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Australia blocks Huawei, ZTE from 5G rollout

Five Eyes member Australia has banned Huawei and ZTE from participating in the coming rollout of 5G mobile networks – without naming the companies. Huawei has long been blocked from supplying network hardware for the country's National Broadband Network (a fixed line network), but telecommunications carriers like Telstra, …
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15% revenue growth is great for most – but it's piddling if you're Huawei

Chinese smartphone maker and telecoms flinger Huawei announced its first-half revenues for 2018 today and it's clear the days of blockbuster growth are behind it. Business suit wearing man walks out of closing door in darkened room into the bright sunlight and blue sky Huawei CEO sings 'Bye, bye, mister American Pai', trims …
Richard Speed, 31 Jul 2018
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You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart

I call it the "Phone Season". It's the glut of new smartphones that begins with splashy launches at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and ends in late spring. Phone Season defines what phones look like each year. Apart from Apple (which introduces its new models in September) and Google (in October), and the odd mid-year …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Jul 2018
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If Brussels wants Android forks, phone makers aren't helping

The European Commission made the phrase "Android forks" a household word last week. But developers who wish to create and popularise their Android forks have just found the job got harder. The world's No.3 phone seller, Huawei, which also sells tens of millions of Honor-brand phones each year, offered bootloader codes allowing …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jul 2018
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LabCorp ransomed, 18k routers rooted, a new EXIF menace, and more

Roundup This was the week of blunders by Venmo, million-dollar bank heists, and beefier bug bounties. Here's a few more bits of news. Singapore sting Any large-scale data breach is bad news, but one that results in the loss of the health information of a quarter of the population is downright disastrous. Such was the case in …
Shaun Nichols, 21 Jul 2018
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UK's Huawei handler dials back support for Chinese giant's kit in critical infrastructure

A UK government-run oversight board has expressed misgivings about the security of telecoms kit from Chinese firm Huawei. An annual report (PDF) from the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) concluded that "shortcomings in Huawei's engineering processes have exposed new risks in the UK telecommunication networks and …
John Leyden, 20 Jul 2018
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It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming: Storage's coming home

Quite a few things happened in the land of storage this past week. When it came to hardware, there were a raft of substitutions in the second half, and we also saw the appearance of a new benchmark that hopes to punt real-world workloads past the goalie. There was also, of course, an attempt to win back precious possession of, …
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 2018
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$100m sueball smacks Huawei over Facebook HQ infiltration claims

A whistleblowing employee of a Huawei subsidiary is suing the biz for $100m over claims the Chinese networking kit maker infiltrated meetings at Facebook HQ in the US – and stole rivals' trade secrets before sending them to China. Jesse Hong alleged, in court documents, that Huawei and subsidiary Futurewei Technologies ordered …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Jul 2018
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Huawei won a contract in Oz. Of course there's a whispering campaign

Comment Huawei has won another sizeable contract, this time in Australia, and with it come the all-too-common accusations that the company is a national security risk. The contract in question is an LTE-based 1800MHz rail radio network worth AU$136m (£76.4m) for the State of Western Australia's Public Transport Authority (PTA). Huawei …
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Huawei enterprise comms kit has a TLS crypto bug

Huawei has rolled patches to various enterprise and broadcast products to fix a cryptography bug. In late 2017 (inferred from the bug's Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures entry, CVE-2017-17174, which was reserved in December), the company discovered some products had an insecure encryption algorithm. The flaw could allow a …

The Notch contagion is spreading slower than phone experts thought

Once thought to be one of the most contagious design features on a smartphone, the spread of the "Notch" appears to have been contained. GSMArena's survey of 150 phone models released in 2018 finds that only 22 per cent have been infected with the Notch. At the height of the outbreak, in the first week of March, over 20 new …
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Be The Packet. Take each hop it makes. Your network will repay you

Roundup Did you ever wish you had a half-a-gigabit-per-second connection you could fire up anytime, at zero cost? You can, it turns out – but only between paired Android phones. Google last week announced an upgrade to its Files Go app, which it says is particularly popular for phone-to-phone transfers in places like India as it gets …
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GPU fairy visits Huawei owners, leaves graphics boost under phones

Older readers may recall an era where large computer firms shipped their systems with next year's upgrades already in place. In exchange for a large sum of money, a service technician would come round, open the box, and flick a switch. Huawei has become the second phone maker after Google to offer the same sort of thing – but …
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jun 2018
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The week that QoS in networking, aka WAN, RAN, thank you ma'am

Roundup Nokia has claimed a first by demonstrating a cloud-based radio access network (RAN) running on an operational carrier network. The demonstration was on the Orange network in Poland. The March – May 2018 trial used Nokia's AirScale Cloud RAN, and was designed to help both carrier and vendor get ready for 5G deployments. The …
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Huawei unveils bigger iron KunLun server at CeBIT

Huawei has unveiled a more powerful version of its top-end KunLun server at CeBIT, amongst a raft of other big iron-ish hardware and software announcements. KunLun is Huawei’s big freaking box of a server, with up to 32 CPUs in a rack. This V5 edition is basically a Xeon SP refresh with NVMe drive support. This is the latest …
Chris Mellor, 14 Jun 2018
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Australia, Solomon Islands to ink Huawei-free cable contract today

Australia and the Solomon Islands will today ink a contract blocking Huawei from building the island nation's new submarine cable. The 4,000 km cable will connect the Solomon Islands to Papua New Guinea and then to Australia. Huawei won a contract to build the cable in 2016, which so irritated Australia that its Department of …
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Automation won’t take your job until the next recession threatens it

Good news! Automation capable of erasing white collar jobs is coming, but not for a decade or more. And that’s also the bad news because interest in automation accelerates during economic downturns, so once tech that can take your job arrives you’ll already have lived through another period of economic turmoil that may already …

You blithering Ajit! Huawei burns Pai for FCC sh*tlist proposal

Chinese telco giant Huawei is hitting back at America's comms watchdog, the FCC, over its proposal to ban the telco from key US markets. The hardware vendor has filed a response to the regulator's proposal that Huawei, ZTE, and other China-based vendors are banned from doing business with any US telco that wants to get funds …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Jun 2018

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