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Tsinghua, NUDT flatten rivals in ISC cluster smackdown

ISC 2012 The 2012 ISC Student Cluster Challenge ended last week, and it’s high time we take a look at the winners, the awards and some of the results. Each of the five teams put in months of work designing its cluster and learning how to optimise it to run the various benchmarks and application codes featured in the competition. They …
Dan Olds, 29 Jun 2012

HPC whizzkids battle own software on final day of student compo

ISC 2012 It's the last day of the 2012 ISC Student Cluster Competition, and Stony Brook University (profile here) has had their work cut out for them so far... From the very beginning, they had software problems with their cluster, requiring them to concentrate on troubleshooting and repairing while their competitors were running code. …
Dan Olds, 27 Jun 2012

ISC 2012: China's 'Pop Idols' seek Klusterkamph glory

ISC 2012 Video The Tsinghua University team (profile here) didn’t take the easy route to the ISC 2012 Student Cluster Competition in Hamburg. They had to fight their way in a Pop Idols-style smackdown along with five other universities, which all competed to carry the Chinese flag in an intra-country play-in round. Tsinghua won that …
Dan Olds, 27 Jun 2012

China's NUDT students hope GPUs will grind down rivals

ISC 2012 China’s National University of Defense Technology (NUDT, profile here) is staying true to its heritage by being the only team to use a hybrid CPU/GPU system at the ISC 2012 Student Cluster Competition in Hamburg. NUDT, like Team Tsinghua, had to fight its way through five other Chinese university competitors to secure its spot …
Dan Olds, 27 Jun 2012

ISC cluster kids KIT plan to drive off with vendor swag

ISC 2012 The home team at the 2012 ISC Student Cluster Challenge, Team KIT (profile here), are a confident bunch. Not quite cocky, but confident. They made it through their first cluster competition with almost-flying colours – they had significant problems on only one of the surprise applications (WRF) on the first day of competition …
Dan Olds, 27 Jun 2012

Sequoia: Can anyone learn to wield this mighty HPC weapon?

Podcast Here at ISC 2012 in Hamburg, I sat in on a podcast with Rich Brueckner of insideHPC and Dr Jack Dongarra, co-founder of the Top500 list. We talked about the 20-year evolution of the list and, of course, Sequoia, the BlueGene/Q system that topped the June 2012 rankings. Dr Dongarra spoke about Sequoia’s very impressive number …
Dan Olds, 21 Jun 2012

Supercomputer flash kings: TLC needs, er, TLC

ISC12 Here at Hamburg's supercomputer fest, three merchants of flash were plying their wares. What did they think about the chances of 3-layer cell (TLC) NAND, the stuff that's cheaper than MLC but slower and with a drastically shorter working life? Cue shaking of heads and whole stack engagement. The problem is well-known. MLC …
Chris Mellor, 21 Jun 2012

Team America, take two: Meet Colorado's cluster kids

HPC blog The other US-based team in the 2012 ISC Student Cluster Challenge is the University of Colorado, whose members hail from Boulder. Colorado is by far the most experienced team in the ISC version of this competition, having sent teams to all six SC cluster competitions. In fact, I recognised several of their current Hamburg team …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012

What do we know about GPUs? Tianhe-1A lives at our school

HPC blog China’s NUDT (National University of Defense Technology) was the first Chinese team to compete at a Student Cluster Competition, making the trek to SC in Seattle in 2010. They came very close to winning the whole competition, finishing a very close second to Taiwan’s Tsinghua University. They also survived a gruelling intra- …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012

Meet China's cluster Pop Idol winners, Team Tsinghua on video

HPC blog China universities have gone student cluster crazy over the past year. When China was allotted two team slots at the ISC 2012 Student Cluster Competition, more than 300 universities expressed interest in participating. Thirty schools submitted proposals, forcing the country to have a play-in round to select which two teams …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012

US veterans Stony Brook face cluster compo crunch

HPC blog The Stony Brook Seawolves are one of two US teams competing in the ISC 2012 Student Cluster Challenge in Hamburg this week. This isn’t the first time the school has participated in a contest like this, but it’s probably their longest road trip in terms of distance and culture (although NYC to Portland, Oregon is a close second …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012

Student HPC whizzkids in unusual competition start

HPC blog The ISC Student Cluster Challenge kicked off last night in a unique manner. Rather than a simple shouted “Go!” or a loud tone sent over a bullhorn, the organisers confronted the university teams with a physical challenge, along the lines of the old Le Mans auto races. Each team had to run across the show floor to gather up six …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012

ISC Klusterkamph: Meet the home squad, Team KIT

Germany's cluster-competition entry, team KIT, is defending their home turf at the ISC 2012 Student Cluster Challenge this week in Hamburg. We spent a few minutes chatting with them as the competition was beginning. They were all smiles, but it was clear that they are serious about winning the competition. This is the first …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012

ISC cluster smackdown: Students whip out their tools

HPC blog The final system configurations for the ISC 2012 Student Cluster Challenge have been locked down and can now be revealed. For the ISC inaugural event, we’re seeing a lot of sameness but a few key differences. On the "sameness" side, every team is sporting various flavours of Intel Sandy Bridge processors, with speeds ranging …
Dan Olds, 20 Jun 2012
Cat 5 cable

German KIT v Fighting Seawolves in student cluster deathmatch

HPC blog According to bettors, the upcoming ISC’12 Student Cluster Challenge in Hamburg will come down to a competition between home-country team KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and the New York-based Stony Brook University Fighting Seawolves. (No, I don’t know what a ‘Seawolf’ is either.) isc12_odds_update The competition …
Dan Olds, 15 Jun 2012
SGI logo hardware close-up

Newbie German team 3-to-1 fave in cluster building compo

HPC Blog Early money makes Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) a heavy favorite to win both the LINPACK and Overall number-crunching benchmark competitions at next week’s Student Cluster Challenge in Hamburg, Germany. isc_betting_odds The high-performance computing competition, also known as “Hell on the Elbe: Student …
Dan Olds, 13 Jun 2012

Students face off in Hamburg home-cooked cluster clash

HPC blog We’re a little less than two weeks away from the tip-off of the first ISC/HPCAC 2012 Student Cluster Competition. University teams representing the US, China, and host nation Germany will meet in an epic benchmark battle to prove which team can design and build the fastest homemade cluster. The only constraint is electricity – …
Dan Olds, 11 Jun 2012

China sends likely pair to student cluster smackdown

ISC 2012 China is sending two teams to the ISC Student Cluster Competition (iSCC) this June in Hamburg. Tsinghua University and the National University of Defense Technology were survivors of a rigorous Hunger Games-style play-in competition; they had to beat out four other teams for the coveted Hamburg spots. Chinese server/services …
Dan Olds, 31 May 2012

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