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Don’t buy that Surface, plead Surface cloners

IFA The mainstay of Microsoft's boutique Surface range faces tougher competition as rivals sharpen their act. Announced at IFA in Berlin with relatively little fanfare – just a line in Lenovo's official announcement – the refreshed IdeaPad Miix 520 is a Surface Pro clone that isn't cheap. But it does look like quality. In fact …
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix turns Westward

Lenovo’s convertible Ultrabook, the Helix, has made an appearance on the company’s Israel website. The Windows 8-running laptop sports a removable display which operates independently of the keyboard section, Asus Transformer style. Lenovo IdeaPad Lynx IdeaPad Lynx Lenovo hasn’t said much about the device, but the Israeli …
Hard Reg, 30 Oct 2012
Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo unfolds smaller Yoga tablet-laptop hybrid

Lenovo has announced an 11in version of its still-to-ship Yoga tablet-laptop hybrid. Part of the IdeaPad line-up, Yoga is so named because the hinge on its clamshell casing allows the screen not merely to be lifted up from the keyboard and folded flat against the desk but can be pushed further round to form a tablet. Lenovo …
Tony Smith, 10 Oct 2012
Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo readies Yoga Ultrabook-cum-tablet for Blighty

Reg Hardware Gizmo Week logo small Lenovo today heralded the UK arrival of the IdeaPad Yoga - an Ultrabook with a display that folds right round to turn the machine into a tablet. Lenovo Yoga The 1.5kg machine sports a 13in, 1600 x 900 IPS LCD touchscreen to match that of the Toshiba Excite 13. But it's a chunky 17mm …
Tony Smith, 10 Apr 2012
lenovo teaser 75

Lenovo slates Ice Cream Sandwich for ThinkPad tablet

Lenovo will update its ThinkPad Android-based tablet to Ice Cream Sandwich in May, the PC giant said last night. The business-centric fondleslab currently ships with Android 3.1 Honeycomb. The new version of the operating system will be delivered over the net, across Wi-Fi or 3G, since the ThinkPad has both. Lenovo ThinkPad …
Tony Smith, 9 Feb 2012
Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

First Ultrabooks surface at IFA

IFA 2011 While Toshiba was announcing the Portégé Z830 - a 18mm-thick 13.3in notebook matched to Intel's Ultrabook spec - Lenovo was taking the wraps off the IdeaPad U300s - also an Ultrabook. Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook The spec is defined entirely by the chip giant - you want to use the Ultrabook trademark on your machine, you …
Tony Smith, 1 Sep 2011
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo unwraps trio of ten-inch tablets

Lenovo has finally begin shipping not one but three 10.1in tablets this summer, the Chinese PC giant said today. The line up comprises the IdeaPad Tablet K1 at the consumer end and the ThinkPad Tablet for businesses. Sitting between them is the pro-sumer IdeaPad P1. The P1's distinguishing feature is Windows 7 - the other two …
Tony Smith, 20 Jul 2011
lenovo teaser 75

Lenovo chief says netbook's day is done

Lenovo has called time on the netbook, stating that the mini-laptop's life is now "pretty much over". So said the firm's President and COO, Rory Read, in an interview with Dow Jones after confirming Lenovo will release 10in Android tablets worldwide within the next few months. There'll be an IdeaPad-branded consumer model and …
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2011
The Register breaking news

Lenovo forms 'connected kit' division

Lenovo has formed a team to develop internet-connected gadgets, the Chinese giant said today, a bid to expand beyond PCs and enter the world of consumer electronics. It has in mind both fixed and mobile products, noting that the new business group will be lloking after smartphones and tablets, as well as connected TVs and …
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2011
The Register breaking news

Lenovo sub-notebook outed

Lenovo describes its IdeaPad U series as "head turning". More cruel pundits than us might add "stomach" to that, if leaked shots of the upcoming IdeaPad U260 are anything to go by. Lenovo IdeaPad U260 With your choice of colours set to orange or brown, and a design that manages to match a convex rear to a concave front, some …
Tony Smith, 9 Nov 2010
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3

Review With a chequered design on the lid, Lenovo’s S10-3 certainly stands out from the crowd. It has a few differences inside too, and this model - the M33DDUK - benefits from a built-in 3G module. Slip in a Sim card and the internet will follow you on your travels. The S10-3 isn’t picky as to which mobile operator you’re with, and it …
Will Stapley, 1 Sep 2010
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

Review Lenovo’s new IdeaPad S10-2 is an update of the S10e. The hardware is conventional netbook fare with a dual-core Atom processor and a 10.1in screen all dressed up in a smart chassis that makes it look like a baby ThinkPad. There have been a number of updates for this model, such as an increase in the frontside bus speed for the …
Leo Waldock, 23 Nov 2009
Lenovo IdeaPad S10e

Lenovo IdeaPad S10e netbook

Review Ah, netbooks... everybody is making them - cue Psion lawyers - and everyone wants one. Yet despite the stiff competition, Acer and Asus combined own around 70 per cent of the market. So what are the rest of them doing so wrong? Not distinguishing themselves well enough, if the Lenovo IdeaPad S10e is anything to go by. Lenovo …

Lenovo offers netbooks with added 'e'

Lenovo is finally bringing its S9 and S10 Small, Cheap Computers to Europe. Lenovo_ideadpad_01 Lenovo's S9e and S10e IdeaPad netbooks: out this month You can spot the Euro-centric versions of the IdeaPad netbooks by looking for the 'e' on the model number. The 10.2in S10e and the 8.9in S9e – announced in the US last month …
James Sherwood, 27 Nov 2008

Lenovo schools S10 netbook for colleges

Lenovo has recast its IdeaPad S10 Small, Cheap Computer as an education machine, restyling the netbook for schools and colleges by adding an 'e' to the model number. Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Lenovo's IdeaPad S10: now pitched at schools The S10e sports a 10.2in, 1204 x 600 display; 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor; 512MB of DDR 2 …
Tony Smith, 29 Oct 2008

Lenovo waves around ultra-light sub-laptop

CES on Video Lenovo has big things planned for it's consumer-friendly little laptop, the IdeaPad U110... Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from CES on Video WowWee wheels in Tribot DisplayLink demos multi-monitor USB dongle Guitar Hero gets true air axe WowWee demos FemiSapien robotrix Eye-Fi pitches camera- …
Will Head, 9 Jan 2008

Lenovo readies IdeaPad laptop line

Lenovo's otherlaptop brandname, the 3000 series, doesn't quite have the same ring to it as ThinkPad. Enter, then, IdeaPad, the new name for the company's consumer notebooks, three of which debuted in the US yesterday. The new machines are the U110, Y510 and Y710, all based on Intel's Centrino platform and equipped, …
Tony Smith, 3 Jan 2008

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