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Dell Venue 8 tablet

Dell bulks up its low end with tablet and convertible updates

Dell has delivered a kick in the pants to its Venue tablets and Inspiron convertibles with the addition of new processors and configuration options. Additionally, new accessories for the tablets and the option for Ubuntu OS configurations on the convertibles were unveiled as part of the rollout at the Computex show in Taipei …
Shaun Nichols, 3 Jun 2014
Dell logo

Dell Windows 8 tablet, hybrid details leak

Dell's tablet plans for 2012 have slipped out, revealing a chunky Windows 8 slate and a tablet-laptop hybrid also set to run with Microsoft's tile-centric OS. A leaked company product slide shows the upcoming Dell Latitude 10 to be a dual-core tablet with a 10.1in, 1366 x 768 pixel display, Neowin reports. Dell Latitude 10 …
Caleb Cox, 28 May 2012
Dell Inspiron 14R

Dell sneaks out Ivy Bridge special edition Inspirons

Dell's Singapore operation has outed a "special edition" Inspiron 15R equipped with an Ivy Bridge processor. Dell Inspiron 15R The CPU in question is the Intel Core i7-3612QM, a 2.1GHz part, backed by 6-8GB of 1600MHz DDR 3 memory depending on which of the two available models you pick if and when it arrives over here. I'd …
Tony Smith, 2 May 2012
Dell XPS 14z 14in notebook

Dell intros '14in screen, 13in body' notebook

Dell took the wraps of its compact, "14in display in a 13in body" Inspiron 14z notebook at the IFA consumer electronics show in September, but now it has formally launched the XPS 14z, a skinnier version. Dell XPS 14z 14in notebook Specs for the 23mm-thick, 2kg Dell XPS 14z are what you'd expect: second-gen Intel Core i5 and …
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2011
Dell Inspiron One 2320 all-in-one desktop PC

Dell updates Inspiron all-in-one desktop

Dell has upgraded its Inspiron One all-in-one desktop PC, ditiching the old model's Pentium P6100 processor for shiny new second-generation Core i Sandy Bridge chippery. The Inspiron One 2320 is based around a 23in, 1920 x 1080 display, which can be a touch-sensitive panel if you're willing to pay extra and pick that option at …
Hard Reg, 6 Oct 2011
Dell Inspiron 14z

No Ultrabook from Dell - yet

IFA 2011 Dell unwrapped a pair of "thin" laptops at IFA today, though it didn't go so far as to follow Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba into the Ultrabook market. When questioned, Dell executives suggested they believe customers want thinness, yes, but not at the cost of performance. But since Dell didn't launch an ultrabook today, they would …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2011
The Register breaking news

Dell brings 2G Core i, swappable covers to Inspiron laptops

Dell has updated its Inspiron R laptop line, decking the 14in, 15in and 17in machines out not only with a vast selection of clip on, clip off lids but also Intel's second-gen Core i processors. Screen resolution increases as you move up the line: 1280 x 720 for the 14in, 1366 x 768 for the 15-incher and 1600 x 900 for the 17in …
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2011
Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410

Review With decent media streamers available for under £150 and many TVs featuring built-in network capabilities, getting content on your telly through a fully-fledged mini desktop PC might seem like a rather expensive way to do things. Still, that hasn’t stopped Dell from refining its Zino mini PC series, with the Zino HD 410 being …
Will Stapley, 1 Mar 2011
Dell Inspiron M101z

Dell Inspiron M101z 11.6in notebook

Review It's common to take a shiny new notebook out of the box, judge it to be worthy and then find that some aspect - performance, price or feel - rubs off the polish. Rare are machines like the Dell Inspiron M101z that leave you happy with your initial verdict. Well, almost... Dell Inspiron M101z Dell's Inspiron M101z: compact …
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2010
Dell logo

Dell readies flip-screen tablet-cum-netbook

IDF Dell has demo'd a novel convertible tablet that does away with the usual tilt'n'pivot mount. Instead, it's based around a 10in screen that's mounted within a netbook clamshell chassis but which can rotate about a central horizontal axis, within the bezel, to face in or out. The catch is it makes for a chunky tablet, but it …
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2010
Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Review On the face of it, Apple’s Mac Mini makes most 'small form-factor’ PCs look like a pile of junk. The Mini’s ultra-compact design also makes it ideal for use in an office or as a stylish little media centre in the living room. Evidently, Dell has taken note - hence the appearance of its Inspiron Zino range of compact PCs. Dell …
Cliff Joseph, 22 Feb 2010
vulture tv reporter

Dell ordered back to court in laptop dustup

Dell has been ordered back into court to face claims it knowingly sold defective Inspiron 5160 and 1150 laptops. In October 2006, three Inspiron owners - Michael Omstead, Melissa Malloy, and Lisa Smith - filed suit against the PC maker, charging the company with "misconduct in connection with the design, manufacture, …
Rik Myslewski, 6 Feb 2010

Dell adds One to Inspiron line

Dell has broadened its One series of all-in-one PCs beyond its business-centric Vostro range by launching the Inspiron One 19 desktop. Dell_Inspiron_One_19_01 Dell's Inspiron One 19: doesn't have a touchscreen display, oddly Based around an 18.5in, 1366 x 768 display which isn’t touch-sensitive, the Windows 7-equipped …
James Sherwood, 11 Nov 2009
Dell Inspiron Mini 12

Dell ditches 12in netbook

Dell has trimmed some of the fat from its netbook line by ending the production of its Inspiron Mini 12 notebook-not-netbook. The Mini 12 – reviewed here – had a 12.1in display and, according to Dell’s Chief Blogger, Lionel Menchaca, “10in displays are the sweet spot for netbooks”. That goes some way to explaining why the PC …
James Sherwood, 10 Aug 2009
Dell Inspiron Mini 10v

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook

Review In the 18 months since Asus rocked up with its Eee PC 701 and kicked off the whole netbook malarkey, we've seen the number and types of devices that are nominally included in the category expand almost exponentially. As Ms Streisand so appositely noted, it was all so simple then. Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Dell's Inspiron Mini …
Alun Taylor, 29 Jun 2009

Dell gives birth to octuplet Inspiron colours

Dell has brought a splash of colour to the desktop with its launch of eight brightly hued Inspiron PCs. Dell_inspiron_colours_02 Dell's Inspiron range: 'Red and orange and pink and green...' Pretty much every colour of the rainbow is available, including “Piano Black”, “Pure White”, “True Blue”, “Formula Red”, “Tangerine …
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2009

Dell unwraps Inspiron 15

Dell has expanded its low-cost Inspiron laptop line with the launch of the Inspiron 15. Dell_inspiron_15 Dell's Inspiron 15 laptop The 15’s appeal, according to Dell, is in its “clean and sleek design,” “all-around performance” and – of course – the “affordable price,” which starts from about $600 (£409/€448). And you …

2008's top three netbooks

Kit of the Year Launched as a product class in 2007, it was only in 2008 that the netbook hit the big time, with World+Dog rushing to follow Asus and launch one, and the rest of us dashing to buy one. Acer Aspire One Acer Aspire One Acer's Aspire One was the world's most popular netbook in Q3, and it quickly became our favourite too thanks …

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