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Until last week, you could pwn KDE Linux desktop with a USB stick

A recently resolved flaw in the KDE Linux desktop environment meant that files held on a USB stick could be executed as soon as they were plugged into a vulnerable device. The security howler created a means to execute arbitrary code on KDE by simply naming a pendrive VFAT volume $() or similar, as explained in this advisory ( …
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2018

Interested in building 'community' Mr Corporation? Please swipe here

Feature Money isn’t new to open source. Capitalist pigs have always been quite at home amidst the unwashed developer masses, spinning up companies to capitalise on the success of JBoss, MySQL, and more. What’s different today is the lengths to which corporate interests go to feign “community". In the early days of open source, for …
Matt Asay, 31 Jul 2015

First peek at the next Ubuntu 15.04 nester line-up

Ubuntu 15.04 is here – almost. The first beta of Vivid Vervet has been delivered, and with it have come images of the penguin flock that nestles on this OS. I looked at Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and Ubuntu MATE but there’s also Lubuntu and the China-centric Ubuntu Kylin, which I didn’t test. These are beta releases and …

YES, I have ridden the Unicorn: The Ubuntu Utopic unicorn

Ubuntu 14.10, nicknamed Utopic Unicorn, is coming in just a few months. Alpha releases have been available for some time but beta testing started last week, meaning code is generally stable enough for virtual machines and other testing scenarios. Ubuntu's current release cycle means that the main Ubuntu line usually sits out …
By Gary Knight CC 2.0

KDE releases ice-cream coloured Plasma 5 just in time for summer

Review Plasma 5, released last week, is a major redesign of the Unix KDE desktop environment and underlying frameworks. Perhaps the most notable difference is the visual changes, which see KDE embracing a more streamlined, "flat" interface, but it's also the first version of KDE to be powered by Qt 5 and the recently released KDE …
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OpenSUSE 12.3: Proof not all Linux PCs are Um Bongo-grade bonkers

Review The openSUSE project is back on track. This week version 12.3 of the Linux operating system distribution was unleashed, right on time, as a free download. This will be seen as good news after the organisational restructuring and delays that plagued the release of openSUSE 12.2 last year. While 12.2 was delayed, it was worth …
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Good news, everyone! KDE cookie-scoffing bug smashed after 10 YEARS

A bug in the KDE Linux desktop that made penguin-powered computers spill their cookie jars has been resolved after more than a decade. The flaw in the free-software environment is best described as a glitch or irritant rather than anything serious, but it did cause some systems to forget their web cookies after a reboot or …
John Leyden, 21 Jan 2013
What Linus Torvalds thinks of NVIDIA

Torvalds: I want to be nice, and curse less, but it's just not in me

NVIDIA, gnomes and people working on Linux distro security – these are just some of those who’ve felt the wrath of kernel kingpin Linus Torvalds. Now the KDE team is the latest to feel the heat after the Linux founder wrote a review of the desktop environment, albeit in relatively toned down language for the Finn. “It still …
Gavin Clarke, 7 Nov 2012
What Linus Torvalds thinks of NVIDIA

KDE 'annoys the hell of' Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds has decided, “after a long absense” (that's his spelling), to give Unix desktop environment KDE a go. His assessment of the UI isn't kind, with his opening statement declaring: “It still looks a bit too cartoony, and the default widget/plasmoid behavior with mouse-over pretty much immediately showing the …

Ubuntu republic riven by damaging civil wars

Analysis There's a popular misconception about open source: that it's democratic, that all users have a vote over its direction and development or even the running of the community around it. The users of Ubuntu, arguably the world's most popular Linux distro these days, are currently discovering that this is not how it works. The …
Liam Proven, 8 Nov 2011
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Linus Torvalds dubs GNOME 3 'unholy mess'

Linux daddy Linus Torvalds has dropped GNOME 3 in favor of the Xfce graphical desktop interface, dubbing GNOME 3 an "unholy mess". Last week, on Google+, various penguins discussed the possibility of creating an incarnation of the Linux 3.0 kernel that would masquerade as version 2.6.40 – a 3.0 version number, you see, causes …
Cade Metz, 5 Aug 2011

openSUSE 11.4 rocks despite missing GNOME

Review openSUSE 11.4 brings a host of KDE and GNOME updates, the first release of OpenOffice fork LibreOffice, and numerous speed improvements. Perhaps the biggest news, though, is what's not included. That would be GNOME 3.0. Unfortunately for openSUSE fans, the distro's release schedule just didn't quite mesh with GNOME's, so …
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Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge

Novell distinguished engineer James Bottomley believes Linux desktop environments need a dose of open source ingenuity rather than ape ideas from Windows and OS X. Bottomley, who also wears the hat of Director of the Linux Foundation and chair of its technical advisory board, says the next challenge for Linux as a whole is to …
Austin Modine, 27 Aug 2009
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OpenSUSE defaults to KDE

OpenSUSE is defaulting to the KDE desktop in the installation process beginning with the next release and onwards. An announcement of the switch was made Thursday via a mailing list posting by product manager Michael Löffler. Although SUSE Linux has historically been a major backer of KDE, the desktop environment was given …
Austin Modine, 20 Aug 2009
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KDE 4.3 promises polish, polish, polish

The Linux K Desktop Environment project spun out KDE 4.3 yesterday. It's the outfit's latest version of the much-loved desktop suite for Linux and Unix platforms. KDE 4.3, codenamed "Caizen", was built by a global community of 700 contributors who have slaved over 63,000 code tweaks, and 10,000 bug fixes since the start of …
Kelly Fiveash, 5 Aug 2009
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Gnome answers Linux critics with 'big' vision plan

The Gnome Foundation has laid out a roadmap saying it's time to depart from incremental updates. The team said it's realized it's not enough to simply organize a collection of individual sub-projects and that a project-wide roadmap is needed. Gnome is the default environment of Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu, and initially the …
Austin Modine, 3 Apr 2009
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KDE hopes to fill boots with 4.2 release

The Linux K Desktop Environment project is hoping to bag a few ordinary computer plebs with the latest release of its desktop suite. KDE 4.2, which carries the slightly self-congratulatory codename “The Answer”, was released yesterday in a variety of flavours for Linux, Windows and Mac lovers everywhere. Freetards can now get …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jan 2009
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Debian components breach terms of GPLv2

A top Debian contributor has been left "pretty disappointed" by elements of the Debian community for failing to comply with the conditions of the GNU GPLv2 license. Daniel Baumann, who maintains the Debian Syslinux bootloader package, has said Debian components were being released only in binary form without source code - …

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