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Jellyfish flying robot

Our TINY flying robot moves like a JELLYFISH, say NYU boffins

Boffins have already come up with mini-robots that can fly like helicopters and others that fly like insects – but the latest flying bot moves through the air rather unusually, in the same way that a jellyfish swims. Jellyfish flying robot Still from a video of the jellyfish flying bot, which can be seen here. Researchers …
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Science of the lambs: Boffins grow GLOW-IN-THE-DARK sheep

Shepherds who watch their flocks by night could soon have a much easier job: South American scientists have successfully reared fluorescent sheep. Boffins at the Animal Reproduction Institute of Uruguay implanted a glow-in-the-dark gene from the Aequorea victoria jellyfish into nine of the woolly animals. The bright-minded …
Jasper Hamill, 29 Apr 2013
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Boffins birth man-sized military ROBOT JELLYFISH

Video A team of robotics researchers at Virginia Tech (VT) are using a university swimming pool to show off their latest creation, an autonomous robotic jellyfish developed for the US Navy that's capable of swimming a payload of technology into position off enemy shores. Dubbed Cryo, the jumbo jellyfish weighs 170lb (77 kg) and …
Iain Thomson, 29 Mar 2013
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First eyes EVER SEEN (by definition) appeared 700 million years ago

Animals were seeing stuff a lot earlier than previously thought, a new study suggests. Cnidaria When exactly the ability to see evolved in animals has been hotly contested among boffins, but researchers from Bristol and Maynooth universities reckon a group of marine animals first "saw" the light 700 million years ago. Using …
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JELLYFISH bio-bot built with rat cells to mend broken hearts

Boffins have fashioned an artificial bio-engineered jellyfish from rat cells that could one day fix up badly damaged human heart tissue. Researchers from Harvard and Caltech working towards building an artificial human heart cobbled together some silicon and some living rat heart cells to make a jellyfish that can pump through …
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Watch out for the GIGANTIC ALIEN JELLYFISH, warns space boffin

A British satellite expert reckons aliens will be enormous bewildering monsters ideal for depicting on telly science shows, the very sort of programme the government adviser is happy to front. Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock said extraterrestrials could be football-field-size jellyfish with orange stomaches that float in the skies of …
Anna Leach, 6 Jul 2012
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JEDI alliance: Jellyfish overlords won't rule Earth after all

The worldwide jellyfish-threat trouser state was officially downgraded from "damp" to "wear again if necessary" yesterday as top international boffins - operating under the title "JEDI" - announced that in fact there is little evidence to suggest that planet Earth will soon be ruled by wobbling gelatinous blobominations. …
Lewis Page, 2 Feb 2012
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Strange, blobaceous 'alien pod' lifeform found in Virginian lake

Baffled passers-by have discovered a large, bizarre, blob-like lifeform floating in an artificial lake in Virginia. As there appeared no way in which the slow-moving, four-foot "mysterious blob" could have got into the lake naturally, the thing's discoverers - theorising that it must have come from above - have dubbed it the " …
Lewis Page, 2 Nov 2010
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'Supermodel' glow-in-the-dark pocket monkeys created

A team of crack Japanese boffins has at last achieved one of humanity's most important scientific goals - namely, the creation of small monkeys which glow green when exposed to ultraviolet light. Unsatisfactory one-off fluorescent primates had been created previously, but the new, cutting-edge fluoro-monkeys' abilities are …
Lewis Page, 28 May 2009
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Interstellar Bebo spamgasm targeted at 'water world'

Astronomers believe that there may be a "water world" capable of harbouring intelligent alien life orbiting a star just 20 lightyears from Earth. Unfortunately, it appears that the first communication any aliens will receive from the human race will be a multimedia compilation assembled by Bebo users. News of the possible …
Lewis Page, 22 Apr 2009
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Immortal Dr Who jellyfish poised to rule Earth

The worldwide jellyfish-threat trouser state was officially raised from "damp" to "brown" last week, as reports emerged of a dreadful new oceanic menace: that of immortal rebirthing ocean-prowler hydrozoan clone swarms, described by top jelly boffins as "silent invaders". Joining such well-known scourges as the famous quarter- …
Lewis Page, 3 Feb 2009
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Attack of the quarter-ton, 'fridge-sized' killer jellyfish

The US government has warned that enormous swarms of killer jellyfish - some the size of fridges and weighing up to a quarter of a ton - are ravaging the world's oceans. Particularly aggressive specimens are said to be capable of causing serious damage to ships, and have even managed to knacker nuclear power plants. News of …
Lewis Page, 15 Dec 2008

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