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The land of Milk and Sammy: Free music app touted by Samsung

Seeking to capitalize on its dominance of the Android smartphone market, Samsung has launched a free online streaming music service in the US that's only available to owners of its Galaxy-branded mobes. Just why the service is called Milk Music is hard to fathom. But it's powered by Pandora competitor Slacker Radio, it has 13 …

Music licensor seeks to block Pandora from running a radio station

Updated The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) has filed a petition with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block Pandora from running a terrestrial radio station, claiming that to allow the streaming music service to do so would not serve the public interest. Pandora acquired the radio …
Neil McAllister, 29 Jul 2013

Music royalty war spreads to aggregator MediaNet

Singer-songwriter Aimee Man has become the latest recording artist to take aim at the coupon-clippers and parasites of Internet music distribution, hauling a little-known intermediary into court for distributing her work without a license. Unlike the retail names savaged by the likes of Radiohead's Thom Yorke (who pulled his …
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Pink Floyd blasts Pandora for 'tricking' artists with petition

Three members of iconic British psychedelic rockers Pink Floyd have penned an editorial condemning the practices of streaming music service Pandora, which they say has been trying to trick recording artists into cutting their own pay. The editorial, which appeared in USA Today on Sunday, called out Pandora and its CEO Tim …
Neil McAllister, 25 Jun 2013
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Profit-free Pandora floats, valued at $2.6bn

That’s nice: the profit-free streaming music service Pandora has successfully gone public, raising $235m in the process. The public offering values the company at $2.6bn - twice as much as what it hoped for back in February, and not too shabby for an outfit that hasn’t yet turned a profit and is faced with rising royalty costs …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jun 2011
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BBC-led RadioPlayer arrives at last

The RadioPlayer console went live this morning, uniting British radio stations under a simple, open easy-to-use web interface. It's quite a political achievement, given the nature of the squabbling radio business – and all the more so since the entire project required just one full-time employee – and had a budget lower than the …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Mar 2011
Pure Contour

Pure Contour DAB/FM and Internet radio

Review The Contour is an elegantly designed music hub from radio specialist Pure. It features DAB+,FM and Internet radios, as well as an iPod dock in a slide-out drawer. Pure Contour Dark side of the moon: Pure's Contour You may be forgiven for thinking the Contour bears some similarity to the company’s Twilight alarm clock radio …
Dave Oliver, 19 Mar 2011
Q2 Internet radio

Q2 motion-controlled internet radio

Review The Q2 is the simplest Internet radio you’re likely to find. It’s good looking too, with its tidy cube shape, rubberised casing and five colour options: white, black, lime and a couple of flowery pink and blue versions. Q2 Internet radio Hip to be square: Q2's Internet radio The last two colour choices presumably cater for …
Ian Calcutt, 9 Mar 2011
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Radio in the cloud: Do we want to TiVo our radio?

Michael Robertson's latest quixotic venture has much in common with his earlier adventures in entrepreneurship, such as, his Linux distro, VoIP service and locker music. These have divided opinion, you might say; they're viewed either as fabulously "disruptive" innovations, or solutions looking for a problem to fix that …
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BBC radio chief: You may experience a little pain (but not much)

Tim Davie, the BBC's director of audio and music, has spelled out the difficulty of the digital switchover in an intriguing interview. "People love radio. They are very happy with their FM radio. Why on earth would you change?" asked Davie. DAB simply doesn't offer a clear enough choice. The answer, he said, was unique …
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Radio amnesty fails to lift DAB

The radio audience ratings service RAJAR has published the first full quarter of figures since the launch of a DAB trade-in scheme called 'Radio Amnesty', fronted by ubiquitous luvvie Stephen Fry. The aim was to induce households to exchange their FM radios for a DAB radio. The result? DAB's share of digital listening has fallen …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2010
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Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake

Opinion It's little wonder that Stephen Fry holds such a place in the nation's affections. He's earned it through a string of unforgettable performances. There's his voiceover for Direct Line's pet insurance, his voiceover for the 2008 Argos catalogue, not to mention voiceovers for Anchor Butter, Tesco, Dairylea, Kenco, Coca Cola, …

Teac R-4iDNT Wi-Fi/DAB/FM radio and iPod dock

Review Despite the UK’s proposed analogue radio switch-off at some yet-to-be-decided date, it’s fair to say that DAB has hardly been a roaring success. Most digital radio manufacturers hedge their bets and include an FM tuner, while there’s a growing trend of adding an Internet connection for accessing thousands of online stations in a …
Ian Calcutt, 21 May 2010
Armour Home Q2

Tip'n'tilt control portable internet radio launches

CES 2010 UK audio company Armour Home showed off its "tip and tilt" internet radio at CES this week. The name says it all: the cube-shaped device - formally called the Q2 - is controlled by motion: tip it forward to increase the volume and back to make it quieter. Rotate it sideways a face at a time and you step through the four …
Tony Smith, 8 Jan 2010
Sonos ZonePlayer S5

Sonos to launch five-amp, five-speaker music streamer today

Multi-room music streaming specialist Sonos will today introduce its latest system: the ZonePlayer S5, an iPhone-activated, internet-connected music blaster. Due to ship over here on 10 November for £349 - $399 in the US - the S5 contains five Class-D digital amps, each directly feeding one of the unit's five speakers: two …
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2009

New alliance tunes into the 'net

Add another acronym to your collection of tech-industry alliances. A group of internet-media movers and shakers, including broadcast services and device makers, have joined together to form the IMDA, aka the Internet Media Device Alliance. As stated on the new alliance's website, IMDA's goal is to "develop and promote a set of …
Rik Myslewski, 19 Dec 2008

Pure Digital Evoke Flow internet radio

Review After two years in development, Pure Digital has created what it hopes will become internet radio’s first genuinely iconic product. Our first reaction was that this is a really attractive little radio. The company has kept the familiar Evoke casing, but coated the device in a gloss piano-black finish with stylish and solid- …

Roberts WM-201 Wi-Fi internet radio

Review For a manufacturer of radios like Roberts to produce a Wi-Fi-enabled device shows just how far internet radio has come. About 6000 stations are now available, and radios are becoming increasingly adept at presenting this vast selection in an easy-to-access way. As soon as the product comes out of the box you get the feeling …
Lewis Caliburn, 19 Mar 2008

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