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Too many leftover screws? Ikea website backend goes TITSUP

Updated Swedish flat-pack furniture folk Ikea’s UK tentacle appears to be suffering a rather lengthy website backend outage stopping some customers from placing online orders. The website is currently greeting visitors with the message: "Oops! We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties and you may experience issues when …
Gareth Corfield, 14 Aug 2018

German IKEA trip fracas assembles over trolley right of way

Weekend shoppers can now add trolley rage to the list of reasons to avoid their local IKEA store after an altercation in southeastern Germany ended up with a visit to hospital. The fracas in Eching, on the outskirts of Munich, reported in Bavarian local papers Echinger Zeitung and Merkur began with an argument over which …
Richard Speed, 14 May 2018
IKEA rage

Machines learned to assemble IKEA’s semi-disposable furniture

Singaporean scientists have asked the question: “Can robots assemble an IKEA chair?” and come back with enough of a “Yes” that The Register feels it time to call for robots to take this job away from humans. Pleeeease, robots. Take this job away from us! The boffins behind this breakthrough, assistant professor Pham Quang …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Apr 2018
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IKEA flat-packs TaskRabbit to crack assembly code

IKEA's finally acknowledged what plenty of us have learned the hard way: it's stuff can be so wretchedly frustrating to assemble that outsourcing the job is sometimes the kindest and fastest option. The born-in-Sweden, taxed-who-knows-where homewares company has therefore acquired an outfit called TaskRabbit that offers a …
Simon Sharwood, 29 Sep 2017
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Taken a while but finally here's the first proper smart-home gizmo

Comment It's been three years since we, here at El Reg, first started taking the introduction of a new generation of "smart home" devices seriously – and that was mostly focusing on the security implications. As well as stunningly poor security there is a plethora of competing standards. Back in 2014: X10, ZigBee, LightwaveRF, Z-Wave …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Aug 2017
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India relaxes rules that kept Apple out of retail

Indian tech consumers might soon be able to savour the rich, human experience of making a Genius Bar booking to try and sort out a problem with an iThing, after that country relaxed the rules that have kept companies like Apple from opening their branded stores in that country. The roadblock has been a law that demanded …

UN inflicts 10,000 flat pack IKEA shelters on Iraq - WITHOUT TOOLS

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has placed an order for 10,000 flat-pack IKEA refugee shelters. Following an 18 month trial in Ethiopia and Iraq, the 10,000 Better Shelter units are set to be deployed to Iraq, where more than 2.5 million people have been displaced from their homes since January 2014, mostly fleeing …
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Ikea to start making electrified furniture. What could possibly go wrong?

MWC 2015 Ikea, having successfully branded Sweden as a country associated with family disputes and cupboards with wonky doors, has now taken on the challenge of improving how we all live through Qi wireless charging technology. From 15 April, American and European Ikea customers will be able to buy flat-pack furniture which integrates …
Simon Rockman, 1 Mar 2015
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Weekend reads: Colorless Tsukuru, Kool Korea and strange encounters with IKEA wardrobes

Page File El Reg's avid bookworm Mark Diston chews his way through some of the latest foreign language bestsellers recently translated into English and Lucy Orr discovers how South Korea became cool. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage Mystery and Melancholy of a Street (1913) by Giorgio di Chirico A Mystery and …

El Reg nips down IKEA's 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

Pics We're delighted to report that the Valladolid tentacle of flatpack world superpower IKEA does indeed lie on "I've Got A Screw Loose Street", and we've got the photos to prove it. Back in 2011, as construction of the 34,700m2 particle board megarepository was under way on virgin ground in Arroyo de la Encomienda, on the …
Lester Haines, 11 Jul 2014
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Shack in flat-pack bric-a-brac lack flap? Whack on this 3D flat-pack app

Vid Ikea, champion of the disposable Allen key, is launching an app to show how its self-assembly furniture would look in your home – if you could put it together properly. The new software, available for Android and iOS gadgets at the end of this month, overlays 3D models of selected flat-packed firewood onto live video of one's …
Bill Ray, 6 Aug 2013

EMC's creepy challenge: Give Big Data a 'human face'

EMC is sponsoring a photo-journalism project called "The Human Face of Big Data", which will spread 100 "leading photographers" across 30 countries to document the collection and use of data. In a few months' time, the project will culminate in the publication of a coffee table book and iPad app containing the best of the …
Chris Mellor, 23 Jul 2012

Ikea to integrate TV, Blu-ray, sound system into sideboard

Ikea, the Swedish flat-pack furniture giant, is to offer its design-conscious punters consumer electronics equipment, it said today. Heck, if Apple can build a global business on the back of stylish gadgets, why not Ikea, the acme of Scandinavian minimalist chic? Ikea won't simply offer TVs, Blu-ray players, wireless audio …
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2012
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IKEA cuts ribbon on 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

Flatpack monolith IKEA has announced that its new tentacle in Valladolid, Spain, will sit on "I've Got A Screw Loose Street". According to Spanish national ABC, Facebook fans of the Scandie particle board botherer selected "Calle me falta un tornillo" as option A for the new thoroughfare on the site at Arroyo de la Encomienda …
Lester Haines, 15 Nov 2011
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Ikea forecasts fluffy, fully teched kitchen of the future

Thirty years from now, your kitchen will be "almost alive" and "respond actively" to your culinary needs "like only a mother could". That's the fearsome prediction made today by that noted purveyor of plywood, Ikea, in the latest press release to make its contribution to the Silly Season in the hope of drumming up some column …
Tony Smith, 17 Aug 2010

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