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Denon Envaya

Sound and battery: 20 portable Bluetooth speakers

Product Roundup The arrival of Bluetooth 4, with its reduced hunger for power and support for audio codecs like aptX and A2DP means that there has been an explosion in the availability of Bluetooth speakers which connect to computers, tablets and smartphones, and are often small enough to be chucked in a bag and taken to the park or beach. …
Kenny Hemphill, 22 Dec 2014
Jabra Revo

Review: Jabra Revo Wireless headphones

I’ve tried a fair few wireless headphones over the past ten years, almost all of them unsatisfactory in one way or another. Many of the early ones were over-the-ear jobs with those round-the-back-of-your-head bands, but all suffered from either excessive weight - thanks to the on-board battery - or simply didn’t play for long. …
Tony Smith, 2 Apr 2013
Jabra Clipper

Jabra Clipper

Geek Treat of the Week Jabra’s Clipper is a two-piece Bluetooth headset designed to be attached to clothing or a bag. Jabra Clipper The clip part houses the Bluetooth circuitry, controls, a micro USB socket for charging, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The other part is a standard set of stereo earbuds, though you’ll probably want to use your own. The …
Kenny Hemphill, 28 May 2012
Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth headset

Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth headset

Geek Treat of the Week Reg Hardware Mobile Week Jabra’s Halo 2 is a lightweight, easy-on-the-eye Bluetooth headset that won’t attract the kind of disparaging looks that the typical cyborg-style Bluetooth phone attachment will get you. Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth headset The Halo 2’s design is about function as much as form. The headset is …
Kenny Hemphill, 27 Feb 2012
Jabra Stone 2

Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth headset

Accessory of the Week I've never been a fan of Bluetooth headsets, but Jabra's Stone 2 is one of the first I've tried that I'd consider using regularly. Jabra Stone 2 Jabra's Stone 2: the design is 'boomless'... For one thing, it's more discreet than many of its ilk. There's no big black block poking out of your ear, blue light flashing for all …
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2011
Jabra Chill earphones

Jabra Chill smartphone earphones

Txt Take Daily product reviews in 140 characters... Jabra Chill Pictures Jabra Chill earphones Jabra Chill earphones Want our Txt Take on your gadget? Just send it in to Reg Hardware - details here. Jabra Chill earphones
Tony Smith, 20 Jun 2011
Jabra Rhythm

Jabra Rhythm smartphone headphones

Txt Take Daily product reviews in 140 characters... Jabra Rhythm Pictures Jabra Rhythm Jabra Rhythm Jabra Rhythm Jabra Rhythm Want our Txt Take on your gadget? Just send it in to Reg Hardware - details here. Jabra Rhythm
Caleb Cox, 13 Jun 2011
Jabra EasyGo

Jabra EasyGo budget Bluetooth headset

Txt Take Product reviews in 140 characters... Jabra EasyGo Pictures Jabra EasyGo Jabra EasyGo Want our Txt Take on your gadget or accessory? Just send it in to Reg Hardware. Details here. ® Jabra EasyGo
Tony Smith, 2 Feb 2011

Ten Essential... iPad Accessories

Product Round-up The sleek, elegant design of the Apple iPad cries out for a protective case to keep it safe, and Reg Hardware has been absolutely inundated with cases and sleeves in the weeks since the 'magical' gadget's launch. However, there are a few other handy accessories coming along as well. Apple’s trying to corner the market with its …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Jun 2010

Jabra reveals 'world's first' dual-mic Bluetooth headset

Jabra has launched a Bluetooth headset with two embedded microphones to help drown out noisy neighbours. Jabra_Halo Jabra's Halo: blocks out background noise Called Halo, the wireless headset allows you to take calls and listen to music without others around you affecting the sound quality. This is achieved by using two …
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UK retailers say gadgets will be cheaper on Monday

If you thought retail giants were all just money grabbing b***s, then Monday’s VAT reduction could just prove you wrong. Because Register Hardware’s found that most will – contrary to popular belief - pass the 2.5 per cent saving on to you. But the discounts won’t amount to much. Think of it like this, when the government cut …
James Sherwood, 29 Nov 2008

Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Round-up The first Bluetooth headsets were simple mono devices, however as handsets developed into advanced accessories that can play music and video, so headsets have started to develop too. The first step was to add stereo capabilities using a technology known as A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). And, of course, the …
Cliff Joseph, 18 Aug 2008

Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Headsets

Round-up We used to laugh when Lt Uhura would sit at her station with a lump of metal in her lughole. Yet here we are, sticking our fingers in our ear so we can take calls on our teeny-tiny Bluetooth headsets. Fortunately, the headsets on offer these days are a lot more elegant than Star Trek’s clunky hardware. Obviously wary of the ‘ …
Cliff Joseph, 11 Aug 2008

Jabra displays Bluetooth headset screen

Jabra has launched a Bluetooth headset featuring an integrated display, allowing users to visually check the device's battery life and call information. Jabra_BT4010 Jabra's BT4010 has a tiny screen for displaying call information The BT4010 isn’t the first Bluetooth headset to feature an integrated display; Sony Ericsson’ …

Jabra unveils titanium talker

Jabra has extended its range of fashion-centric Bluetooth headsets with a brushed anodized titanium design, dubbed the JX20 Purea. Jabra_JX20 Jabra's JX20 Bluetooth headset has a titanium shell The headset has been designed by Jacob Jensen, former head of design at Bang & Olufsen, who designed Jabra's existing JX10 …
James Sherwood, 13 Feb 2008

Plantronics talks up Bluetooth headsetage

Audio accessory maker Plantronics has showcased two of its latest headsets, each able to simultaneously connect to multiple phones. Voyager855_headset2 Plantronics' Voyager 855: morphs into a pair of cans The Voyager 855 and .Audio 920 feature multipoint technology, which the manufacturer said lets both connect to two …
James Sherwood, 23 Jan 2008

Jabra shows 'world first' Bluteooth speaker-headphone combo

Gulls in flight may have stimulated sportscar door development, but they aren't renowned for inspiring consumer products. Until now. Jabra has taken note and developed a pair of Bluetooth headphones that also unfold into a pair of speakers. Jabra_BT8030_headphones Jabra's BT8030: first, a pair of headphones... The BT8030 …
James Sherwood, 25 Sep 2007

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