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LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth

Password manager LastPass has added a new feature to its software: the ability to store two-factor authentication codes. This is great news. For hackers. Increasingly, people with sense use two-factor auth as a way of ensuring that it is much harder for miscreants to break into their accounts, and to detect if anyone is anyone …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 May 2017

LastPass connectivity snafu locks out Brits from password manager

Connectivity issues have left Brits unable to reliably access LastPass, the online password manager service, since Tuesday. In a series of updates to its official support account on Twitter, LastPass suggested that users should use "offline mode" as a workaround. The cause of the problem and when it might be resolved remains …
John Leyden, 11 May 2017

LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw – once again spotted by Google's bugfinders

For most of us, Saturday morning is a time for a lie in, a leisurely brunch, or maybe taking the kids to the park. But for some it's bug-hunting time. Tavis Ormandy, a member of Google's crack Project Zero security team, was in the shower and thinking about LastPass – after finding a number of flaws in the password manager …
Iain Thomson, 27 Mar 2017

What should password managers not do? Leak your passwords? What a great idea, LastPass

Updated Password vault LastPass is scrambling to patch critical security flaws that malicious websites can exploit to steal millions of victims' passphrases. The programming cockups were spotted by Tavis Ormandy, a white-hat hacker on Google's crack Project Zero security team. He found that the LastPass Chrome extension has an …
Iain Thomson, 21 Mar 2017
Archer cracks the ISIS mainframe's password

Is password security at just $1/month too expensive for most?

With major breaches regularly turning up a prevalence of laughably predictable passwords, you'd think that the likes of password locker LastPass should find it easy to sell its wares for US$1 a month. But even that price looks to be a hard sell: why else would the company have taken features from its Premium product and made …
Silhouette of spy discerning password from code uses a command on graphic user interface

Zero-day hole can pwn millions of LastPass users, all that's needed is a malicious site

Updated A dangerous zero-day vulnerability has been found in popular cloud password vault LastPass, which The Register has been told can completely compromise user accounts. Many millions of people can right now be compromised by merely visiting a malicious website using Firefox with LastPass's software installed, we understand. This …
Darren Pauli, 27 Jul 2016
Archer cracks the ISIS mainframe's password

LastPass's password-shuffling rival Dashlane gets a makeover

Dashlane last week unveiled a cross-platform redesign and support for five new languages with a redesign of its password management tool. The revamp follows less than two weeks after LastPass refreshed its rival cloud-based password management software for the first time after its controversial purchase by LogMeIn back in …
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2016

LastPass in 2FA lock down after 'fessing up to phishing attack

Shmoocon Cloud castle for passwords LastPass has introduced mandatory sign in requirements for all new devices after security researcher Sean Cassidy dropped code allowing criminals to plunder vaults with mirror-perfect phishing attacks. As of today, users who set two factor authentication will need to hop to their registered email …
Darren Pauli, 18 Jan 2016

LogMeIn adds emergency break-in feature to LastPass

LogMeIn is launching its first revamp of the LastPass password management app, three months after its controversial purchase of the popular utility back in October. LastPass 4.0 features a modernised user interface as well as features designed to promote secure, simple password management for individuals, teams and companies …
John Leyden, 5 Jan 2016

Furious LastPass fans fear password wrangler's fate amid LogMeIn's gobble

LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn, and people are deeply unhappy about the deal. The password manager announced on Friday that it was being gobbled up by the remote-desktop software biz LogMeIn for $125m. It's expected that the deal will close over the next several weeks. LogMeIn didn't provide details about what it would …
Shaun Nichols, 9 Oct 2015
Cloudy sky

Speaking in Tech: LastPass hack was a total HASH, amirite?

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Sarah is out while Ed and Greg talk about the LastPass hack, OpenStack training certifications and Facebook privacy concerns in the EU. Our special guest this week is Ashley McNamara, Developer Advocate at …
Team Register, 17 Jun 2015

LastPass got hacked: Change your master password NOW

Password-storing cloud biz LastPass is urging its users to change their master passwords after hackers broke into its network at the end of last week. The intrusion reportedly happened on Friday afternoon, but many LastPass users are only learning about it now. LastPass last had a security scare in 2011. "In our investigation …
Neil McAllister, 15 Jun 2015
Man types something into Mac while sipping a glass of lemon water. Not a brilliant idea. Photo by SHutterstock

LastPass releases Open Source command line client

LastPass has published an open source command line application to provide terminal-loving devs with alternative access to their passwords and login data. The outfit says the app improves user security, with a growing list of commands that lets users edit their LastPass data. It also supports functions such as regular automated …
Darren Pauli, 2 Nov 2014
Advanced English Dictionary

'Aaaah FFS, 'amazeballs' has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary

QuoTW This was the week when so-called “sharing economy” car firms – more accurately “slightly different ways to turn a profit” car firms – Uber and Lyft got into a bit of a barney. Lyft told CNN that Uber staff were pranking the company out of profits by ordering rides and then cancelling them, as well as ordering Lyft services for a …
Double Facepalm; when one facepalm is not enough.

Password manager LastPass goes titsup: Users locked out

Updated Popular password management service LastPass went on the blink today, leaving users locked out of their accounts. Reg reader Tim Stephenson, head of IT at Liftshare, told us that the firm’s employees had experienced timeouts trying to access the site, browser plugins weren’t responding and users couldn’t authenticate …
The Register breaking news

Password-keeper LastPass plugs up IE cache leak vuln

LastPass has patched a flaw that meant Windows versions of its password-management software were capable of leaking login credentials that had been auto-filled into fields by its password manager. The bug – which affected Internet Explorer users on Windows only – meant that an attacker who managed to obtain a memory dump of …
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2013
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LastPass resets passwords following possible hack

Password management system LastPass has reset users' master passwords as a precaution following the discovery of a possible hack attack against its systems. The move follows the detection of two anomalies – one affecting a database server – on LastPass's network on Tuesday that could be the result of a possible hack attack. …
John Leyden, 5 May 2011
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Password management site plugs info-leak bug

Password management site LastPass has plugged a security hole in its website that created a means to extract the email addresses - though not the passwords - of enrolled users. The cross-site scripting bug meant that logged-in users induced to visit a malicious site would disclose their email addresses and sites associated …
John Leyden, 1 Mar 2011

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