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GCHQ asks tech firms to pretty please make IoT devices secure

GCHQ has managed to convince HP Inc and Centrica Hive to take its side in a relatively rare public intervention on the state of consumer IoT security. A voluntary code of practice, to which the two companies have signed up, urges them to implement published standards and recommendations on how to bake security into IoT devices …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Oct 2018
A broken front door

Yale Weds: Just some system maintenance, nothing to worry about. Yale Thurs: Nobody's smart alarm app works

Yale Security UK says it is repairing its online systems after some unplanned maintenance turned into a total outage – and prevented folks from controlling their Yale smart home alarms via its smartphone app. The locksmith said it was working through the night into Friday morning to address the gremlins that had left its users …
Shaun Nichols, 12 Oct 2018
people peer into camera. photo by shutterstock

World's largest CCTV maker leaves at least 9 million cameras open to public viewing

Yet another IoT device vendor has been found to be exposing their products to attackers with basic security lapses. This time, it's Chinese surveillance camera maker Xiongmai named and shamed this week by researchers with SEC Consult for the poor security in the XMEye P2P Cloud service. Among the problems researchers pointed …
Shaun Nichols, 9 Oct 2018

First it came for your desktop, now Windows 10 1809 is coming for your Things

Roundup The Windows 10 October 2018 Update is heading thingwards, Windows RS5 is dead (long live 19H1), and trolls are banished (kinda) in this week's Microsoft roundup. Windows 10 IoT gets its very own October 2018 Update Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Windows Internet of Things (IoT) team announced its own version of the Windows …
Richard Speed, 8 Oct 2018
young woman looks through blinds

Which? That smart home camera? The one with the vulns? Really?

Which? Magazine has been called out for recommending a line of smart home cameras with known vulnerabilities. The Consumers' Association magazine has worked hard to build trust in its consumer-focused product reviews. The fact that the Samsung SmartCam SNH-P-6410 smart home security camera still has Which's "Best Buy" …
John Leyden, 8 Oct 2018
A block of MediaTek Azure Sphere MCUs

Offline (if that's how you like it): Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Microsoft has released 1.0.2 of its Azure IoT Edge, which now allows Edge devices to function offline "indefinitely" while finally tipping its Azure Sphere service into public preview. IoT Edge now happy to take itself offline Since first making its pitch for the IoT market generally available, back in June, Microsoft has …
Richard Speed, 27 Sep 2018
Networks city concept. Phtoo by shutterstsock

Open-source boffins want to do for the IoT edge what Kubernetes did for containers

Two high-profile open-source collaborations are putting their heads together to work out how to take Kubernetes, more familiar in hyperscale environments, out to Internet of Things edge computing projects. The Kubernetes IoT Edge Working Group is the brainchild of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Eclipse …
Internet of Things

Don't put the 'd' and second 'i' in IoT: How to secure devices in your biz – belt and braces

Comment The enterprise is filling up with devices. Gone are the days when the only IT kit our staff used was phones, printers, scanners, desktop PCs, and servers that were bought, configured, installed, and maintained by our IT team. Now we have more different types of device than you can comfortably shake a stick at – which, of …
Dave Cartwright, 14 Sep 2018
Photo by Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock

2-bit punks' weak 40-bit crypto didn't help Tesla keyless fobs one bit

Video Boffins have sprung the bonnet on the weak crypto used in the keyless entry system in Tesla's Model S car. Researchers from the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) group – part of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Belgian university KU Leuven – were able to clone a key fob, open the doors, and drive …
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2018

Thousands of misconfigured 3D printers on interwebz run risk of sabotage

Internet-connected 3D printers are at risk of being tampered with or even sabotaged because users fail to apply security controls, a researcher has warned. Xavier Mertens, a senior handler for the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) and freelance cybersecurity consultant, found more than 3,700 3D printers directly connected to …
John Leyden, 4 Sep 2018
Huawei AI Cube

Huawei's Alexa-powered AI Cube wants to squat in your living room too

IFA Alexa is built into so many appliances being demonstrated at IFA this week, you need a map* to them all. Basically it's everywhere, and on a global scale appears to be decisively winning the platform battle with Google. So it's no surprise that Huawei's first attempt at cracking the European consumer electronics business …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2018
Woman in hospital (in hospital gown) covers face with hands

If it doesn't need to be connected, don't: Nurse prescribes meds for sickly hospital infosec

BSides Manchester A children's nurse prescribed hospitals ways to improve their computer security at the BSides conference in Manchester, England, earlier this month. Jelena Milosevic developed an interest in cybersecurity over the past four years while working as an on-call nurse in several hospitals across the Netherlands, where she said …
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2018
Pull the plug

Security MadLibs: Your IoT electrical outlet can now pwn your smart TV

A security vulnerability in "smart" power plugs can be exploited to infiltrate local computer networks. The flaw, spotted in Belkin's Wemo Insight smartplugs, would potentially allow an attacker to not only manipulate the plug itself, but also allow hopping to other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi home network. …
Shaun Nichols, 21 Aug 2018
Man holds the BMW f30 key fob with an apple watch showing the connected drive information.

Connected car data handover headache: There's no quick fix... and it's NOT just Land Rovers

The perils of previous owners retaining unfettered access to the data and controls of connected cars after resale is a wider problem across the industry, The Register has discovered. We have confirmed that BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan may all have much the same issue as Jaguar Land Rover, the focus of our recent article on …
John Leyden, 21 Aug 2018
Portion of US Patent 6368268

Now you can tell someone to literally go f--k themselves over the internet: Remote-control mock-cock patent dies

It is a great day for those who dream of Internet-of-Flings sex toys. A key patent describing web-connected remote-controllable techno-dildos has expired. Friday marks the 20-year anniversary, and, ahem, climax of, US Patent 6,368,268, a controversial piece of intellectual property that has long been blamed for holding back …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Aug 2018

IoT shouters Chirp get themselves added to Microsoft Azure IoT

Audio IoT networking firm Chirp has convinced Microsoft to integrate its tech into the Azure IoT platform. Chirp’s hookup with Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform comes a few weeks after it rolled out a free tier for SDK access. CTO James Nesfield told us: “We’re able to add a really elegant onboarding capability without adding to …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Aug 2018

Medical device vuln allows hackers to falsify patients' vitals

Hackers may be able to falsify patient vitals by messing with the traffic on hospital networks. Research from McAfee shows it’s possible to emulate and modify a patient’s vital signs in real time on a medical network using a patient monitor and a central monitoring station. Most patient monitoring systems comprise a minimum …
John Leyden, 14 Aug 2018
Used car salesman flogs watches from his undercoat

Second-hand connected car data drama could be a GDPR minefield

What are the implications under GDPR of a previous owner retaining access to data and control of a connected car after it is sold on? Although El Reg's initial story on the topic focused on the experience of two Jaguar Land Rover owners and the car maker's response, it has become clear this is an industry-wide issue and cars …
John Leyden, 9 Aug 2018

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