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Brit doctors surgery fined £35k over medical data fumble

Bayswater Medical Centre (BMC) in London is licking its wounds after taking a not insignificant punch to the wallet for discarding highly sensitive medical information in an empty building for a year and a half. bloody knife surgeon NHS Barnet reveals 187 breaches of personal data READ MORE The Information Commissioner's …
Paul Kunert, 24 May 2018

You've got to be kitten: Vet recruiter told to pay £1k after pinching info from ex-employer

A vet recruitment consultant who squirrelled away the personal details of almost 300 people from his former employer was today slapped on the wrists by the UK's information watchdog. Daniel Short, a recruiter from Devon, left VetPro Recruitment in October 2017, but set up a new company called VetSelect shortly afterwards. …
Rebecca Hill, 22 May 2018
Graduation ceremony with class clown

Greenwich uni fined £120k: Hole in computing school site leaked 20k people's data

The UK's Information Commissioner has slapped a £120,000 fine on the University of Greenwich after a security cockup by its computing and maths school compromised the data of almost 20,000 individuals. The incident occurred after an academic and a student from the then devolved department developed a microsite to facilitate a …
Kat Hall, 21 May 2018
Ministry of Justice & Crown Prosecution Service government office building, Westminster.

Brit prosecutors fined £325k after losing unencrypted vids of police interviews

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has slapped a £325,000 fine on the Crown Prosecution Service for losing unencrypted recordings of highly sensitive police interviews. The DVDs contained interviews with 15 victims of child sex abuse, including intimate details of the victims, sensitive personal data of the perpetrator …
Kat Hall, 17 May 2018
police in body armour doing a raid

Scrap London cops' 'racially biased' gang database – campaigners

The database London cops use to rank people's likelihood of gang-related violence is racially biased, a campaign group has said. In a report (PDF) published today, Amnesty International said the Gangs Violence Matrix, set up by the Metropolitan Police in 2012, was not fit for purpose and needs to be dismantled. The group said …
Rebecca Hill, 9 May 2018

Zombie Cambridge Analytica told 'death' can't save it from the law

The UK Information Commissioner's Office has told Cambridge Analytica's parent company SCL Elections to comply with an academic's data request, or else. US-based boffin Professor David Carroll, of the Parsons School of Design in New York, had filed a subject access request (SAR) in the UK, because American law didn't give him …

Windrush immigration papers scandal: What it didn't teach about data compliance

Comment Is there a lesson for politicians around the apparent destruction of disembarkation cards of citizens from Caribbean nations who arrived in the UK after the Second World War? Perhaps. But it goes something like this: it's a bad idea for the Home Office to make it difficult for legal immigrants to prove their status. It's an …
Jane Fae , 30 Apr 2018

Data watchdog fines Brit council £120k for identifying 943 owners of vacant property

A London borough has been slapped with a £120,000 fine from the data protection watchdog after unlawfully identifying 943 owners of vacant property in a Freedom of Information (FoI) response. The Information Commissioner fined the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for breaching the Data Protection Act, after it …
Kat Hall, 16 Apr 2018

£12k fine slapped on Postman Pat and his 300,000 spam emails

Royal Mail, which claims to be the most trusted letter delivery service in the UK, was today fined for sending out more than 300,000 nuisance emails. The Information Commissioner's Office said it launched a probe after an individual complained they had received a marketing email from Royal Mail, despite having opted out. …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Apr 2018
Military drone in use

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a terrible leak of drone buyers' data

Exclusive A popular drone dealership website left its entire transaction database exposed online with no encryption at all, revealing a host of purchases by thousands of police, military, government and private customers. The site was left wide open by its operators, who failed to protect critical parts of its web …
Parliament photo by Shutterstock

Politicos whining about folks' data rights ought to start closer to home

Comment Political grandstanding about giving the UK's information commissioner more power rings hollow when parliamentarians tend to ignore her warnings about new data protection law and their parties continue to slurp up data for their own ends. It's been a whirlwind two weeks where privacy and data protection have surged to the top …
Rebecca Hill, 30 Mar 2018

What's an RDBMS? Don't ask the UK's data protection watchdog

The UK's data protection watchdog needs to hire more staff that "understand how databases work", according to whistleblower Chris Wylie. Wylie – the pink-haired, loud-mouthed former Cambridge Analytica staffer at the centre of the claims about the use of Facebook user data in political targeting – made the comments in a four- …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Mar 2018

UK watchdog finally gets search warrant for Cambridge Analytica's totally not empty offices

Cambridge Analytica’s London offices will finally be searched by the UK's Information Commissioner’s Office, following a marathon week of arguing inside and outside court. Woolwich Crown Court, sitting in the capital's Royal Courts of Justice for the occasion, granted the warrant after a five-hour hearing. The ICO, as the UK’s …
Gareth Corfield, 23 Mar 2018

UK's data watchdog seizes suspected Scottish nuisance caller's kit

A Scottish company suspected of making 200 million nuisance calls that may have blocked railway safety hotlines has been raided by the Information Commissioner's Office. The UK data protection watchdog seized computer equipment and documents from the firm's offices yesterday. The company, which the ICO won't name until the …
Rebecca Hill, 23 Mar 2018

Surprise UK raid of Cambridge Analytica delayed: Nobody expects the British information commissioner!

The UK data protection watchdog’s well-advertised raid of Cambridge Analytica’s offices is no closer to happening, as the High Court has adjourned the warrant application until tomorrow. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) raid is related to allegations around the controversial UK-based data analytics firm's use of …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Mar 2018

WhatsApp agrees not to share user info with the Zuckerborg… for now

WhatsApp has agreed not to share users' data with parent biz Facebook after failing to demonstrate a legal basis for the ad-fuelling data slurp in the EU. The move comes after a years-long battle between the biz and European data protection agencies, which argued that changes to WhatsApp's small print hadn't been properly …
Rebecca Hill, 14 Mar 2018

UK data watchdog raids companies suspected of 11 million nuisance texts

The Information Commissioner's Office has raided two companies thought to be behind 11 millions nuisance texts sent to the public. Computer equipment and documents were seized for analysis at two Greater Manchester-based premises of the unnamed entities, the ICO said. The perpetrators are understood to have sent the text …
Kat Hall, 8 Mar 2018

Info Commissioner tears into Google's 'call us journalists' trial defence

RTBF Trial UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has declared war on Google, urging the High Court to throw out the ad biz's defences in the Right To Be Forgotten trial because they are "impermissibly broad". "If Google were right in its approach to the concept of 'journalism', that would yield a result whereby the commissioner …

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