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Google's cell network Project Fi charged me for using Wi-Fi – lawsuit

Google's mobile telecom service Project Fi is billing customers for internet data delivered over home and public Wi-Fi networks, according to a lawsuit filed in the US on Monday. The claim, submitted to a San Jose district court in northern California, alleged that Google is charging Project Fi subscribers for data it doesn't …

You Wreck Me, Spotify: Tom Petty, Neil Young publisher launches $1.6bn copyright sueball

Spotify has been accused of rockin' a little too freely by a Californian music company that claims the streaming biz failed to gain proper licences for its artists' songs. Wixen Music Publishing – which represents Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Black Keys, The Doors, and more – launched the sueball at Spotify at the end of last …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Jan 2018

That was fast... unlike old iPhones: Apple sued for slowing down mobes

One day after Apple acknowledged that it has been downclocking the CPUs in older iPhones to prevent sudden shutdowns from battery exhaustion, the first lawsuit has arrived. Filed in the Northern District of the State of Illinois on Thursday, the complaint aspires to become a class action for the supposedly thousands of …
Thomas Claburn, 22 Dec 2017

Facebook, Google, IBM, Red Hat give GPL code scofflaws 60 days to behave – or else

Facebook, Google, IBM, and Red Hat on Monday will give free-software license violators two months to mend their ways before going nuclear. The tech giants, which release a fair amount of GNU-GPL-licensed source code, have committed to extend the GPLv3's 60-day "cure period" to license compliance errors under GPLv2 and LGPLv2.1 …
Thomas Claburn, 27 Nov 2017

Judge bins sueball lobbed at Malwarebytes by rival antivirus maker for torpedoing its tool

Security software slinger Enigma has lost a key legal battle against antivirus maker Malwarebytes, which blocks and deletes Enigma's products from PCs. Florida-based Enigma Software Group, which touts tools Spyhunter and RegHunter that claim to remove software nasties from Windows computers, sued Malwarebytes in San Jose, …
Iain Thomson, 10 Nov 2017

Ex-Facebook manager sues biz after getting 'Zucked out of overtime'

Facebook has been hit with a class-action lawsuit from a former manager alleging the social network deliberately misclassified its employees to avoid paying them overtime. Named plaintiff Susie Bigger claimed she and other Facebookers working in customer solutions manager (CSM) positions, which pay based on commissions, were …
Shaun Nichols, 31 Oct 2017
Uber office in San Francisco

If you say it loud enough, Uber will sound atrocious: Super Cali juristic discrimination process

Uber is once again being hauled into court, this time on allegations it deliberately underpaid women engineers and staff who were not white or asian. The lawsuit (PDF), filed in the San Francisco Superior Court this week, alleges violations of California's Equal Pay Act and Private Attorney General Act, and demands back wages …
Shaun Nichols, 26 Oct 2017
An angry woman steaming from the ears

Open World? More like closed world: Women sue Oracle for 'paying them less' than blokes

OpenWorld Oracle is being sued by some of its former women staffers who claim they were deliberately and unfairly paid less than their male colleagues. The class-action lawsuit [PDF] filed in the San Mateo County state court of California accused the Redwood City enterprise software giant of gender discrimination. "At all relevant …
Shaun Nichols, 2 Oct 2017
Eclipse photo via Shutterstock

Couple fires sueball at Amazon over faulty solar eclipse-viewing goggles

A couple has sued Amazon in the US for allegedly selling them and others faulty solar eclipse glasses that damaged their eyesight. Plaintiffs Corey Payne and Kayla Harris filed a class-action lawsuit in South Carolina's federal court on Tuesday. A total solar eclipse fell on the US on August 21 and retailers including Amazon …
Andrew Silver, 31 Aug 2017

Oracle has to pay top sales rep stiffed out of $250,000, US court rules

Oracle's effort to avoid paying star sales rep Felicia Wilson an arbitration award of more than $250,000 has been rejected [PDF] by a judge in New York. After 30 months of work, Wilson in 2014 landed a deal with Pearson worth more than $10m to Oracle. Under the terms of her contract, Oracle owed her $873,638.10, but Oracle …
Thomas Claburn, 22 Aug 2017
MOSCOW, RUSSIA, JANUARY 2017: Russian traditional toy - Matryoshka with a portrait of Putin and Trump. showcase souvenir kiosk Editorial credit: dimbar76 / Shutterstock, Inc.

Fox News fabricated faux news with Donald Trump, lawsuit claims

To obscure Russia's role in the 2016 election, the Trump administration collaborated with Fox News to fabricate news about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, according to a defamation and discrimination lawsuit filed on Tuesday. The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York on behalf of …

Hot HoloLens models 'shafted by Microsoft'

Microsoft and Jonathan Plumb, program manager at Microsoft Studios, have been sued by Jennifer Kelly, founder of Seattle modeling agency Genesis Industries. The allegations? Failing to pay for models hired to enhance HoloLens events – and for employment retaliation following allegations of discrimination and other unlawful …
Thomas Claburn, 18 Jul 2017

Western Digital bares fangs in $1bn Toshiba lawsuit

Western Digital has hit back at Toshiba, its flash memory joint venture partner, which this week sued it in Japan for $1bn damages, alleging unfair competition and theft of trade secrets. Toshiba has also prohibited certain employees from accessing shared databases related to the three NAND flash-memory joint ventures operated …
Chris Mellor, 29 Jun 2017

Uber's New York competitor sued over driver equity scheme

Drivers of Uber-competitor Juno have taken out a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming that it ripped them off with an equity ownership scheme that was designed to attract them to the service. When it launched in early 2016, the New York City company came up with a novel way to attract drivers to its service – …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Jun 2017
Uber safety marketing

Uber bros pull out wallet, $32.5m later the 'Safe Rides' row is over

Uber will pay $32.5m to settle a California class-action lawsuit alleging it was charging customers a fee on their rides for a background check service it was not providing. The ride broker told the California Northern District Court that it had struck a new settlement deal in the case over its "Safe Rides Fee." Under the …
Shaun Nichols, 5 Jun 2017
Asus X555LD

Utah fights man's attempt to marry laptop

The Utah Attorney General's Office says marrying a laptop is not a constitutionally protected right, particularly if it's less than fifteen years old. Responding to a quixotic lawsuit that aspires to undo the US Supreme Court's recognition of same-sex marriage, David N Wolf, Assistant Attorney General of Utah, contends that …
Uber self-driving car on a transport truck

Uber New York class action alleges passengers overcharged $7.43m per month

Uber's New York woes are piling up, as the dial-a-ride service has now been sued by riders who believe they were being overcharged. A class action suit filed in the New York US District Court claims the UberX service has been charging users a higher-than-advertised price for rides. The suit, led by named plaintiff Jacqueline …
Team Register, 25 May 2017

Let's go live to the Uber-Waymo legal war – and see what's happening

It promised to be an eye-opening battle royale between tech giants. So let's check in with Uber and Waymo, the ride-hailing app maker and the Google self-driving car spinoff, which are duking it out in court. When autonomous vehicle upstart Waymo sued Uber for patent infringement in February, at first it seemed like a classic …

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