tops the former record of 31.15 TF/s set at SC16 by the University of Science & Technology of China. The new record holder is Weifang University of Science & Technology, a …
Dan Olds, 27 Apr 2017

HPC kids battle each other... oh, and tussle with the world's fastest supercomputer

HPC Blog This year's edition of the Asian Student Cluster Competition (ASC) is the largest competition of its kind in the world, with 20 teams of university undergrads battling each other, themselves, and the world’s fastest supercomputer, Sunway TaihuLight, to win the Asian Cluster Crown*. But more than just bragging rights are at …
Dan Olds, 24 Apr 2017
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Half of all kids suddenly break LINPACK record in supercomputing compo

HPC Blog SMERSH! That was the sound of the Student Cluster Competition LINPACK record being shattered – in a huge way. How huge? Really huge. As in more than doubled. China's University of Science & Technology posted an amazing 31.15 Tflop/s – topping the previous record of 12.57 Tflop/s set at ISC16. In fact, more than half of the …
Dan Olds, 24 Nov 2016

Undergrads build 12.6-TFLOPS cluster out of four nodes, 112 cores

HPC Blog The ISC (International Supercomputing Conference) Student Cluster Competition once again cements its reputation as the place where LINPACK records go to fall. Last week we saw not one, but two teams top the current 12.03 TFLOPS record that was established at the ASC'16 spring competition. Team HUST, from the Huazhong …
Dan Olds, 28 Jun 2016
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Sweaty students push hot HPC clusters through benchmark tests

HPC Blog The first task that students have to perform at the ASC16 Student Cluster Competition is to run the venerable HPL and newish High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) benchmarks. High performance Linpack (HPL), also known as LINPACK, is a routine that measures floating point performance and is the basis for the Top500 list. …
Dan Olds, 3 May 2016

Scotland wins WORLD RECORD as voters head to referendum polls

HPC blog The LINPACK portion of the ISC’14 Student Cluster Competition (LINK) was supposed to be routine, according to the cluster competition wise guys. Sure, some student team might set a new record, but no one was expecting the new mark to break through the 10 TFLOP/s barrier. Almost everyone expected the LINPACK crown to go to one …
Dan Olds, 18 Sep 2014

Gung-ho Guangzhou college kids smash LINPACK cluster record

HPC blog It was the plucky home team from the capital of Guangdong which grabbed the crown and cash at this year's Asian Supercomputer Conference (ASC) Student Challenge. The students from Guangzhou’s Sun Yat-sen University screamed happily when they saw the results from the LINPACK portion of the ASC’14 Student Supercomputer Challenge …
Dan Olds, 11 Jun 2014
What the Tianhe-2 super should look like in its final home

Top500: Supercomputing sea change incomplete, unpredictable

ISC 2013 If you were thinking that coprocessors were going to take over the Top500 supercomputer rankings in one fell swoop, or even three or four, and knock CPU-only systems down to the bottom of the barrel – well, not so fast. While GPU and x86 coprocessors are certainly the main computation engines on some of the largest systems …

Which big rack should you splash out on at ISC’13?

HPC blog What would you get if you combined the World Cup and March Madness with computer science and HPC? You'd have yourself a cluster-building competition for students, and that’s exactly what’s on the docket beginning 17 June. The venue is International Supercomputing Conference 2013 (ISC'13) in Leipzig, Germany, where we’ll see …
Dan Olds, 11 Jun 2013
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Accelerators tag team in Top500 supercomputer CPU smackdown

SC12 This fall's Top500 supercomputer sites ranking continues the smackdown between massively parallel supercomputers based on CPUs and somewhat less-massive machines using a mix of CPUs and accelerators. In this round, the hybrid ceepie-geepies, which mix CPUs and GPU coprocessors, have the CPU-only boxes on the ropes – and the …
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Intel slaps Xeon Phi brand on MIC coprocessors

ISC 2012 The name "Many Integrated Core" doesn't roll off the tongue – and even Intel doesn't know whether to pronoun MIC as "mick" or "mike" – so with the future "Knights Corner" x86 coprocessors intended to thwart the coprocessor plans of Nvidia and its Tesla family, Chipzilla is settling on the brand name of Xeon Phi to peddle its …
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Student cluster compo SMACKDOWN: Texas holds at 2-1

SC11 Another few days of betting gives us a better view of how bettors handicap the SC11 Student Cluster Competition (SCC). So what do we see? odds_spreadsheet_for_sc11bbbbb The first thing that jumps out at us is that the Texas Longhorn team is still the overall favorite by a wide margin. There are a few reasons behind this. …
Dan Olds, 11 Nov 2011
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Longhorns on top in kid cluster compo

SC11 There have been some big changes in the odds since we opened up the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) 2011 betting pool to the public. (For details on the SCC and the teams, click here.) The betting has tightened up the field as SCC fans pick their favorites to win both the Overall Prize and the LINPACK portions of the fight …
Dan Olds, 7 Nov 2011
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Fujitsu busts K super through 10 petaflops

The massive Sparc64-based K supercomputer built by Fujitsu for the Japanese government has been fully deployed and has, as hoped, broken through 10 petaflops of sustained performance, the first such machine to do so. Fujitsu's time at the top of the HPC charts may be short-lived, however, with IBM and Cray firing up 20 …
For Sale sign detail

Nehalems make like elephants on HPC memory test

Intel's Nehalem EP chip has significantly out-peformed AMD's Istanbul on a set a memory-intensive benchmark tests. The techies at supercomputer cluster maker Advanced Clustering Technologies are at it again, running their own benchmarks on single server nodes using popular high-performance computing tests normally used on …

Top 500 supers - world yawns at petaflops

The annual International Supercomputing Conference kicked off this morning in Hamburg, Germany, with the announcement of the 33rd edition of the Top 500 supercomputer rankings. While petaflops-scale machines are far from normal, they soon will be. Not surprisingly, HPC vendors and academics are gearing up to try to push …

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