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Skull and Crossbones in the cloud

Google cloud VMs given same IP addresses ... and down they went

Google gave some of its cloud customers a rotten weekend by breaking a bunch of virtual machines. Detailed in this incident report, the company first noticed problems at nearly beer o’clock on Friday afternoon, June 15th, Pacific Time – just after midnight on Saturday for European users and early Saturday morning in Asia. The …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jun 2018

No more IP addresses for countries that shut down internet access

Governments that cut off internet access to their citizens could find themselves refused new IP addresses under a proposal put through one of the five global IP allocation organizations. The suggested clampdown will be considered at the next meeting of internet registry Afrinic in Kenya in June: Afrinic is in charge of …
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Apr 2017

Your poster guide: A fascinating glimpse into North Korea's 'internet'

Pic Singaporean photographer Aram Pan has been taking some fascinating photos of the world's most reclusive country, North Korea. Alongside pictures of beautiful landscapes and rundown buildings, however, one picture caught our eye: a map of the starving country's "internet." It sounds ludicrous, but thanks to North Korea's …
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2015

'Snoopers' Charter IS DEAD', Lib Dems claim as party waves through IP address-matching

IP address-matching powers for police and spooks are to be pushed through Parliament with the blessing of the junior member of the UK's Coalition government, after the Liberal Democrats claimed today that the Snoopers' Charter was "dead". Home Secretary Theresa May The move has been expected for some time. In May 2013, it …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Nov 2014
The European flag

IP Freely? ECJ to rule on privacy rules for dynamic IP addresses

The European Court of Justice has been asked to rule on the issue of whether or not dynamic IP addresses constitute private data. The request comes from a national German court in relation to a case where the plaintiff claims that "storage of dynamic IP addresses" assigned to him breach his data protection rights. Under EU …
Jennifer Baker, 28 Oct 2014

IPv4 addresses now EXHAUSTED in Latin America and the Caribbean

The allocation of internet addresses using the IPv4 protocol in Latin America and the Caribbean has hit a critical stage, the region's registry (LACNIC) warned on Tuesday. It said that its IPv4 address pool had been "officially exhausted" and urged businesses and governments in the geographical area – which spreads from the …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jun 2014
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Are IP addresses personal data?

Let’s revisit that old chestnut: “Is an IP address you use in an internet session personal data about you?” The reason: I have just come across two legal references which relate to copyright infringement where the argument that an IP address is personal data was accepted. The first reference I found was the Monetary Penalty …
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Spooks made 1,061 bugging errors in 2010

MI5 wrongly collected subscriber data on 134 telephone numbers as a result of a software error, according to interception of communications commissioner Sir Paul Kennedy's annual report. A spreadsheet formatting error caused the service to apply for data on the identity of telephone numbers ending in 000, rather than the …
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Microsoft spends $7.5m on IP addresses

It’s official, IP addresses are now more expensive than domain names. Nortel Networks, the bankrupt networking hardware vendor, has sold 666,624 IPv4 addresses to Microsoft for $7.5m, according to Delaware bankruptcy court documents (pdf). That’s $11.25 per address, more than you’d expect to pay for a .com domain name. …
Kevin Murphy, 24 Mar 2011
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IP addresses in server logs not personal data: Ruling

A German court has ruled that website operators are allowed to store the internet protocol (IP) addresses of their visitors without violating data protection legislation. Without additional information, IP addresses do not count as personal data, it said. The issue has never been tested in a UK court but the view of the German …
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Oct 2008
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Sophos DNS snafu creates update problems

Domain name system problems left some users of Sophos unable to get security updates on Friday. The same issue, blamed on a mistake by one of the security firm's service providers rather than hostile action, left many surfers unable to access its main website. Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, …
John Leyden, 5 Sep 2008
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Wireless browsers shut out of the Olympics

Mobile broadband over 3G may be able to offer speeds to compete with ADSL, but it can't offer access to the Olympics - at least not from the BBC, who are blocking mobile users from video streams of the event to comply with IOC rulings. Those wanting to watch the latest developments at the Olympics should be sure not to rely on …
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2008
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Game sharer gets £16K fine

A woman who put a copy of Dream Pinball 3D on a file-sharing network must pay £16,000 to the games maker and its lawyers. Games maker Topware Interactive was awarded £6,086.56 in damages and £10,000 in lawyers' fees by the Patents County Court in London. Lawyers Davenport Lyons said there are more cases to come - the firm …
John Oates, 19 Aug 2008
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Google mounts Chewbacca defense in EU privacy debate

Over at The Official Google Rhetoric Blog, the world's largest search engine continues to muddle the debate over the privacy of IP addresses. As the European Union questions whether IP addresses should be considered "personal data" - "personally identifiable information" in American parlance - Google software engineer Alma …
Cade Metz, 23 Feb 2008

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