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TV firm takes £2m hit for competition line scandal

Ofcom has fined GMTV £2m for failing to check up on its service provider, Opera Telecom, and thus allowing the public to get ripped off by an early winner selection scandal. There's no suggestion that GMTV asked Opera to break the rules, or had much of an idea what was going on. Where dubious behaviour was suspected it was …
Bill Ray, 26 Sep 2007
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Premium-rate scams prompt licensing proposal

TV and radio programmes that can be editorially altered by premium-rate calls or texts will need to be licensed under proposals from UK premium-rate regulator ICSTIS. The regulator is seeking feedback on its consultation document that comes in the wake of various scandals involving premium-rate-driven broadcasting. ICSTIS' …
Bill Ray, 23 May 2007
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UK threatens TV premium rate ban

The Government will ban television premium rate phone-ins if the industry cannot better regulate itself, broadcasting minister Shaun Woodward has warned. Woodward said the Government takes the spate of recent mistakes and breaches of regulators' codes "very seriously", and that it would ban the use of the numbers for TV quizzes …
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 May 2007
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Premium rate TV quizzes subject to new, strict rules

Callers to television programmes which use premium rate phone lines must now be told how many others are calling the programme and must be told when their charges reach £10 in a single day. A new set of rules came into effect this week governing how the expensive television quiz shows can operate. Premium rate phone regulator …
OUT-LAW.COM, 8 May 2007
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GMTV suspends phone-ins over scam allegations

GMTV has suspended its phone-in quizzes amidst reports that viewers were duped into paying to submit entries for competitions that had already closed. Thousands every week for the last four years paid £1.80 each to enter a weekday multiple-choice quiz, offering prizes of up to £20,000, run by the breakfast TV program. According …
John Leyden, 24 Apr 2007
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ICSTIS denies £250K Richard and Judy fine

The Sun and the Daily Star are reporting that ICSTIS, the premium-rate regulator, will impose a £250K fine for irregularities in quizzes during the Richard & Judy show. But ICSTIS claims to know nothing about this and says it is still investigating. Channel 4 certainly earned a lot more than that from getting would-be …
Bill Ray, 20 Apr 2007
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Regulator lays down the law for TV quizzes

The ICSTIS has published new regulations (pdf) for TV quizzes which rely on premium-rate phone lines. The regulations, which mandate the provision of more information to callers, are an attempt to restore viewer confidence after a raft of dodgy phone-in scams. The primary change is the addition of an on-screen, near-real-time …
Bill Ray, 5 Apr 2007
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Premium-rate phone operators will soon need a lottery licence

Premium phone line operators will need lottery licences to operate from September, according to the Gambling Commission. The changes will affect many of the competitions that have attracted criticism in recent weeks. New gambling legislation passed in 2005 but due to take effect in September of this year will clear up a …
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Mar 2007
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Blue Peter fakes phoneline winner

Another bastion of British innocence and decency crumbled today as beloved BBC Children's TV programme Blue Peter was implicated in a phone-in competition scandal. This particular scam wasn't quite as egregious as some, but is still a tale of shame. Last November, Blue Peter held a phone-in competition. The calls cost 10p, a …
Lewis Page, 14 Mar 2007
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Radio phone-ins might be dodgy too

Another day, another flurry of stories about dodgy phone-ins. Premium rate regulator Icstis has warned radio stations to get their house in order or face investigations like those suffered by TV stations. The regulator has also written to broadcasters outlining its areas of concern. The letter (available as a pdf here) …
John Oates, 13 Mar 2007
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Orange votes for Big Brother sponsorship

There's been a lot of controversy about dubious premium rate phone-ins connected to TV shows this week, but that hasn't stopped Orange setting up a telephone vote for staff to decide whether or not it should sponsor the mother and father of all telephone voting shows - Big Brother. We were tipped off via premium rate email by a …
John Oates, 9 Mar 2007
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ICSTIS denies it's a watchdog without teeth

Icstis chairman Sir Alistair Graham denied he was running a watchdog which had lost its bite at a press conference today. He denied Icstis was reactive rather than proactive, pointing to the investigation into Call TV Quiz Services as an example. He said the regulator could impose fines of up to £250,000 as well as other …
John Oates, 8 Mar 2007
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Valentine's Day SMS refund nipped in the bud

Punters who paid £1.50 to send an anonymous Valentine's Day message to the object of their affections (assuming they had a suitably equipped and configured handset) were disappointed to find that a technical fault prevented its delivery. They were also disappointed to find that Eckoh, the operator currently taking flack for its …
Bill Ray, 8 Mar 2007
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ITV pulls plug on premium rate phone-ins

ITV has cancelled all premium-rate phone-ins across its channels while auditor Deloitte checks the bills. The probe takes two parts - first to check all current phone-ins are being run properly and, secondly, a retrospective investigation into all such competitions which have been held in the last two years. Therefore, all …
John Oates, 6 Mar 2007
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Emergency meeting on phoneline screwups

Premium-rate services regulator ICSTIS has asked for an emergency meeting with broadcasters, programme makers, and service providers to discuss the issues arising from the disclosures around premium-rate competitions on Richard & Judy and BBC's Saturday Kitchen. Richard & Judy were caught asking people to dial in for the chance …
Bill Ray, 1 Mar 2007
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Richard and Judy probe extended

The probe into the Richard and Judy show has been extended as it now appears that complaints about how the phone lines worked and how calls were solicited were discussed on the Richard and Judy forum as early as 2004. A viewer posted complaints in 2004, but it's not known if producers read the forums. Last week, the company …
John Oates, 27 Feb 2007
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Regulators probe Richard and Judy quiz line furore

The company behind Channel 4's daytime telly show Richard and Judy is being quizzed by regulators over the way competitors for the show's "You Say, We Pay" quiz are selected from a premium-rate phone line. According to emails seen by The Mail on Sunday, Richard and Judy's afternoon show has called for people to enter its quiz …
John Oates, 19 Feb 2007

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