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IBM's new mainframe

IBM talks 'emerging, high value segments' – so you know the Q3 numbers aren't great

IBM saw its stock price take a hit Tuesday afternoon after the enterprise tech giant saw quarterly revenues miss the mark. For the Q3 2018 period, ending September 30: Revenues of $18.8bn were down 2 per cent from the year-ago total of $19.2bn and well short of analyst estimates of $19.2bn. Net income of $2.7bn was down 1 …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Oct 2018
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Get your popcorn ready: IBM's Q3 financial scoreboard is out tonight

IBM might be pinning its ambitions on emerging tech, but some corners of Wall Street will be looking closely at legacy hardware sales when Big Blue reports its third-quarter results later today. "We expect a largely in-line Q3 '18 for IBM," said Bernstein partner Toni Sacconaghi. "A key determinant of quarterly results will be …
Paul Kunert, 16 Oct 2018
IBM Headquarters, Armonk, NY

IBM spits out one cloud manager to rule them all

IBM has trotted out tech it reckons will ease management of services over a variety of cloud infrastructures, including Microsoft and Amazon's as well its own. "Multicloud Manager" is aimed at controlling Kubernetes clusters over different clouds and data centres. Users can shift their clusters and containers between cloud …
Richard Speed, 16 Oct 2018

WebSphere and loathing in New York: IBM yanks buggy application server security fix from admins

IBM has withdrawn a patch for a significant security vulnerability in its WebSphere Application Server after the code knackered some systems. Just this week, Big Blue said it is working on a new fix for CVE-2018-1567, a remote-code execution vulnerability in versions 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, and 7.0 of the platform. The bug has received …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Oct 2018

IBM won't grow, says analyst firm while eyeing flatlining share price

IBM’s profits are in a “likely irreversible structural decline”, according to a house of analysts that isn't convinced the company is in a position to grow anytime soon. "We love this 100+ year-old American icon, and support management's turnaround strategy, but six+ years in, the company's recovery remains protracted and …
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The only way is up, baby: IBM UK sales down, profit down, headcount down

IBM UK split with more than 1,000 employees in 2017 but the reduction in overheads only went so far: the bottom line was bashed mostly by an impairment of investment charge and falling services sales. For the calendar year (PDF), Big Blue pulled in £3.713bn in revenues, down 4.76 per cent on the prior 12 months. Broken by …
Paul Kunert, 5 Oct 2018

DB dev waggles GPU-dosed POWER9 server at data warehouse crowd, yells: SQream

GPU database-botherer SQream has said its DB runs up to 150 per cent faster when it uses IBM's POWER9 CPUs linked to the GPUs rather than x86 processors. SQream's big idea is to run repetitive data warehouse routines on GPUs rather than on limited-in-number CPU cores and so bring GPU acceleration benefits from AI and machine …
Chris Mellor, 4 Oct 2018

Groupon to pay IBM $57m after getting money off e-commerce patent settlement

Groupon has managed to secure a money-off deal in its court battle with IBM over e-commerce patents. The pair have agreed to settle the dispute, with the e-voucher biz set to pay $57m to IBM, knocking almost a third off the price tag granted by a court this summer. In July, a jury ruled that Groupon had wilfully infringed …
Rebecca Hill, 1 Oct 2018
Downtime, outage

Secret IBM script could have prevented 11-hour US tax day outage

The April 2018 US tax day outage was due to a faulty IBM disk array and could have been avoided twice – first with a more up-to-date microcode bundle, and second with a secret IBM script. Online tax filing was held up for 11 hours on the last filing day of the 2018 tax year, April 17, and the IRS had to extend the filing …
Chris Mellor, 25 Sep 2018
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Who ate all the PII? Not the blockchain, thankfully

Dutch security firm Gemalto has said its blockchain product, slated to pilot later this year, will keep personal data off the blockchain. According to the Dutch outfit, the forgettably named Trust ID Network is aimed at users and digital service providers that need verifiable Self-Sovereign Digital IDs where "attestations" …
David Gordon, 19 Sep 2018
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What's Big and Blue – and makes its veteran staff sue? Yep, it's IBM

IBM once again finds itself the target of age discrimination complaints from workers who claim they were unfairly laid off just because of their age. A lawsuit – filed in a US district court in southern New York, where Big Blue is based – accuses the tech titan of violating California and North Carolina age discrimination laws …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Sep 2018
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Capita onshores IBM transformer man as chief growth officer

Beleaguered outsourcing biz Capita is turning to IBM Global Business Services (GBS) – another beleaguered outsourcing biz – to onshore its managing partner for North America, hiring him as chief growth officer. Ismail Amla's recruitment was trumpeted by London Stock Exchange-listed Capita today: he fills a position that didn't …
Paul Kunert, 6 Sep 2018
50 of your British pounds. Photo by Shutterstock's love-in with big biz for digital services continues, as does claim of boosting small firms

The UK government handed about twice as much cash to large firms for 'digital services' than small ones over the past four months – but still brags about helping SMEs "flourish". According to Digital Marketplace data, in the four months to 31 July 2018 just 15 £1 million-plus deals went to small, medium or micro firms. Some £ …
Rebecca Hill, 28 Aug 2018
Image by Mark Bennetts

£1 in every fiver that UK biz, public sector spent on software in 2017 went to *drumroll* Microsoft

Microsoft accounted for almost £1 in every £5 that Brit businesses and the public sector spent on software in 2017, unsurprisingly clinging to the top spot in the spend rankings. The research, published by analyst TechMarketView (TMV), revealed a total of £7.353bn coughed on enterprise software – licensing, maintenance and …
Richard Speed, 24 Aug 2018
IBM drone patent

IBM slaps patent on coffee-delivering drones that can read your MIND

IBM has filed a patent for mood-sensing coffee delivery drones, because what the world really needs is piping hot liquids flying around over everyone's noggins. Big Blue's plans for aerial hot beverage deliveries not only include deliveries of pre-ordered brews but also taxi-style flagging down of aerial drinks. The US Patent …
Gareth Corfield, 23 Aug 2018
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Ouch, that's 13 bullet points: IBM pumps out storage software blast

Not to be outdone by any storage niche players, IBM has emitted a veritable catalogue of storage software updates, plus one on the storage hardware front – a new all-flash array. It said, software-wise, that: Spectrum Protect's automated tiering has been extended to a object storage tier, Spectrum Protect Plus (SPP) will …
Chris Mellor, 15 Aug 2018
IBM Headquarters, Armonk, NY

IBM's Watson 'n' cloud head honcho targeted by WPP – reports

IBM’s top cloud and Watson AI man has reportedly been tapped up about moving to scandal-hit ad company WPP Group as chief executive. David Kenny, veep of Big Blue’s Watson and Cloud Platform division, was reportedly interviewed by top WPPers who were hoping to tempt him across from Watson. WPP, a maker of supermarket shopping …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Aug 2018

UK's data watchdog picks privacy man from IBM arm as new tech policy exec

The UK’s data protection watchdog has chosen the managing director of an IBM-owned risk management biz, Promontory, to lead its technology policy and innovation team. QUIZZICAL LOOK What's an RDBMS? Don't ask the UK's data protection watchdog READ MORE Simon McDougall, a former Deloitte man, has been the global lead for …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Aug 2018

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