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Good riddance to bad Java

Oracle's piping hot new pot of Java takes out the trash (faster)

Oracle's latest update to the Java Development Kit doesn't add any new language features or change any APIs, but it still includes a number of enhancements that should please Java developers and users. Released on Tuesday – a couple of weeks ahead of Java SE 8's first birthday – Java Development Kit 8 Update 40 (JDK 8u40) …
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Coming soon: Open source JavaFX for iOS, Android

Oracle says it plans to open source the Android and iOS implementations of its JavaFX UI platform "over the next couple months," which it says will allow Java developers to use the technology to write cross-platform smartphone apps for the first time. "A majority of you said you'd contribute to an iOS / Android port (either …
Neil McAllister, 12 Feb 2013
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Oracle stumps for community support for Java strategy

JavaOne 2012 "Make the future Java" is the official slogan of this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco, but if there was a central theme to Sunday's keynote presentations, it was that moving Java forward is not just an Oracle project but a community effort. Throughout the more than three hours of talks and demos, members of Oracle's …
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Time up for Oracle's HTML5 killer?

Open-source Java: Part Three Sun Microsystems in 2007 announced a re-imagining of GUI platform Swing with JavaFX. Swing, Sun said, had reached an architectural dead-end and need a reboot to compete on modern, Rich Internet Application (RIA) platforms. As Sun pitched JavaFX, Adobe brought out Flex (which is based on its Flash Player plug-in) and Microsoft …
Matt Stephens, 28 Nov 2011
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Oracle: Java 8 will be revolution, not evolution

JavaOne Mark Reinhold, chief architect for Java at Oracle, gave details on developments in Java 8 and beyond, and announced the release of JavaFX 2.0 during his turn on the keynote stage at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. Oracle cut back on its plans for Java 7 in order to get the new build released in July, adding three of …
Iain Thomson, 3 Oct 2011
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Oracle's Ellison gambles with OpenOffice's future

Oracle was the first top-tier IT vendor to announce it was putting its key product - the database - on Linux. The logic was simple: Linux freed Oracle from depending on a single company for operating system - that company was Microsoft. Taking the baton from Sun Microsystems' co-founder and chairman Scott McNealy at JavaOne …
Gavin Clarke, 4 Jun 2009
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Larry Ellison relives reveals network computer netbook dream

Larry Ellison has once again demonstrated how he always gets what he wants in the end, by floating the possibility that Oracle could get into the stripped down client PC business. OK, it looks like he's latching onto the latest greatest thing - telling the JavaOne conference that now Oracle is swallowing Sun, he could well …
Joe Fay, 3 Jun 2009
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Life hands Sun steaming sack of...

Fail and You "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." The chorus of a person who gives just enough of a shit about your problems to console you, but not enough to actually help. Lately, somebody has been consoling Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, but nobody is helping. When Schwartz took over for Scott McNealy in 2006, he inherited the Java ME …
Ted Dziuba, 23 Feb 2009
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Surreal appeal of Sun's JavaFX for mobile

Review It's somehow fitting that Sun Microsystems chose Barcelona, the home of modernist architect Gaudí and this week's Mobile World Congress, to announce JavaFX Mobile 1.0 - part of the JavaFX SDK 1.1 release. Just like Gaudí's work, there's something wavy, colorful and even surreal about Sun's shining new hope for Java. I've never …
Matt Stephens, 17 Feb 2009
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Sun pitches JavaFX Mobile into RIA squabble

Sun Microsystems has upped its ante in the rich internet application battle for mobile mind-share, just as Microsoft and Adobe Systems traded shots at each other. On Thursday, the systems and server company released a version of JavaFX for mobile devices here, branded JavaFX Mobile by marketing types but known to coders as …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Feb 2009
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Gaps blight JavaFX early promise

Review After a long wait, JavaFX 1.0 trundled onto the Windows and Mac stage last week and took an awkward bow. Was it worth the 18 months of audience slow-hand-clapping? Do the results justify Sun Microsystems' apparent diversion of resources away from Swing? Can the finished product compete with the already established Adobe …
Matt Stephens, 8 Dec 2008
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Sun's JavaFX consumer pitch falls on confused ears

Sun Microsystems is once again flogging the consumer pony and talking of monetizing "volume markets" to rally developers to JavaFX, its foray into rich internet applications (RIAs). Early feedback, though, suggests Sun should focus JavaFX for use among its audience of enterprise customers and stop trying to take on Adobe …
Gavin Clarke, 6 Dec 2008
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Sun sneaks JavaFX Mobile into desktop FX

Sun Microsystems, it is generally felt, lost the desktop to Microsoft a long time ago. Aware of this, Sun in recent years evangelized mobile as Java's habitat - mobile is, after all, where Microsoft's at its weakest. Such was Sun's buy-in to this idea the annual JavaOne in 2007 was dominated by mobile, and Web 2.0, while the …
Gavin Clarke, 4 Dec 2008
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Sun commits to JavaFX despite uncertainty

Adobe MAX Sun Microsystems has promised to deliver on JavaFX despite uncertainty in the wake of massive layoffs and a corporate re-organization. Param Singh, senior director of Java marketing, told The Reg Sun's committed to delivering on the JavaFX roadmap announced for PCs, mobile devices and TVs. Sun had promised at JavaOne to …
Gavin Clarke, 19 Nov 2008
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Sun claims super-skinny JavaFX milestone

The leaves might be falling, and the first installment of Sun Microsystems' JavaFX might still not be here, but the company has delivered what it's calling a "milestone" for its rich internet application (RIA) platform and runtime. Sun has released Java Standard Edition 6 Update 10, a version of Java SE that features a re- …
Gavin Clarke, 22 Oct 2008
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JavaFX preview highlights critical weaknesses

Review Sun Microsystems recently released the JavaFX Preview SDK. I decided to revisit what is Sun's last, best hope to recapture both the desktop and the browser in the face of stiff competition. The big question with Java FX is why anyone would want to adopt it when they've already got Adobe Systems' Flex and Microsoft's …
Matt Stephens, 21 Aug 2008
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Sun's JavaFX must toolup against Adobe - pronto

JavaFX, part 2 Sun Microsystems lost the first Rich Internet Application (RIA) war when Macromedia (now part of Adobe) ate its applets for lunch following a schoolyard brawl. Now Sun has a second chance. But, to succeed in such an unforgiving market, Sun needs something special. A mature, powerful platform, a buzzing community, some …
Matt Stephens, 14 Jul 2008

Sun to lose lunch money on JavaFX

JavaFX, part 1 The Rich Internet Application (RIA) fight is hotting up. And, while Adobe Systems and Microsoft are squaring up in the schoolyard with all the kids cheering and screaming them on, it looks as if Sun Microsystems is in danger of getting its lunch money stolen again. Sun's offering in the RIA space is JavaFX. Supposedly it will …
Matt Stephens, 12 Jun 2008

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