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Dude who claimed he invented email is told by judge: It's safe to say you didn't invent email

A US district judge has dismissed the libel lawsuit entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai filed against bloggers who rubbished his claims he invented email. Judge Dennis Saylor ruled [PDF] on Wednesday that Techdirt posts that trashed Ayyadurai's claims of inventing an electronic message system we know today as email were covered by …
Shaun Nichols, 7 Sep 2017

Mumsnet ordered to give users' real life IDs and messages to plastic surgeon they criticised

The UK parenting website Mumsnet has been ordered by a court to give up the identities of two users who criticised a plastic surgeon, along with the contents of their private messages. Dr Jesper Sorensen issued a High Court claim against the website, seeking information about the identities of users “Skohl” and “Blackfairy7”. …
Gareth Corfield, 30 Jan 2017

Is EU right to expand 'right to be forgotten' to

Worstall on Wednesday The European Union is arguing that the so-called "right to be forgotten" (you know, sure, I was a paedophile mass murderer but it was only the once and I've been to confession now so nobody should know about it) in Google and other search engine results should be extended to the domain, as well as those aimed more …
Tim Worstall, 3 Dec 2014
credit: Alexandre Duret-Lutz licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-share alike

Defamation expert: New '1 year after publication' rule means EASY LIFE for UK libel judges

Media law expert Ian Birdsey of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind, said that newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as businesses that provide solutions for digitally archiving content, would welcome the introduction of a "single publication rule" as part of a new Defamation Act which came into force on 1 …
OUT-LAW.COM, 7 Jan 2014

ECHR rejects free speech plea over offensive online comments

In the US it is different, but in the European Union, free speech is no defence for a publication when readers make defamatory comments on its website. Setting this in stone, the European Court of Human Rights yesterday rejected a plea from a leading Estonian news website contesting on human rights grounds a fine for offensive …
Drew Cullen, 11 Oct 2013
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US court ungags Yelp reviewer who dissed builder

Negative reviews are okay, a Virginia court has ruled in a case hailed as a triumph for free speech. Justices Lemons, Goodwyn and Powell of the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled (PDF) that a woman's negative review of a building contractor on Yelp should not be taken down until a court has ruled that it is libellous. A 7 …
Anna Leach, 4 Jan 2013
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MPs: 'Chilling' new libel law will CENSOR THE TRUTH online

A proposed overhaul to the UK's stringent libel law could have "a chilling effect on those publishing material online", an influential human rights committee warned today. The tabled amendments to the law of defamation could force website owners to take down defamatory material on request even if there is a valid legal defence …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Dec 2012
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Restaurateur jailed for customer sex profile revenge plan

A restaurant owner is facing 90 days of jail time and two years of probation after waging an online smear campaign, including setting up a fake online sex profile, to get revenge on a customer who gave her establishment a bad review. The saga began after of Canadian Elayna Katz went out to dinner at the Mambo Nuevo Latino …
Iain Thomson, 20 Nov 2012
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Draft UK libel law forces websites to axe mudslinging comments

Courts would have the power to order website operators to remove comments that have already been ruled to be defamatory even if those website operators did not post the comments themselves, according to the latest revisions to the Defamation Bill. Under the Bill people who have been allegedly defamed would be able to bring an …
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Sep 2012
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Don't get sued or cuffed on Twitter: Read these top 10 pitfalls

Debates in Parliament, home visits from the police and distressed celebrities have all left tweeters a little unsure as to what is and what is not acceptable by law on Twitter. The list of those offending and those offended keeps growing with recent high profile reports referring to Louise Mensch, Tom Daley, Guy Adams, Steve …
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Aug 2012

Jimbo Wales: Wikipedia servers in UK? No way, not with YOUR libel law

Jimmy Wales has claimed that he couldn't have founded Wikipedia in the UK because the nation's libel law adds unpredictability and "friction" to hosting the world's largest unreliable collection of factoids. It's an echo of the notorious claim made by Prime Minister David Cameron that Google could not have started out in the …

Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

Tesla's on-going libel case with the BBC over a negative portrayal of its Roadster electric sports car on Top Gear suffered another setback when the courts ruled that it could not amend its claim. "We are pleased Mr Justice Tugendhat has ruled in favour of the BBC on both the issues before the court, first in striking out …
Iain Thomson, 24 Feb 2012
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Solicitors from hell website unplugged by libel judge

A website that allows users to 'name and shame' lawyers whose services they are unhappy with has been ordered to close after the High Court ruled its publisher had breached libel, data protection and harassment laws. The High Court ruled that should be shut down and its publisher Rick Kordowski …
OUT-LAW.COM, 29 Dec 2011

Judge: Top Gear did not libel Tesla

BBC merchandise cash cow Top Gear did not libel e-car maker Tesla, the English High Court ruled this week. In March, Tesla sued Top Gear over Jeremy Clarkson's 2008 coverage of the Tesla Roadster. The presenter said on air at the time that the e-car would run out of power after just 55 miles, well below Tesla's claimed 200- …
Tony Smith, 21 Oct 2011
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Super-injunction Twitter user in contempt of court if tweets were true

A Twitter user who claims to have posted information that is banned from publication by the UK courts on the social network site could be found in contempt of court, a media law expert has said. The anonymous user posted six 'tweets' claiming to reveal the identity of celebrities who have obtained super-injunctions banning the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 May 2011
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Welsh baby-kisser's tweet sets him back £53k

A Welsh politician has learned an expensive lesson in libel and must pay a political rival £3,000, plus costs, thanks to a libellous Tweet he posted about the latter. Colin Elsbury has now returned to Twitter to apologise to Councillor Edward John Talbot. Elsbury accepted that his claim that Talbot had been removed from a …
John Oates, 14 Mar 2011
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Minister hints that libel reform will create privacy law

A justice minister has said that there is "consensus" that a privacy law is needed, though he stopped short of committing the government to introducing one. A fellow senior Liberal Democrat said Parliament needed to "get hold" of privacy law. There is no overarching privacy law in the UK, but celebrities and athletes have …
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 Aug 2010
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US law to neuter libel tourism

The US House of Representatives has passed a law which will render libel rulings from the English courts unenforceable there. The bill has already been passed by the Senate and will go to US President Barack Obama to be signed into law. US politicians, journalism representatives and free speech activists have long condemned …
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 Jul 2010

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