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iPhone 6S live photos

Apple slings bug-fixed iOS 9.0.1 at fanbois, PIN bypass hole still open

Apple has released an update to address several bugs spotted in its iOS 9 mobile operating system. iOS version 9.0.1 aims to fix, among other things, an installation problem that stopped fans from upgrading from iOS 7: their devices froze on the "slide to upgrade" screen. Other fixes in the update correct a problem that was …
Shaun Nichols, 24 Sep 2015
Sad iPhone

Apple iPhones, iPads BRICKED by iOS 9's 'slide-to-upgrade' bug

Apple has published a workaround after some iPhone and iPad users were left stranded in the middle of the iOS 9 update process. The Cupertino giant has acknowledged multiple complaints that devices were unable to progress past the "Slide to Upgrade" screen when moving to the latest version of iOS. Apple's remedy: wipe your …
Shaun Nichols, 18 Sep 2015

Monkey steals iPod touch, loses interest in minutes

Whatever Apple's up to with its strongly-hinted-at new products, investors will be hoping it's not aiming at the simian market after a monkey reportedly lost interest in an iPod touch after just a few minutes. The iPod Touch in question was dropped by ten year-old Stormi-Lee Whitford during a visit to Auckland Zoo, according …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Mar 2014
Apple iPod Touch 5G

Apple reveals bare bones iPod touch

Persistent rumours that Apple is planning a cheap version of the iPhone have a little more substance today, after Apple quietly slipped a new bare-bones model of the iPod touch out the door. The “iPod Touch 16GB” didn't even rate a press release and name and comes in just two colours: black and white. The rear-facing iSight …
Simon Sharwood, 31 May 2013
Trashblower courtesy of Michel Blazy and Art Concept Gallery, Paris

The ‘subversive adult Disneyland’ where iPods track your every move

David Walsh invented what he calls “a money mine”, and when he decided to spend some of its contents on an art gallery, he gave his IT team more than four years to provide the best visitor experience of any museum in the world. That team now rates their work on the gallery as a “dream project”, thanks to Walsh’s no-compromises …
Simon Sharwood, 25 Nov 2012

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

Sony has launched an Android-based Walkman, the F800, with which it hopes to topple the supremacy Apple's iPod Touch holds in the PMP market. Good luck. The Sony Walkman F800 boasts a 3.5in display and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, providing access to Google Play and its wide array of apps and games. It'll come in 8GB …
Caleb Cox, 18 Jul 2012
Samsung YP-G70CW Galaxy S WiFi 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Android media player

Review I reviewed Samsung’s first Android media player just over a year ago and frankly thought it was awful. I'm sure I wasn't alone. Undaunted, Samsung tried again with a new device packing a larger screen, faster CPU and bigger battery but only costing £40 more. Samsung YP-G70CW Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Second listen: Samsung's Galaxy …
Alun Taylor, 3 Apr 2012
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Apple fanbois get app to summon store staff

Cutting right back on the annoying wait for human interaction while in a shop, Apple stores in the US are test-driving an iOS app that lets fanbois hit a button to alert store employees that they want to talk to them. It should shave seconds off the whole "approaching a store employee and making eye contact" process. iPads …
Anna Leach, 28 Nov 2011
Apple iPod first generation

Apple's iPod: ten years old

Apple's iconic iPod digital music player will be ten years old on Sunday. The first model, which contained a 4200rpm, 1.8in Toshiba 5GB hard drive for storage, was announced on Tuesday, 23 October 2001, though didn't find its way into buyers' hands for another couple of weeks or so, on 10 November. Apple iPod first generation …
Tony Smith, 21 Oct 2011
appToyz appBlaster

appToyz appBlaster

iGamer Gaming peripherals have a bad reputation, and not without good reason. From the sublime Steel Battalion controller to every ridiculous Wii peripheral, these plastic appendages have one thing in common: they make gamers look sublimely ridiculous. appToyz appBlaster Point and shoot: appToyz appBlaster Even those which …
Andrew Bailey, 7 Sep 2011
appToyz appWheel iPhone gaming accessory

appToyz appWheel

iGamer “For fuck's sake, Mum. I asked for the appBlaster; not the fucking appWheel. You've totally fucked Christmas. No wonder dad's shacked up with that 26-year-old stunner. I fucking hate you!” I can picture it now. Christmas morning 2011 – surly, ungrateful teenager versus distraught, nonplussed mum. Not that I've even tried the …
Andrew Bailey, 24 Aug 2011

Apple said to have 3G-enabled iPod in pipeline

Apple may be gearing up to release a version of the iPod Touch with 3G cellular connectivity built-in. So suggests Dutch-language fansite AppleSpot without shaying who told dem and vot was being shmoked during de convurshashion. It's certainly a bizarre notion since Apple would undoubteldy hope any iPod Touch owner wanting a …
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2011
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Samsung readies Android-based iPod Touch killer

Samsung has launched its latest media player, and it's a clear case of 'iPod Touch meets Android'. It even looks a lot like the early Touches. The Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 borrows branding from Samsung's smartphone line, along with the kind of 4in, 480 x 800 LCD touchscreen, 1GHz processor, front and rear cameras - 0.3Mp and 3.2MP, …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2011
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iConnectivity brings MIDI interfacing to iOS devices

CES 2011 Music composition on iOS devices has been around for a while but for meticulous musicians, touchscreen tune tapping just doesn’t cut it. For more serious work it seem that iConnectivity has the answer. iConnectMIDI iConnectMIDI in play with Xewton’s MusicStudio At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), iConnectivity …
Bob Dormon, 7 Jan 2011
Cowon iAudio X7

Cowon iAudio X7 hard drive PMP

Review Hard drive media players are becoming something of rarity these days, but that hasn't stopped Cowon going down the HDD route with its latest media player, iAudio the X7, a machine pitched as much against the Apple iPod Classic as at the all-singing, all-dancing iPod Touch. Cowon iAudio X7 Cowon's iAudio X7: touchscreen tech …
Alun Taylor, 4 Jan 2011
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iOS 4.2: An 'ace' for iPad, a 'meh' for iPhone

First look Monday was iOS update day for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. "iOS 4.2 makes the iPad a completely new product," crowed Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a prepared statement announcing the upgrade — which wasn't actually released until 10am, Pacific Standard Time, despite the early-morning reports of the release. We installed it on both …
Rik Myslewski, 22 Nov 2010
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R-Type blasts onto iDevices

EA has released 1980s arcade classic R-Type on the iPhone. The side-scrolling shooter has been recreated complete with old-school graphics and all the features of the original, EA said. R-Type for iPhone The game comprises eight levels and eight bosses, and you can play with a selection of control modes: tilt, touch and …
Hard Reg, 2 Sep 2010
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Apple kills browse-and-get-hacked bugs in iOS

Updated Apple has patched a critical iOS  vulnerability that allows attackers to install malicious apps on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches by doing nothing more than luring victims to a booby-trapped website or sending them a tainted email. The update plugs a hole in Apple-designed document-viewing software that allows attackers to …
Dan Goodin, 11 Aug 2010

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