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Apple fires legal salvo at FBI for using All Writs law in iPhone brouhaha

Apple has filed a motion to effectively bin an earlier court order forcing it to help the FBI break into a San Bernardino killer's iPhone. The Cupertino giant said the Feds' demands were a "wild overreach" and would grant the US government a "dangerous" power. The extensive motion to vacate [PDF] tears apart the FBI's claims …
Iain Thomson, 25 Feb 2016

Judge nixes HP deal for director amnesty after $8.8bn Autonomy snafu

HP's plan to defend its directors in the Autonomy scandal – and present a united front against the Brit business's former execs and their auditors – has been thrown into doubt by a US judge. Last month HP announced a settlement with lawyers representing its own shareholders, who had brought legal action against HP: the …
Iain Thomson, 25 Aug 2014

Vote now for the top reader Limerick limerick

Poll A couple of weeks back, we reported on the shock case of the biroless Irish police station which posed a serious threat to public order in Limerick. Judge Eugene O'Kelly heard the case of one miscreant who rolled up at the Henry Street gardaí station "to sign on as a condition of his bail relating to a separate matter". He …
Lester Haines, 21 Mar 2014
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Judge: Evidence will likely show Apple DID fix ebook prices

The US judge who will decide the ebook price fixing case has suggested the government will be able to show that Apple was part of the conspiracy, before the trial has even begun. In a somewhat unusual move, US District Judge Denise Cote said at a pretrial hearing that she thought the Department of Justice would be able to show …
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'Exploitative' Proview slammed by trademark judge ... in 2010

Taiwanese monitor maker Proview’s refusal to honour a deal to sell Apple the IPAD trademark in China smacks of a conspiracy driven by greed, according to a Hong Kong judge who ruled in Apple’s favour back in 2010. The Hong Kong High Court documents from back then, published by All Things Digital, reveal that Judge Hon Poon had …
Phil Muncaster, 17 Feb 2012
Judge Dredd vs Zombies iOS game icon

Judge Dredd vs Zombies

Review Cop of the future Judge Dredd has been pounding the streets of Mega City One since 1977, but it took host comic 2000AD's acquisition by software developer Rebellion in 2000 to see the lawman to star in a decent videogame. Dredd has appeared on the PC, the PlayStation and the Xbox, and now he's meting out justice, shot by shot, …
Tony Smith, 8 Dec 2011
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Rogue software consultant's vast stash of DIY explosives

A software consultant in California has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison after he embarked on a spree of armed bank robberies and amassed a huge stockpile of homemade explosives at his home, residues from which blew up and injured a local gardener and necessitated the total destruction of the building on grounds of …
Lewis Page, 15 Jun 2011
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Judge issues radioactive 'pr0n downloader' alert

A judge has warned that a man who jumped bail while facing child pornography charges and fled to Ireland could pose a radiation risk to those he comes into contact with. College principal Thomas Leopold, 42, was slated for an appearance before the beak accused of "five counts of making indecent images of children, and one of …
Lester Haines, 27 Feb 2009
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US judge rejects lawsuit against God

A US judge has dismissed a lawsuit against God on the grounds that "a plaintiff must have access to the defendant for a case to proceed", the BBC reports. Sadly for Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers, who'd sought a permanent injunction to put an end to the Almighty's "death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon …
Lester Haines, 17 Oct 2008
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Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

It's quite difficult to make guns - portable ones, anyway - convincingly hi-tech. Sure, you can add a laser sight, you can attach all kinds of crazy lights and optics, you can even have a boresight camera and helmet heads-up display for shooting round corners without sticking your neck out*. But at the end of the day it will …
Lewis Page, 8 Oct 2008
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US blogger to enjoy Singapore jail

A blogger who accused a Singapore judge of "prostituting herself" has been sentenced to three months' jail, AFP reports. Former lawyer and US citizen Gopalan Nair, 58, made the ill-advised remark while commenting on a hearing "at which Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew and his son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, …
Lester Haines, 19 Sep 2008
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Beauty contest judge canned for slamming 'munter' contestants

A beauty contest judge tasked with finding the sexiest fan of Millwall FC was given his marching orders after suggesting a large percentage of the contestants were tattoed "munters", the Daily Mail reports. London-based technician Joe Amphlett made the unfortunate remarks during an interview on Talksport radio. Specifically, …
Lester Haines, 12 Sep 2008

Oracle's Ellison spanked for withholding evidence in shareholder suit

A federal judge has upbraided Oracle CEO Larry Ellison for withholding evidence in a class-action suit brought by company stockholders. Yesterday, Bloomberg reports, US District Court Judge Susan Illston ruled that Ellison failed to preserve or intentionally destroyed emails and audio recordings that should have been turned …
Cade Metz, 4 Sep 2008
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NZ judge saves girl from bloody silly name

An NZ judge has done the decent thing and made a nine-year-old girl a ward of court to allow her to ditch what must rate among the most preposterous names of all time - Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. The issue of the poor child's moniker surfaced during a custody hearing in New Plymouth back in February, the BBC reports. …
Lester Haines, 24 Jul 2008
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BAE's man in the MoD taken aside by feds in Miami

A third senior BAE Systems executive has been subpoenaed by US investigators in recent weeks, it has emerged. Alan Garwood, until recently seconded from BAE as head of the Defence Export Sales Organisation (DESO), the controversial Ministry of Defence arms-sales bureau, was served with legal documents while changing planes in …
Lewis Page, 5 Jun 2008
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Google-hating Aussie watchdog smacked by confused judge

After accusing Google of misleading web users with its money-making sponsored links, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been accused of saying things that don't make sense. The ACCC showed up in Australian federal court yesterday, two months after bringing legal action against Google, and Judge James …
Cade Metz, 11 Sep 2007
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Aussie scam artist rides bank computer glitch to $9m overdraft

After a computer glitch allowed him to overdraw almost $9m from his bank account, an Australian man has refused to return the pilfered funds, arguing that he will soon be dead. Between June 2005 and January 2006, Victor Ollis wrote check after check for money he didn't really have, scamming the Westpac bank out of AU$11m, …
Cade Metz, 31 Aug 2007

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