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More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list

Thirteen more pirate sites have have been added to the list of domains that the largest UK ISPs must block*. This time the target sites are dedicated to binge-watching TV series and theatrical run films. Although nobody in the movie and TV business – which is fuelling a tech jobs boom in the UK – claims it's the only solution …
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US trade watchdog deep-sixes patent infringement claim against Microsoft

Microsoft has swerved a potentially crushing blow to its vanishingly small mobile biz, after a US watchdog swiped away a request to block the import of its Lumia handsets into the country. InterDigital, which had been in a patent spat with Nokia many years before Redmond scooped up the mobile maker, said it was disappointed …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Aug 2015

IBM menaces Twitter IPO with patent infringement BOMBSHELL

In the same SEC filing in which Twitter announced that it will boost its IPO share-price range to $23 to $25, up from $17 to $20, it also revealed a bit of news that may worry potential investors: a patent contretemps launched by IBM. "We recently received a letter from International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM, …
Rik Myslewski, 4 Nov 2013
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Apple loses bid to ban US sales of aging Samsung smartphone

A US appeals court has denied Apple's request for a rehearing of an injunction, instituted last June but reversed last October, that would have stopped Samsung from selling its year-old Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the US. The denial, reports Fox Business, was issued in a short statement by the US Court of Appeals for the …
Rik Myslewski, 1 Feb 2013
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Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit

A jury in the US District Court in Delaware has ruled that Apple infringed on three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas LLC of Chevy Chase, MD. "We're very pleased," MobileMedia CEO Larry Horn told Bloomberg. "We think it's justified." MobileMedia Ideas, reports the Los Angeles Times, is a patent holding company formed by Sony …
Rik Myslewski, 13 Dec 2012

SAP to bung Oracle at least $306m in software piracy row

German software giant SAP has agreed to hand over $306m in damages to Oracle in the TomorrowNow copyright infringement case in order to avoid a new trial. Oracle sued SAP in 2007, claiming that the German biz's TomorrowNow subsidiary illegally downloaded Oracle software and support documents in an effort to pilfer Oracle …

Proview fears fanbois will derail iPad export ban bid

Chinese firm Proview has admitted it might be tough to get a ban on iPads in China, despite the ruling that the name infringes on their trademark, because the local customs authorities are unlikely to get involved. Proview International Holdings, which claims to have held the trademark on the name "IPAD" since 2000, won its …
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RIM gives up on BBX name after court order

A US court has granted a temporary restraining order banning Research in Motion from using the name BBX for its new operating system. Software firm BASIS International filed for infringement of the trademark last month and the court granted the injunction yesterday, saying: BASIS is likely to prevail on its trademark …
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HTC loses prelim patent ruling to Apple, takes stock hit

HTC violated two patents held by Apple, the US International Trade Commission confirmed in a preliminary ruling late last week. However, the decision has yet to secure the backing of ITC commissioners. Despite that, the Financial Times reports that shares in HTC have tumbled 6.5 per cent as fears grew that the Taiwanese phone …
Team Register, 18 Jul 2011
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US Supremes add 'willful blindness' to patent law

In a case supported by HP, eBay, Red Hat, Yahoo!, and General Motors, the US Supreme Court has issued a ruling that may make it more difficult for a company to be sued for inducing another company to infringe a patent. According to the ruling, a defendent accused of inducing patent infringement must be proven to have either …
Rik Myslewski, 1 Jun 2011

US judge puts freeze on Apple-Nokia patent kerfuffle

A US federal judge has sent Apple and Nokia lawyers to their respective corners until the feds get their chance to sort through the competing patent infringement claims. US District Court in Delaware signed an order staying litigation, pending decisions by the US International Trade Commission on the matter. Nokia sued Apple …
Austin Modine, 5 Mar 2010
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Survey: Only 1% of Torrents non-infringing

99 per cent of files accessed through a Torrent network are unlicensed copyright material, according to a survey by an American undergraduate. Only 10 of the 1021 files in the survey could be distributed over the Mainline network without infringing copyright. The ten works licensed for distribution included two Linux distros, …
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Senate bill sics DoJ on copyright infringers

As legislation allowing the US Department of Justice to sue suspected copyright violators on behalf of the entertainment industry heads to a vote on the Senate floor, an outspoken advocacy group is calling for the public to voice their concern. Public Knowledge, an organization also behind many of the complaints against …
Austin Modine, 22 Sep 2008
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World's dumbest file-sharer: Judge to the rescue

The Judge who presided over the first successful prosecution of an American P2P file sharer has hinted that he has changed his mind - and may nullify the trial. Jammie Thomas sold her knickers online (see pic) after being convicted of copyright infringement last year. A jury of her peers in Duluth, Minnesota wasn't impressed …
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Ryanair wins German court victory in screen-scraping injunction

Ryanair has claimed a German court victory against a tour company it has accused of screen-scraping its website against its wishes. The airline said that Hamburg Regional Court has awarded it an injunction against Vtours. Screen-scraping is when one company takes information from another's website by automatically filling in …
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Jul 2008
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Canada moots tough sanctions for DRM flouters

The Canadian government today unveiled a controversial proposal to update the country's copyright laws. Bill C-61 seeks to fight piracy over the internet by giving companies even more power over where digital content can be moved. While it reduces the maximum fines for criminals actually caught violating intellectual property …
Austin Modine, 12 Jun 2008
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Red Hat shoots down brace of patent disputes

Red Hat Inc today settled two patent lawsuits that the Linux software firm had been contesting. It said that patent claims by Firestar Software Inc, filed in 2006, and DataTern Inc, filed earlier this year, have now been settled. The financial terms of both deals were kept secret. However, the company remains embroiled in a …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jun 2008
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EU mulls intervention over BT's secret Phorm trials

The European Commission is considering intervening over the failure of UK data watchdogs to punish BT for the way it secretly co-opted tens of thousands of customers into trials of Phorm's profiling system to serve them targeted advertising. At the end of May, the Information Commissioner's Office told Stephen Mainwaring, …

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