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Apple security update leaves iPhone 3G users unprotected

Apple is leaving some of its older mobile devices unprotected with its latest patch batch. An iOS 4.3 update, which includes a number of critical security fixes, is incompatible with the still widely used iPhone 3G and older versions of the iPod Touch. The latest version of Apple's mobile software can only be applied on the …
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2011
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Jobs offers relief for iOS 4-running iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 3G owners who have installed iOS 4 and regretted it can take heart. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has apparently promised a software update "soon" that may bring the handset back up to speed. Not only the original iOS 4.0 update but also the subsequent 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 tweaks have failed to run as quickly on the 3G as iOS 3 - …
Tony Smith, 23 Aug 2010

Evidence for 'iPhone Nano' gathers pace

Another day, another tantalising implication Apple's about to announced the iPhone Nano. This time, it's from iPhone case maker XSKN. It doesn't have a picture of the product, but it does have a section on its website with exactly that name. It's present alongside 'iPhone 3G' and 'iPhone 1st Gen', along with sections devoted …
Tony Smith, 22 Dec 2008

iPhone 3G finally unlocked

If an O2 contract’s all that’s standing in-between you and an iPhone 3G, then hardware hackers the iPhone Dev Team have a treat for you: an upcoming unlocking tool. According to the team’s blog, it has successfully cracked the iPhone 3G for use on any network with an unlock codenamed 'yellowsn0w'. Unfortunately, the unlock …
James Sherwood, 17 Dec 2008

2008's top three music phones

Kit of the Year The mobile phone may not have killed the MP3 player, as some pundits prediced, but that hasn't stopped it trying. So if you're going to put music on a mobile, which give the best performance? Apple iPhone 3G Apple 3G iPhone It's overall score may suggest that the iPhone 3G shouldn't be our top-of-list music phone, but we …

2008's top three touchscreen phones

Kit of the Year Following last year’s iPhone launch, there was a rush to release handsets based around touchscreens rather than buttons. That led to a profusion of offerings this year — but which ones tapped the right spot? HTC Touch HD So it’s not truly HD, but the HTC handset nonetheless has a better and bigger — 3.8in and 480×800 — …

Apple prices iPhone at $666, says analyst

The Jesus phone costs carriers a diabolic $666 on average, one Wall Street analyst has claimed. That figure brings Apple enough margin to hack prices and "take over the smartphone market". So forecasts Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf. “Our analysis indicates that the average price of an iPhone was $666 in the fourth quarter …
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2008

Apple recalls iPhone 3G power adaptors

Got an iPhone 3G purchased in the US, Canada, Mexico or Japan? Then you'll own one of Apple's latest USB power adaptors, and the company wants it back. Apple yesterday announced it was recalling all of its "Ultracompact USB Power Adapter" because "under certain conditions the... power adapter's metal prongs can break off and …
Tony Smith, 20 Sep 2008

Owner alleges iPhone 3G became red hot

A German Swiss man has alleged his recently purchased iPhone 3G mysteriously overheated, almost to the point of catching fire, he said. After an unsuccessful attempt to sync the three-week-old handset with his PC, the fellow discovered the device to have become very hot, he told Swiss German-language site 20 Minutes. So hot, …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2008

Apple, O2 to release PAYG iPhones this month

O2 will release the iPhone 3G on a pay-as-you-go tariff on 16 September, the carrier has just announced. The 8GB version of the phone will cost £350 - just £50 less than the 16GB model. It'll be sold by O2, Carphone Warehouse and Apple. O2 said that the purchase price includes a year's unlimited browsing - an "excessive usage …
Tony Smith, 1 Sep 2008
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AT&T freshens tourist-trapping iPhone data plans

US telco giant AT&T has announced two new international data plans for the Jesus Phone, saying they'll save Americans "hundreds of dollars" on journeys abroad. But we all know this is just another way for the company to hold your wallet hostage. Tomorrow, AT&T will begin offering a 100MB per month international plan for $119. …
Cade Metz, 26 Aug 2008

UK White iPhone 3G availability boosted

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up to the Carphone Warehouse because the retailer’s begun taking pre-orders for the white iPhone 3G. CW_white_iphone_preorder Get your order in now The 16GB white-backed model has been extremely rare in the UK until now, but a CW spokeswoman confirmed to Register Hardware this morning that it will …
James Sherwood, 22 Aug 2008

Apple preps patch for 'problematic 3G' iPhone?

An upcoming software patch may bring relief to iPhone 3G owners whose handsets have been struck down by inexplicable connection problems. So reports the Wall Street Journal, which quotes unnamed “people familiar with the matter” who say that Apple is set to release a fix within weeks. Since the 3G handset’s release, customers …
James Sherwood, 15 Aug 2008
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Best Buy helps Apple put an iPhone under every tree

Best Buy next month becomes the first “independent” US retailer to start selling the iPhone, as Apple looks to establish the shiny device as this year’s tickle me Elmo. The electronics store giant will start stocking the Jaysusfone in around 970 stores from September 7, Reuters reports, at price points of $199 and $299. …
Joe Fay, 13 Aug 2008

SIM modding kit offered to Brits

Easy handset unlocking has come to the UK courtesy of online supplier SIMable which is now offering a 20 quid kit to let any SIM work with (almost) any network-locked mobile. SIMable SIM unlocker SIMable: sits alongside your SIM SIMable seems a typical turbo SIM modifier, of the kind recently launched by Hong Kong supplier …
Tony Smith, 12 Aug 2008

DIY: Replace your iPhone 3G's scratched screen

If you’ve bought an iPhone 3G and already scratched the display, then you’re probably feeling pretty depressed? Thankfully, retailer Brando is selling replacement touchscreens to transform the phone to its former glory. Brando_iphone_screen Brando's replacement screen for the iPhone 3G Unfortunately, the only information …
James Sherwood, 28 Jul 2008
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Even without 3-Jesus Phone, Apple busts revenue records

During its last fiscal quarter, Apple shipped a record 2.49 million Macs, and even if you ignore a decent chunk of its Jesus Phone sales, it nabbed a record $7.46bn in revenues. But in typically coy fashion, the company says it has low expectations for the quarter to come. Naturally, those who play the Wall Street game sent …
Cade Metz, 22 Jul 2008

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