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Move to the latest IE, or suck it: January’s cold comfort for Microsoft hangouts

The start of 2016 is crunch time if you’re running legacy Microsoft browsers. From January 12, 2016, a huge swath of Internet Explorer versions will no longer get security fixes or updates from Microsoft. IE 8, 9 and IE 10 on Windows 7 SP1 will all slip out of extended support. Microsoft will only support IE9 on Vista SP2, 11 …
Gavin Clarke, 30 Sep 2015
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Make up your mind: Microsoft puts a bullet in Internet Explorer after all

Microsoft has changed direction slightly with regard to how Windows 10 will handle web browsing, in a move that suggests development of Internet Explorer has finally come to an end – as has been rumored. We've long known that Redmond has a new, standards-compliant web rendering engine in the works called Project Spartan, which …
Neil McAllister, 24 Mar 2015

Yet ANOTHER IE 0-day hole found: Malware-flingers already using it for drive-by badness

Security researchers have discovered new zero-day vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer that are already being harnessed by hackers to run a new type of drive-by attack. FireEye, the security firm that discovered the attack method, said that the flaw is present in various versions of Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and 10, while …
John Leyden, 11 Nov 2013

Happy 10th b-day, Patch Tuesday: TWO critical IE 0-day bugs, did you say?

Microsoft delivered no fewer than eight bulletins to mark the tenth anniversary of Patch Tuesday, including a fix covering two zero-day vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. A critical patch for all supported versions of IE covers a well-anticipated fix for the CVE-2013-3893 vulnerability, which has been associated with cyber …
John Leyden, 9 Oct 2013

Hackers just POURING through unpatched Internet Explorer zero-day hole

An as-yet-unpatched zero-day vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer is being abused much more widely than analysts had previously suspected. The vulnerability first came to public attention last week with the Operation DeputyDog attacks against targets in Japan, as first reported by net security firm FireEye. Websense, …
John Leyden, 1 Oct 2013
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Clear next Tues: Incoming Outlook, IE, Windows critical security patches

Microsoft will squash 14 sets of security vulnerabilities - four of which are deemed critical - in the next edition of its monthly batch of Patch Tuesday updates, due next week. Those four critical patches will address flaws in the Sharepoint server software, the Outlook component of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, Internet …
John Leyden, 6 Sep 2013
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Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don't ask about Win 8)

Uptake of Windows 8 for desktop computers – which was never particularly fast – has slowed, according to stats for July from web traffic pollsters Net Applications. Microsoft's latest operating system held a 5.4 per cent of the global desktop OS market last month, up 0.3 points on June which was up 0.83 points on May. A glance …
Gavin Clarke, 2 Aug 2013
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Samsung takes mobile net traffic crown from Apple

Samsung devices are now the world’s dominant source of mobile internet traffic, after web-watching outfit StatCounter revealed that in June 2013 the Korean concern conquered Cupertino. In a report (PDF) styled to set up competition for browser share as an epic conflict, the researchers say “Samsung has seen its internet usage …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jul 2013
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Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has lined up a bumper Patch Tuesday this month to snap shut a backbreaking 57 security vulnerabilities in its products. Five of the 12 software updates addressing the gaping holes will tackle critical flaws that allow miscreants to execute code remotely on vulnerable systems. In all, the soon-to-be-patched …
John Leyden, 8 Feb 2013
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'Holey code, Batman!' Microsoft to patch 12 vulns on Tuesday

Microsoft has issued its pre–Patch Tuesday report, saying it will issue seven patches fixing 12 code flaws next week – but it won't provide a permanent fix for the exploit discovered during the recent holidays that is already being used in the wild. "With 2013 starting on a Tuesday, our monthly bulletin release is upon us a …
Iain Thomson, 4 Jan 2013
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Google claims Chrome is the world's most popular browser

Google I/O Google has been shouting the praises of its newly patched Chrome on the second day of its I/O developer conference, and is claiming that Chrome is undoubtedly the world's most popular browser. "According to all the metrics and everything we see out there, Chrome most is the most popular browser," said Sundar Pichai, VP of …
Iain Thomson, 28 Jun 2012

Mozilla plans multi-engine search results, native iOS browser

Mozilla wants to resume its role as a disruptor in the browser world and has started work on a trio of projects it hopes can help it regain market share. The plans are revealed in a new video* in which Mozilla reveals it has created a Product Design and Strategy team to “identify where we can be the first or the best”. The …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 2012

Chrome beats IE for a weekend

Fresh from knocking off Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the web's most-used browser for a single day in March, Google's Chrome browser has now claimed more users than Redmond's HTML-cruncher for a whole weekend. Data gathered by StatCounter shows Chrome has enjoyed a day of dominance on most weekends since its March …
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Chrome beats IE market share for one day

Google's Chrome took the crown as the world's most-used web browser last Sunday, March 18th. But as the world suited up to go back to work on Monday, Internet Explorer re-gained the lead. So says online service StatCounter, although the service also urges us all to take its data with a grain of salt. That's because while it …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Mar 2012
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Microsoft copies Google with silent browser updates

Internet Explorer is about to do more than just look like Chrome - it'll silently update on your PC just like Google's browser, too. Microsoft in January will start rolling out auto updates moving you to the latest edition of IE available for your machine's operating system. Platforms covered are Windows XP, Windows Vista and …
Gavin Clarke, 15 Dec 2011
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Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share

The latest data from internet-monitoring firm StatCounter shows that Chrome overtook Firefox in November as the world’s second-favorite web browser. Number one? Still Internet Explorer. As predicted, the company reports Chrome’s market share rose to 25.69 per cent in November, squeaking past Firefox, which was at 25.23 per …
Iain Thomson, 1 Dec 2011
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IE security hole sewn up for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is planning eight security updates next week – two critical – as part of its regular Patch Tuesday programme. The obvious highlight of the batch is a critical update for Internet Explorer that affects all supported versions of Microsoft's ubiquitous web browser, including IE 9. The second critical update covers flaws …
John Leyden, 7 Oct 2011
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It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

Update: This survey discussed in this story was apparently a hoax. You can read more here. A comprehensive study of web users has determined that the dumber you are, the more likely you are to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. After measuring the IQs of exactly 101,326 users and correlating their scores with the browser they …
Rik Myslewski, 29 Jul 2011

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