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2012: an epoch-defining year for home entertainment

2012 may have confounded Mayan predictions of global catastrophe, but it certainly proved an epochal year for home entertainment technology. The past 12 months have seen seismic changes to the living room landscape, with analogue TV finally running out of steam, the first sighting of a higher resolution future and a wholesale …
Steve May, 5 Dec 2012
Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+ recorder with FreeTime

Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+ recorder with FreeTime

The all-new Freesat recorder has arrived, after a long gestation, sporting a nifty user interface and the FreeTime system that integrates catch-up services such as the iPlayer and ITV Player into a programme guide that goes back in time, as well as ahead for planning hard disk recordings. Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+ recorder with …
Ian Calcutt, 15 Nov 2012

Freesat eyes YouView USP for next-gen UI

Free-to-air satellite broadcasting platform Freesat is to YouView-ise its set-top boxes, based around a new UI that will debut in next-generation kit later this month. Like YouView, Freesat's new UI mixes upcoming programming and catch-up content into a single electronic programme guide (EPG). Alas, recordings - full DVR …
Tony Smith, 4 Sep 2012
Humax YouView DTR-T1000 IPTV Freeview DVR

Humax YouView DTR-T1000 IPTV Freeview PVR review

YouView is the ambitious but agonisingly delayed joint venture from the UK's main broadcasters involved in Freeview along with telcos BT and TalkTalk. As expected from that bunch, it combines a digital terrestrial recorder with internet-TV extras such as catch-up programme players and (soon) on-demand video, including optional …
Ian Calcutt, 2 Aug 2012
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Sony, Samsung trade body to push HbbTV to Brits

UK trade association Intellect, which represents electronics companies and broadcast technology firms, has detailed how it believes the HbbTV standard should be implemented alongside Freeview - effectively sticking two fingers up at YouView, which launched last week. HbbTV - which stands for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV - …
Tony Smith, 9 Jul 2012

Freesat ITV Player out of beta

Freesat has added ITV Player to its selection of catch-up viewing services. Freesat set-top boxes with an Ethernet port that's hooked up to a user's broadband connection can access ITV Player on Channel 903. From there, users can view previously broadcast shows from ITV, ITV 2, ITV 3 and ITV 4. Well, we say 'Freesat set-top …
Tony Smith, 27 Jul 2011
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Humax adds BBC iPlayer to Freeview HD DVR

Set-top box specialist Humax will this weekend begin adding its TV Portal IPTV interface to its HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR. The Humax TV Portal will initial provide access to BBC iPlayer, Flickr and Wiki@TV, but Humax said it will be adding Sky Player for BSkyB customers in "a matter of weeks". Humax TV Portal Despite its …
Tony Smith, 4 Feb 2011
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The year's best... TV media players

2010: it's a wrap 2010: it's a wrap Networkable media players aren’t new, but in 2010 the addition of BBC iPlayer and similar services to set-top boxes and TVs made more consumers aware of the possibilities of online entertainment pumped straight into the living room, while Windows 7 made it simpler to stream content from your PC’s hard drive …
Nigel Whitfield, 17 Dec 2010
Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD recorder

Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD DVR

Review From a fairly slow start, the number of Freeview HD recorders is growing quite quickly; but the Humax has been one that many people have been waiting for. The company has a pretty good pedigree with DVRs for other services, and expectations have been quite high for the HDR Fox T2. Humax HDR-Fox T2 Freeview HD recorder Humax' …
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Software update to convert Humax set-top box to DVR

Humax will next month roll out a firmware update that will allow its HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD set-top box to record programmes on USB-connected storage devices. The T2 is a single-tuner device, so the update won't bring the box full DVR functionality, but you'll get the ability to pause and rewind live broadcasts. Humax HDR-Fox …
Tony Smith, 8 Sep 2010
Humax HDR-Fox T2

Humax ready to roll with Freeview HD DVR

Humax will release its long-awaited Freeview HD DVR later this month. The set-top box, which features multiple tuners to allow you to view one channel while recording another, includes a 500GB hard drive - good for 125 hours of HD content, Humax said. Humax HDR-Fox T2 Still got nothing to watch? The HDR-Fox T2 has a USB …
Tony Smith, 8 Jul 2010
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Humax to re-transmit firmware update for older DVRs

Set-top box maker Humax is to rebroadcast the long-anticipated firmware updates for its Freeview DVRs this week. Owners of Humax's PVR-9150T, PVR-9200T and PVR-9300T will get a second stab at downloading the software from 28 June. The revised firmware is claimed to fix UI and system slowdown woes that have hit all three boxes …
Hard Reg, 21 Jun 2010
Humax HD-Fox T2

Humax HD-FOX T2

Review The Humax HD-FOX T2 was the first Freeview HD box to go on sale. It’s a sturdy unit, with a metal case and - along with the Icecrypt - a built-in power supply. Humax HD-Fox T2 The front panel has enough buttons that you can do most things without the remote – which itself can be programmed to control other devices too. …
Nigel Whitfield, 20 May 2010
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Humax Freeview HD boxes to get Sky Player

Humax set-top boxes will soon provide access to Sky's Sky Player service, the two companies said today. An upcoming firmware update for Humax's HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD receiver - reviewed here - will allow users to view live programmes and catch-up content transmitted by Sky through its answer to BBC iPlayer. The follow-up to …
Tony Smith, 14 Apr 2010

Freesat BBC iPlayer beta gets red button access

Humax and the BBC have extended their iPlayer offering to all of the manufacturer's Freesat set-top boxes, making the catch-up service available through remotes' red buttons. Both the Foxsat-HD and Foxsat-HDR need to be connected to the internet through a wired link to your broadband router. Once tuned into a BBC channel, …
Tony Smith, 10 Mar 2010
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Humax ships Freeview HD box

Set-top box maker Humax has begin shipping its HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD receiver to shops. Priced at £179, the box incorporates the DVB-T2 tuner necessary to pick up Freeview HD broadcasts and the MPEG 4 decoder needed to convert data stream into pictures. Humax HD-Fox T2 Humax HD-Fox T2: in the shops now Programming is fed …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2010

Freesat BBC iPlayer trial coverage widened

The BBC has extended its iPlayer-on-Freesat trial to more punters by publishing the "secret code" they need to try out the service. That said, since the code appeared on the internet last month, it's hasn't really been a secret for some time. The code, 5483, has to be punched in after entering the BBC's red button digital …
Tony Smith, 12 Jan 2010
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We made the kit that makes Freeview HD possible, boasts NEC

NEC piped up this week to reveal it supplied the DVB-T2 kit used to begin Freeview HD broadcasts earlier this month. The installation of the NEC equipment was overseen by the BBC and Arqiva, the company that owns the UK's terrestrial transmitter network. "DVB-T2 technology will deliver an increase in capacity of 67 per cent …
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2009

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