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GDS Verify head Janet Hughes steps down

Janet Hughes, the head of the government's much-delayed identity assurance scheme GOV.UK Verify, is stepping down. In a blog post announcing the move, Hughes said it was time for the team to change and "for me to move on to new challenges, so I’m going to be leaving the Government Digital Service on Friday, 19 August." Jess …
Kat Hall, 16 Aug 2016
whitehall_648 Verify system misses yet another user signup target

The government's much-delayed online identity scheme Verify has failed to meet even half its target to sign 700,000 users by November, according to the latest stats. In a blog post, the Government Digital Service said so far more than 300,000 user identities have been verified by the scheme – but as recently as July it had …
Kat Hall, 4 Nov 2015
Crypto fingers

Oi,, your Verify system looks like a MASS SPY NETWORK

Government “identity assurance” programme Verify contains "severe privacy and security problems" including a major architecture flaw that could lead to "mass surveillance" – according to an academic paper. Verify was created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) to underpin the online identification of users performing …
Kat Hall, 22 Jun 2015
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More suppliers join flagging GOV.UK Verify ID assurance scheme

In an attempt to inject some life into its ailing GOV.UK Verify identity assurance scheme, the government has today broadened the range of suppliers on the programme's framework. The scheme is intended to act as an identity assurance "marketplace", allowing users to choose from a range of identity providers to authenticate …
Kat Hall, 25 Mar 2015
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Calls for probe of's DOESN'T VERIFY ID service

Britain's opposition Labour party is calling on the government to urgently address its gaffe-prone identity assurance system "Verify" – the key component in getting citizens to use transactional digital services – or face an official investigation. The party made the recommendation for an investigation into the Government …
Kat Hall, 26 Nov 2014 You didn't trust us with your ID, so we gave it to private biz

2012 review Earlier this year your correspondent was standing tantalisingly close to Matt Smith in the ACTUAL TARDIS - long story, not gonna Facebook it, never gonna tweet it. However, many Brits are happy to noisily ricochet chunks of their private lives across any number of websites and systems, in a year in which the British government …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Dec 2012
The Register breaking news

ID providers signed for Blighty's One Dole To Rule Them All plan

The Department for Work and Pensions - seen last week attempting to stave off suggestions that management of its Universal Credit system was in crisis - has confirmed the first providers of its online identity scheme. Credit report outfit Experian is on the list, as is the Post Office. The other players that will help design …
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Nov 2012
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Top IT bods bail out of new Universal Credit online dole system

The Department for Work and Pensions has strenuously denied that its Universal Credit project will be derailed by the departure of key IT employees. Universal Credit aims to overhaul Blighty's benefits system by merging six government handouts into one regular payment that can be claimed and managed online. It is due to go …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Nov 2012
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STILL TRUE: Facebook and co to handle taxpayers' ID

Comment Cast your minds back to June 2011 when The Register exclusively revealed the Cabinet Office's plans to allow British citizens to sign into public services online via social networking log-ins such as Facebook. Now, if you glance at the national press today, you'd be forgiven for thinking that something new had happened with …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 Oct 2012
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Whitehall goes to White House for advice on 'ID assurance' plans

The Cabinet Office is to join the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a US-based non-profit providing "certification trust frameworks for open identity technologies", to help with the development of its identity assurance programme. The Cabinet Office's identity assurance team recently visited the White House, where it met up with …

£30m gov ID scheme to be steered by dole office

Identity assurance remains a hot topic at the Cabinet Office. And, despite a false start late last year, Whitehall is pushing ahead with its plans to offload ID-handling onto the private sector. The department's digital boss Mike Bracken confirmed yesterday that, as expected, the Department for Work and Pensions had been …
Kelly Fiveash, 2 Mar 2012
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Dole office sticks ID services tender in EU journal, quickly pulls out

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has cancelled its tender for identity assurance services, claiming it had not followed the relevant procedures for the procurement. Earlier this month it published a tender notice with the aim of supporting its major programmes, including the provision of universal credit and personal …
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Francis Maude goes back 110 years for cybersecurity strategy

Francis Maude kicked off his tenure as the UK's lead on Cyberspace Security by recalling the early days of motoring in the UK. On the day that Google unveiled another attempt by Chinese hackers to break into the email accounts of prominent individuals in the US, the Cabinet Secretary suggested that the UK could learn a lot by …
Joe Fay, 2 Jun 2011
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Cabinet Office outlines gov-portal 'ID assurance' plans

Government departments will begin testing a first prototype of the Coalition's new identity assurance model for its entire online public services space in October this year. Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude confirmed the plans in Parliament yesterday. As The Register reported last week, the government is already in early …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 May 2011
The Register breaking news – it's nearly a beta

The government has chucked £261,000 at a post-Directgov website that could, if disliked by taxpayers, be ditched before the site hits beta stage. launched this morning, and like many recent online efforts from the Coalition, it has gone public as an "early draft" to test the reaction of British citizens. If they …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 May 2011

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