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iRiver upgrades Story with hi-res display

CES 2011 iRiver has announced what it claims will be the e-book reader with the highest resolution display. The Story HD - the successor to iRiver's rather good Story reader - has a 6in, LG-made 768 x 1024. Not only more pixels, the display flips from one page to next more quickly than its rivals do, iRiver claimed. iRiver Story HD …
Tony Smith, 6 Jan 2011
Samsung YP-R1

Ten... sub-£150 PMPs

Product Round-up Budget PMPs are the missing link between a high-end video job and a standard MP3 player. With modern devices so advanced, some would class these PMPs as cell-phones without the option to call, a view I generally shared. However, without the distraction of ringtones and txt msgs, they have space to focus on getting the rest …
Caleb Cox, 15 Dec 2010
iRiver Story

iRiver Story to preface WHSmith entry into e-book biz

iRiver's Story e-book reader - which Reg Hardware rated as the best product of its kind for 2009 - is to reach a bigger audience. WHSmith has chosen it to spearhead its push into the e-book biz. The newsagent will be offering a Wi-Fi equipped version of the Story, which sports a 600 x 800, 16 shades of grey E Ink display, 2GB …
Tony Smith, 8 Jul 2010
Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle International Edition

Review It was Amazon's Kindle that really turned the idea of an e-book reader into a true mass-market proposition. Well, in the States, at least, because the first Kindle was only ever available to US-based buyers. Now, however, you can get an "international version" of the Kindle 2 in Blighty. More accurately, you can buy it from …
Alun Taylor, 19 Dec 2009
iRiver Story

2009's Top E-book Readers

Kit of the Year E-book viewers prompted plenty of Register Hardware reader interest during 2009, a year in which market stalwarts Sony and Amazon finally saw some notable rivals, iRiver in particular. In response, perhaps, Amazon started offering the US-centric Kindle to overseas buyers - will ours arrive in time to change the selection here? …
Sony X-Series Walkman

2009's Top Personal Media Players

Kit of the Year Yes, Apple dominates the PMP scene - for all those who grumble about the quality of its earphones. That didn't stop other manufacturers, most notably Sony, offering some darn fine alternatives in 2009, either by fighting back on price - Philips - or sound quality - Sony. But its hard to beat the all-round, utterly slim …

iRiver e-book reader spied online?

Images of what is thought to be an iRiver e-book reader have appeared online. iRiver_Story_03 iRiver's Story e-book reader? Rumoured to be called Story, pictures of the gadget were posted on an online forum alongside a raft of rumoured technical specifications. Designed to support a range of file formats, including ePub, …

iRiver prepping Android PMP?

iRiver has inked plans to create an Android-based portable media player (PMP) designed to tackle the mighty iPod Touch. Danny Bejanoff, the iRiver project manager for Aussie distributor C.R. Kennedy, said the PMP will be called the K2 and that it may feature a 3.5in touch-sensitive display, according to a report by website …

iRiver Spinn media player

Review The iRiver Spinn seems to have been forged in the white heat of a fierce row about the merits of a touchscreen vs traditional controls. But rather than come down on one side of the fence or the other, iRiver seems to have ended the argument with a petulant 'fine, we'll have both then!' iRiver Spinn iRiver's Spinn: why have …
Alun Taylor, 29 Jan 2009

iRiver edges in angular photo frame/ web browser/ clock/ pmp

CES Good news for fans of iRiver, a company that often gives the impression it doesn't know where Europe is to be found on the map. iRiver used CES to demo the Wave Home, a rather handy looking "multimedia communication device" that's part PMP, part web browser, part VoIP and IM device, and part digital picture frame/alarm clock …

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals

Round-up Yes, the news is dominated by this week's revamped iPods, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other good media players out there. Put off the colourful Nano, or the shiny Touch? Then here are ten of the best alternatives. Counting down, in reverse order, we kick of with the... Creative Zen X-Fi Click here for the …

iRiver readies Euro revival

IFA iRiver, the one-time major MP3 player maker that failed to keep up with Apple and was forced to retrench to its native Korea, relaunched itself into Europe at IFA this week. To mark the occasion, it launched a couple of new media players, but it's pitching them at the designer end of the market. Just in case that doesn't work …
Tony Smith, 1 Sep 2008

iRiver Lplayer 8GB MP3 player

Review After the disappointing E100 we're happy to report that iRiver's is getting back into its groove with the second device to hit the UK this year, the tiny Lplayer. Our first reaction was, 'where the blazes are the controls?' The unit itself is only 60 x 43 x 13mm while the 2in, 320 x 240 screen is, well, small. And you don't …
Alun Taylor, 14 Jul 2008

iRiver E100 MP3 player

Review In recent years, iRiver has established a reputation for knocking out good media players aimed at the slightly more discerning audience. With the E100 it's trying to move a little more into the mass market. The all-plastic casing of the E100 is a clear indication that what we have here is a device built down to a price. Having …
Alun Taylor, 2 Jun 2008

MP3 players

Top Five A demanding number of Christmas parties demands a music library fit for all occasions: getting ready, waiting for people to arrive and the event itself. Reg Hardware spoke to portable audio player expert Josh Welensky at online retailer Advanced MP3 Players for the lowdown on the five best MP3 players currently available. Reg …
James Sherwood, 18 Dec 2007

iRiver rolls out portable DAB

iRiver hasn't deviated far from the popular Clix design with its latest B20 DAB radio-cum-MP3 player. However, the unit’s extendable external aerial gives it a cute retro feel alongside modern MP3 and video features. B20_white iRiver's B20: has a retro feel The B20's 2.4in 320 x 240 LCD screen displays 260,000 colours. …
James Sherwood, 18 Oct 2007

iRiver shows off VoIP phone media player

It's an MP3 player. It's an FM radio. It's an e-book reader. It's a VoIP phone. It's a navigation gagdet. It's iRiver's W10, the South Korean company's latest attempt to out-perform the iPod - and now the iPhone too, it hopes. iRiver W10 media player iRiver's W10: one way up it's a VoIP handset The compact player has Wi- …
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2007

iRiver slims second-gen Clix

iRiver's Clix 2 super-skinny digital media player - it's just 1.3cm thick in the middle, and even less at the edges - has come to the UK. iRiver Clix 2 slimline media player The player sports a 2.2in, 320 x 240 OLED screen mounted on top of the control switches, so pushing the display itself triggers actions. The Clix 2 …
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2007

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