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Deep inside Intel's 'Ivy Bridge' chip

IDF 2011 Intel's next-generation "Ivy Bridge" chips will include a host of improvements, including integrated graphics that the company claims will narrow the lead now held by AMD's Fusion APUs. "I expect that that gap, from everything that I've seen, is closing fast," Intel's director of graphics architecture Tom Piazza told an Ivy …
Rik Myslewski, 15 Sep 2011
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Half of 2011's PCs to use CPU GPUs

Around half of the personal computers shipping this year will drive displays using CPU-integrated graphics engines. So says market watcher IHS iSuppli, and we'd not argue with its claim. Intel's second-generation Core i processors and AMD's Fusion chips, all have on-board GPUs, as does last year's line of Core i parts. Even …
Hard Reg, 18 Mar 2011
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Apple turns to Intel for low-end laptop graphics

Apple is said to be gearing up to use the next generation of Intel graphics in its MacBook and - probably - MacBook Air - laptops in place of the Nvidia technology they currently use. So claims CNet, citing unnamed moles - whether at Apple or - more likely, we'd say - Intel isn't made clear. Intel's new graphics tech will be …
Tony Smith, 9 Dec 2010

Intel Sandy Bridge preps for AMD Fusion fracas

At next week's Intel Developer Forum, Chipzilla will unveil its long-awaited Sandy Bridge microarchitecture — and the more we learn about it, the more it appears to share with AMD's oh-so-late Fusion effort. After architecture-group headman David Perlmutter unveils the Intel's "next generation" microarchitecture in his Monday- …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Sep 2010
Nvidia Optimus

Nvidia launches dual-GPU tech for notebooks

Nvidia reckons it has finally cracked the problem of smoothly swapping between graphics chips in notebooks that have more than one GPU. Today, it launched its solution, which it has branded Optimus. Now, we're not talking two or more GPUs configured in SLI mode for greater graphics performance. Optimus addresses the use of a …
Tony Smith, 9 Feb 2010

Apple said to snub Intel's next-gen mobile chip

Intel's Arrandale mobile CPU remains on schedule for an early January debut, but the word on the street is that one of Chipzilla's flagship customers will take a pass on that integrated-graphics part. That would be Apple. According to a report from Bright Side of News, "sources close to the heart of the matter" say that Apple …
Rik Myslewski, 7 Dec 2009

Desktop integrated graphics shoot-out

Review There was a time, not so long ago, when integrated graphics were so feeble they couldn’t pull the metaphorical skin off a rice pudding. Broadly speaking, the integrated graphics processor (IGP) was fit for little more than the two-dimensional Windows desktop, and a graphics card was necessary if you wanted to play games. intel …
Leo Waldock, 20 Jan 2009

AMD's 8-series integrated chipset slips a quarter?

AMD's HyperTransport 3.0 chipset, 'RS880', may have been put back a quarter. Roadmaps that leaked out in July this year had the Socket AM3 RS880 down for a Q2 2009 release, but an update to AMD's integrated-chipset launch schedule reported this week indicates that part now won't ship until Q3 2009. The RS880 will incorporate …
Tony Smith, 8 Dec 2008

Shuttle SG45H7

Review In appearance, the Shuttle SG45H7 is very similar to the SN68PTG6 that we reviewed earlier this year. But, under the skin, it could hardly be more different. The SN68PTG6 supports an AMD processor with an Nvidia chipset and graphics, while the new model is Intel all the way. The CPU socket is LGA775 for Core 2 Duo or Quad, or …
Leo Waldock, 24 Nov 2008

Intel touts G45 chipset's full Blu-ray support

Computex Intel yesterday formally launched its G45 and G43 integrated chipsets, part of the 'Eaglelake' family. But you'll only get full Blu-ray Disc support with the first of the two, it admitted. Not a first, of course. The chip giant was quick to tout how the integrated parts were the first chipsets it had made that incorporates …
Tony Smith, 4 Jun 2008

Nvidia guns for integrated GPUs with $50 GeForce 7 board

Nvidia has rolled out its latest entry-level graphics chip, a GeForce 7 series product it hopes will win business back PC vendors choosing to stick with GPUs integrated into chipsets, and to persuade punters with low-cost PCs to do the same. Nvidia GeForce 7200 GS The GeForce 7200 GS is only a DirectX 9-class GPU, but it's …
Tony Smith, 8 May 2007

Chip giant pledges integrated graphics boost

IDF Intel's mobile integrated graphics technology is just going to keep on getting better, the chip giant effused today, pledging its next-but-one built-in GPU will deliver a 25 per cent improvement over the one inside the upcoming 965GM chipset. Beyond that, future chipsets will boost IGP performance by 50 per cent, Intel's …
Tony Smith, 18 Apr 2007
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Intel pushes next-gen Centrino at compact desktops

IDF Intel formally offered up its upcoming 'Santa Rosa' Centrino laptop platform as the basis for future small form-factor systems. Intel has been pitching Santa Rosa as a foundation for SFF PCs for over a year now, touting the platform's key mobile-friendly feature - low power consumption - as an enabler for compact, fixed- …
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2007

Intel expects rapid 'Santa Rosa' ramp

IDF Almost 90 per cent of all the Centrino-branded laptops sold in Q4 will be based on the latest version of Intel's mobile platform, 'Santa Rosa', the chip giant believes. Santa Rosa debuts next month, though while some laptop manufacturers will announce models at that time, the big push will come two months later, Intel's …
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2007

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