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HP storage: more possible backdoors

Technion, the blogger who recently turned up an undocumented back door in HP's StoreOnce, has turned up similar issues in other HP products - publicised on support forums by the company, but unnoticed at the time. According to his trawling of various HP support forums, he has told The Register there appear to be company …

HP hopes to give itself a shot in the arm with its LeftHand

We've met StoreOnce, HP's in-house deduplicating backup products, and the StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance; now HP is launching its range of StoreVirtual and StoreEasy hardware and software. StoreVirtual is a brand name for the P4000 LeftHand iSCSI storage arrays and not just the virtual storage appliance (VSA) …
Chris Mellor, 5 Nov 2012

Mellanox rips covers off virt-SAN beast, claims Fibre Channel vanquish

InfiniBand vendor Mellanox has demonstrated a Fibre Channel-beating virtual SAN appliance at VMworld, claiming it's six times faster than FC SANs. Virtual SAN appliances (VSAs) are becoming more serious. They started out as SAN try-outs using server SW and the server's local disks to produce a shared block-access storage area …
Chris Mellor, 31 Aug 2012

EMC says virtual arrays a sales tool, not a threat

Virtual storage arrays may become more attractive to customers, but EMC believes the pace of data growth will mean many users still need physical appliances. That’s the opinion of Chuck Hollis, EMC's Vice President and Global Marketing CTO, who told El Reg that users like virtual arrays, but aren’t using them for anything …

HP gives huge chunk of storage business to channel

HP is giving a huge chunk of its storage business to the channel with a couple of 100 Percent sales initiatives. Most sales of HP's storage-portfolio products to new US customers, defined as end-user accounts not having bought from HP in the last three years, will go through channel partners in a 100 Percent New Accounts …
Chris Mellor, 26 Mar 2012

HP iSCSI slogger usurped by younger flashy model

HP has announced an all-flash version of its LeftHand Networks P4000 iSCSI storage array, the P4900 Flash P4000s are supported already in the form of P4000 Virtual Storage Appliances (VSA) which uses DAS on linked servers and turns it into an iSCSI-accessed storage area network (SAN). If the DAS is flash then the VSA is flash- …
Chris Mellor, 15 Feb 2012
For Sale sign detail

Nimble's iSCSI is more than a flash in the can

Comment In a world of flash-based and tiered-storage startups, Nimble Storage has gone back in time and re-invented the single-tier iSCSI disk drive array. Sure it has a flash cache, but it's all about being a go-faster iSCSI array rather than being a flash play. We wrote about Nimble a month or two ago. A recent briefing from its …
Chris Mellor, 18 Oct 2011

HP P10000 storage array more and less than expected

HP's new P10000 3PAR Storage System array, announced Tuesday, is both more and less than expected, with a new ASIC but no SAS drive support. Array federation across 3PAR and LeftHand arrays was also announced. The P10000, or 3PAR V-Class, is a high-end 3PAR array supporting up to 1,920 drives. These are 3.5-inch format Fibre …
Chris Mellor, 23 Aug 2011

Where are the next storage startup stars?

Comment Have we witnessed the end of an era? Has the great storage company growth boom ended with a series of big bang acquisitions: 3PAR, Archivas, Compellent, Data Domain, Diligent, EqualLogic, Isilon, LeftHand Networks, Ocarina, Storwize and more? Over the last five years a whole swathe of up-and-coming storage companies has been …
Chris Mellor, 23 Feb 2011
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Location, location: Storage controller functions get moving

Opinion Server virtualisation luvvies are looking askance at expensive storage arrays and saying: "Pah! Run the storage controller functions as a system app in a virtual server and use JBODs. That's the way to use commodity hardware." This is the approach of stealthy startup ZeRTO and also Xiotech. Move the array controller functions …
Chris Mellor, 12 Nov 2010
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HP scores SMB storage hat-trick

HP is improving its small and medium business data protection with better snapshot, virtual tape library and physical tape products. Its LeftHand Networks P4000 small/medium business (SMB) storage area network (SAN) products will get application-integrated snapshots. The array software uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Services ( …
Chris Mellor, 10 Nov 2009
vulture tv reporter

HP lays out sketches of storage roadmap

Comment HP's EVA arrays will get thin provisioning and automated LUN migration, while LeftHand's SAN software will be ported to the XEN and Hyper-V platforms, according to attendees at an HP Tech Day event. This HP StorageWorks event took place in Colorado Springs yesterday with an audience of invited storage professionals. Several of …
Chris Mellor, 29 Sep 2009
vulture tv reporter

LeftHand flings SAN at cash-stricken virtual servers

LeftHand Networks is snuggling close to virtualization market leader VMware, to bring a SAN solution to that ever-elusive - and inconveniently ever-cash-conscious - market, the SMB. Some see server virtualization as a tremendous opportunity to consolidate hardware, but without shared storage, running more applications on a …
Austin Modine, 10 Sep 2007

IBM does iSCSI storage on the cheap

The latest wave of data center virtualization has made the iSCSI protocol an increasingly appealing prospect for the SMB market, and naturally vendors are obliging customers with fresh gear. IBM is jumping aboard the bandwagon today and unveiling its first entry into the iSCSI storage space since parting ways with Adaptec nine …
Austin Modine, 28 Aug 2007

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