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Samsung shows 'airfoil' luxury laptops

More laptops have been announced at the IFA show by Samsung. This time it's the "premium" QX series - given a "airfoil design exterior" that's aluminium clad like as certain fruit-branded manufacturer's notebooks. But not entirely constructed from metal: Samsung's release suggests it's just the lid that's fashioned from …
Tony Smith, 3 Sep 2010
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TomTom intros voice-control satnavs

TomTom has introduced a set of mid-price satnavs it claims are the first of their kind to provide voice control. TomTom Via 120 TomTom Via 120 Available in versions with and without bundled Live servies, the slimline Via series sport an integrated, 180°-flip mount. They also come with the latest maps, updated POI databases …
Hard Reg, 3 Sep 2010

LaCie catches ultra-small USB Flash drive bug

Ordinary USB Flash drives too darn big for you? LaCie's new MosKeyto protrudes a mere 6mm from the USB port it's connected to. Picture one of those micro Bluetooth adaptors and you've got the idea. LaCie MosKeyto But while the drive is small, the price isn't. LaCie wants 20 quid for the 4GB MosKeyto, and £30 for the 8GB …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010
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Toshiba launches telly-connected media drive

Toshiba has at long last launched the TV-connected hard drive it showed us in a backroom way back in February. Then, the StorE TV+ had a specification sheet with rather a lot of 'to be determined' labels on it. Now, it's all sorted: 2TB of hard drive storage; HDMI and component-video ports; SD memory card slot' two USB 2.0 …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010
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Toshiba touts £329 Folio Android tablet

Do computer companies never learn from history? Clearly not, if Toshiba is anything to go by. Today, it launched its Android tablet, revealing the gadget is called Folio. Does Toshiba not recall the Palm Foleo, quickly re-christened the Faileo by pundits? Toshiba Folio 100 Still, the Tosh offering has an impressive non-fail …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010
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TomTom unveils 'super' satnav

TomTom has launched what it claims are the first of the "super satnavs". The Go Live 1000 and 1005 both sport capacitive touchscreens allowing drivers to pinch-to-zoom in and out of maps, and scroll through lists with finger swipes. The 1005 has a 5in screen, the 1000 a 4.3in job. TomTom Go Live 1000 TomTom didn't detail …
Hard Reg, 2 Sep 2010
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Philips unwraps cinemascope-ratio 3D TV

Philips has introduced a 3D version of its Cinema 21:9 movie theatre aspect ratio telly. Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series has a 58in screen presents pictures in a 2.3:1 cinemascope aspect ratio and illuminated with a 1500-LED array backlight. It has 400Hz frame interpolation. Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum Series And it also …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010
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Samsung specs up 7in Android tablet

Samsung has posted the spec for its upcoming Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab. And Vodafone has announced availability. What we have behind its shiny, 190 x 121 x 12mm, 380g shell is a 1GHz ARM A8 processor with a PowerVR SGX540 graphics core - rather similar to Apple's A4 chip, in other words. It has 512MB of Ram to play with …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010
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Sony updates e-book readers

Sony has updated its line of E Ink e-book readers, adding brighter screens, touch technology and reducing the devices' physical sizes. The Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 has, like its predecessor, the PRS-600, a 6in screen, but this one's the 800 x 600, 16-grey E Ink Pearl, which offers a higher contrast than the old model could …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010
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Panasonic signs Ubisoft for games on TV

Panasonic and Ubisoft are to develop games for the consumer electronics giant's 3D TVs, the pair said today. Shaun White Skateboarding Shaun White Skateboarding: coming to Panasonic tellies The agreement will see Ubisoft create "new 3D games and related television applications" which will be delivered via Panasonic's IPTV …
Tony Smith, 1 Sep 2010
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Archos announces five Android tablets

Archos will release a raft of Android-based tablets later this month, with more following in October. The line-up comprises devices with screen sizes ranging from 2.8in to 10.1in, with 3.2, 4.3 and 7.0in offerings in between. Archos 28 Archos 28 The Archos 28 - the 2.8in, 240 x 320 tablet - is heralded by the company as …
Tony Smith, 1 Sep 2010

Samsung shows curvy computers

Samsung has introduced the NF netbook family it plans to bring to market here in October. The new machines sports Intel's new dual-core Atom N550 chip. There are three members of the NF line: the 110, 210 and 310. The NF110 is the budget option, Samsung said, and the NF210 a version packed with a bigger, longer-running, …
Tony Smith, 1 Sep 2010
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LG to show 31in OLED 3D TV at IFA

LG will be showing off a 31in ultra-slim OLED TV at the IFA show in Berlin later this week. The 2.9mm-thick set is capable of displaying 3D content, though LG hasn't said whether the screen requires activer-shutter or passive 3D specs - the former, we suspect. The set's resolution has not been made public, which probably …
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2010

Philips demos specs-less 3D TV

A Philips business partner has demoed one of the electronics giant’s 3D screens. Unlike most 3D TVs, this one can display HD content without the need for polarising or active shutter glasses. The set lacks an official name and its full specifications are a closely guarded secret. However, a spokeswoman at the Fraunhofer …

Gear4 launches first CD-capable kit

IFA Gear4 has gone back to audio basics, launching its first ever products incorporating CD players. Gear4_HP400 The HP-400 is one of four CD Micro systems launched by Gear4 Until now, the company has only offered audio extras designed for Apple’s iPods. Until today, none could play the good old compact disc. Gear4 has …
Samsung X series

Samsung pledges X-series laptops 'will not explode'

IFA Samsung has launched a notebook range featuring batteries that it has claimed won’t explode, ever. Samsung_X_Series_03 Samsung's X series notebook: Incidents of laptop batteries suddenlt catching fire or exploding have generated lots of negative PR for many manufacturers over the past few years, Sony especially. However, …

LG promises 3D plasma telly

IFA Three-dimensional viewing is the name of the game at IFA this year. Not to be outdone by the likes of Panasonic, LG has demoed its own 3D-capable set. And it's a plasma. LG_PDP_02 LG's 3D plasma: may be out next year LG’s Plasma Display Panel (PDP) is, as is the case with Philips’ 3D Cinema telly, still just a proof of …
Samsung N510

Samsung intros Europe's first Nvidia Ion netbook

IFA Samsung formally launched its Nvidia Ion-based netbook, the N510, at IFA this week - though the machine has been available to buy in Europe for a week or so, if you look hard enough. The N510 also sports an 11.6in, 1366 x 768 display, which will surely appeal to folk who find the netbook-standard 1024 x 600 too cramped. …
Tony Smith, 4 Sep 2009

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