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Facebook, Twitter sucked into US Senate's Russian meddling probe

They may still view themselves as open purveyors of free speech, but increasingly social media giants are being pulled into the US Senate's investigation of Russian interference in the American presidential elections. This week Twitter confirmed that it is going to meet the Senate's intelligence committee that is heading up …
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2017
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The fearful price of 4G data coverage: NO TELLY for 90,000 Brits

Deployment of 4G mobile networks could take out TV broadcasts for 90,000 homes, rather than the two million which had been feared – but thousands of pounds is available for upgrades to affected homes. That's according to at800, the organisation handed £180m to fix a problem which, it now admits, isn't nearly as bad as had been …
Bill Ray, 7 Jun 2013
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Londoners in mass test of telly tech savvy as 4G filters mailed out

Some 28,000 London suburbanites will have 40 days to fit their free 4G filters, before Freeview television frequencies are swamped with faked 4G networking signals in a mass test of the British public's ability to plug stuff in. The filters come from at800, the orgainisation tasked with spending £180m of telco cash to mitigate …
Bill Ray, 18 Apr 2013
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Another 170,000 Freeview homes to be freed from reality TV - possibly

170,000 London homes will get letters in the next day or two, telling them they're in the next phase of 4G testing and offering telephone support for anyone who sees Freeview disappear on Monday. The testing follows a 22,000-home trial in the Midlands, which went remarkably well, if you're a network operator worried about …
Bill Ray, 11 Apr 2013
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Freeview telly test suggests 4G interference may not be a big deal

A trial 4G network, covering 22,000 homes just left of Birmingham, only interfered with TV reception in 15 of them - paving the way for an interference-free rollout over the summer, we're told. The trial was conducted by at800, the organisation charged with spending £180m of cell network operator money to solve the problem. …
Bill Ray, 5 Apr 2013
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Freeview suddenly UNWATCHABLE dross? It may just be a 4G test

AT800 - the guys tasked with stamping out radio interference caused by 4G mobile broadband - will switch on 4G transmissions near Dudley to see if Freeview survives the experience. It's feared national 4G deployment at 800MHz will disrupt terrestrial telly viewing for about two million homes, but exactly how many and what …
Bill Ray, 18 Mar 2013
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So you won a 4G licence. The Freeview interference squad wants a word

The team to turn to when high-speed mobile broadband knocks out your Freeview signal has kicked off negotiations with this week's 4G auction winners. It's hoped that Brits will get four weeks of notice before up to two million TV screens go dark. The recently established body managing interference from new 4G services is …
Bill Ray, 21 Feb 2013
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Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots paralyse Chinese metro lines

Shenzhen Metro is blaming customer Wi-Fi for disruptions to its service. The subway system for the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, China, depends on the unlicensed 2.4GHz band to link up its signalling systems. Following network failures in October, and a trial blocking of 3G signals earlier this month, the Shenzhen …
Bill Ray, 21 Nov 2012
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PLT chair: UK Radio Society is 'living in a dream world'

The chair of the EU committee on powerline networking has responded to the Radio Society's call to arms, claiming that every minute of filibustering pollutes the radio spectrum more. The Radio Society of Great Britain reckons the new standard, prEN 50561‐1, will water down existing requirements, opening the way to greater …
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2012
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Minister of Fun bends Ofcom's ear on Freeview-4G knockout

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has published an open letter to Ofcom broadly supporting the regulator's efforts to mitigate disruption to Freeview by next-gen mobile broadband. When LTE (4G telephony) kicks in there's likely to be some interference in the neighbouring TV channels, so £180m of the money raised from selling the …
Bill Ray, 11 Jul 2012
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Watch out, world! Ofcom is off the leash to bite radio jammers

The UK radio regulator will start regulating the use of radio spectrum, but only at Olympic venues and only for the duration of the Games, despite calls for Ofcom to be given longer-lasting clout. Anyone interfering with public safety radios during the Olympics, and near any Olympic site, will have Ofcom on their backs, thanks …
Bill Ray, 13 Jun 2012
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Smart meters blamed for Wi-Fi, garage opener interference

Smart meters issued by an electric utility in Maine are interfering with a wide range of customers' electronic devices, including wireless routers, cordless phones, electric garage doors, and answering machines. The Central Maine Power Company has received complaints from more than 200 customers since the meters were installed …
Dan Goodin, 21 Nov 2011
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LightSquared admits it will knock out 200,000 sat-navs

Wireless broadband firm LightSquared has admitted that its original plan would have knocked out most GPS sat-nav kit, but argues that its new plan will only leave 200,000 users lost. Reporting on the results of several months of testing, involving 130 different GPS receivers, LightSquared admits that operating in the …
Bill Ray, 1 Jul 2011
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LTE vs broadcasters: let the spectrum wars begin

As mobile carriers prepare to upgrade to 4G/LTE networks, Australia’s free to air broadcasters and Foxtel are bracing for potentially significant and costly interference to their transmissions. Earlier this month UK regulator Ofcom estimated that it would cost £100m to deal with the disruption caused by 4G transmitters to over …
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4G interference will knock out Freeview

760,000 households risk losing Freeview when 4G telephony comes online, and even with mitigating techniques Ofcom reckons 30,000 households face a future without terrestrial broadcasting. The regulator reckons those 30,000 will have to switch to satellite or cable to get their TV broadcasts, as 4G telephony leaks into their …
Bill Ray, 2 Jun 2011
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Powerline network radio interference debated in Commons

Analysis Interference from PLT was debated in the UK Commons last night. At least an attempt was made to do so: the BIS minister preferred instead to ignore the questions and focus on the bearded minority. The matter was raised by Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, as an adjournment debate comprising a statement and response …
Bill Ray, 19 May 2011
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GCHQ man: Powerline networks do interfere with radio

D Notice A document prepared by the spectrum manager of secret UK listening agency GCHQ, though disavowed by the organisation, has drawn more attention to the interference kicked out by powerline networking kit. The letter was prepared by [a government employee we have been asked not to name], of government-spy outfit GCHQ, and …
Bill Ray, 17 May 2011
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BBC engineers see PLT knocking out DAB

Recent experiments carried out by the BBC demonstrate how power-line networking can interfere with FM radio and knock out DAB entirely, but only for those who get a decent data rate. The new study was commissioned by the BBC and authored by one current and one former BBC engineer. The study examines transmissions coming off …
Bill Ray, 13 Apr 2011

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