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Retail serfs to vanish, all thanks to automation

About 80 per cent of jobs in retail transportation, warehousing and logistics and 63 per cent of jobs in sales are at risk of disappearing, thanks to increasingly capable automated systems. This bleak news – for workers, though not necessarily for employers – comes from Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey, co-director for …
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Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

Nokia will shed another 10,000 staff by the end of next year, and has shuffled its VP pack in the ongoing struggle to make money against increasing competition. It's not just the workers getting the boot this time around, three existing vice presidents are "stepping down ... to pursue other opportunities outside of Nokia", and …
Bill Ray, 14 Jun 2012
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Olympus confirms rumoured job losses in restructuring

Scandal-hit camera firm Olympus has announced a five-year plan to turn itself around, including axing 2,700 workers and merging or getting rid of some of its 30 factories. Rumours of the restructuring started circulating a couple of weeks ago, but Olympus wouldn't comment at the time. The Japanese company said it would be …
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HP to axe sales staff found pilfering dealers

HP is taking a hard line on direct sales staff at its Technology Services Group* (TSG) in the US - it will sack anyone caught nicking deals from resellers. The same principle – part of the new rules of engagement policy – will be applied in Europe later this year but the vendor has yet to give local partners advance warning – …
Paul Kunert, 1 Aug 2011

Extreme Networks to slash 16% of workforce

Extreme Networks is chopping staff and real estate to get its books back in the black. The gigabit and Ethernet solutions provider is firing 16 per cent of its workforce across all departments – aside from R&D – in a bid to break into double digit operating profits. On top of the 110 job cuts, Extreme will centralise software …
Paul Kunert, 15 Jul 2011
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Advice on offshoring issued to IT bodies

Government bodies thinking of offshoring IT functions need to make careful plans to deal with the downsides, according to guidance published on the Cabinet Office website. The document acknowledges the potential benefits of savings, productivity and making better use of skills that may in short supply domestically, but while …

Cisco's new UK/Ireland channel boss confirmed

Cisco may be waving goodbye to its current global channel boss Thierry Drilhon – in his current role at least – but is preparing to usher in Richard Roberts as the new reseller head for the UK and Ireland. As previously revealed, local channel boss Bernadette Wightman is moving to a global position running Cisco's Cloud Centre …
Paul Kunert, 14 Jul 2011
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Cisco needs to slash 5,000 jobs, says analyst

Cisco may fire up to 5,000 staff this August under a restructuring plan, according to analyst Brian Marshall at Gleacher and Co. This equates to 7 per cent of the networking Goliath's global base of employees, which stood at more than 73,000 in April. "While this is a difficult decision to make, in our view it is required in …
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2011

Novell jobs slashed by stepmother Attachmate

Novell's new owners Attachmate have swung the axe far and wide, with massive staff cuts right across the organisation. According to sources, casualties include some 800 back office staff and all local country managers, including Sean McCarry in the UK and Ireland. At a more senior level, Novell SVP of global sales Javier …
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2011
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AOL waves goodbye to 900 staffers

AOL pointed 900 of its employees towards the door marked Exit yesterday, as part of the company's effort to recast itself as a media content provider. Just last month, the firm's CEO Tim Armstrong confirmed the $315m buyout of the Huffington Post. Around 200 staffers based in the US were laid off, following that purchase. AOL …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Mar 2011
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RealNetworks unhooks 130 employees in jobs cull

RealNetworks confirmed yesterday that it is to reduce its workforce by 10 per cent by axeing 130 jobs at the internet media company. Despite the lay-offs, the firm's CEO Bob Kimball said it would continue to hire people in what he described as "growth areas" for RealNetworks. Job cuts will hit engineering, sales, marketing …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Feb 2011
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MySpace unfriends 500 staff

MySpace's workforce is being slashed by half, the struggling website's owner News Corp confirmed yesterday. Around 500 staff will lose their jobs, said the company's boss Mike Jones. "These changes were purely driven by issues related to our legacy business, and in no way reflect the performance of the new product," said …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Jan 2011
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MySpace employees face uncertain 2011

Beleaguered News Corp web property MySpace reportedly looks set to plan significant lay-offs in the New Year. But given the recent comments coming from the company's own COO Chase Carey, who in November this year admitted “We’ve been clear that MySpace has been a problem,” it's hardly surprising that rumours about potential …
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Dec 2010
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Nokia cuts staff, fiddles with E7

Nokia is cutting back on staff while grappling with its new E7 Communicator, which will now not ship until next year. The layoffs were announced in October, and the number being cut in Finland has slimmed slightly following mandatory staff consultations: so now 800, rather than 850, Finns will be losing their jobs despite the …
Bill Ray, 15 Dec 2010
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Yahoo! axes 600 jobs

Yahoo! began laying off around four per cent of its staff yesterday. The web outfit ran by Carol Bartz confirmed the job cuts on Tuesday, after rumours sprang up at the start of this month that hundreds of workers at the purple palace would be let go. Yahoo! said that despite its latest round of job cuts, the company would …
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Dec 2010
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U.S. unemployment rate slips slightly

Economists were bracing for deep jobs cuts in the U.S. economy during the month of July, but could relax this morning as the numbers coming out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics were not as bad as expected, and not an unhappy surprise like Americans got in June. The situation is still bad, with 247,000 people losing their jobs …
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Demand for IT staff jumps, claims employment agency

Recruitment agency CV Screen is seeing a big improvement in job prospects for IT staff. It reckons there's been a 25 per cent increase in demand in a month for staff and a 27 per cent drop in the number of applicants for each post. CV Screen interprets this as evidence that IT professionals are getting new jobs more quickly. …
John Oates, 1 Jul 2009
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Barclays to lay off more tech staff

Barclays IT staff were shocked to receive an emailed warning today that more jobs are likely to be lost at the troubled department. The department lost 700 staff last year in a round of layoffs as part of a planned cut of 1,800 staff by 2011. Then in January Barclays laid off 400 people whose "roles and responsibilities are …
John Oates, 11 May 2009

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