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huawei offices in vilnius, lithuania

Ex-Huawei man claims Chinese giant is suing his startup to 'surpass' US tech dominance

CNEX Labs co-founder and CTO Yiren Ronnie Huang have accused Huawei and its subsidiary Futurewei of engaging in industrial espionage to steal CNEX's SSD intellectual property. The claim was made in a Texas court filing earlier this week in response to Huawei suing CNEX Labs and Huang for IP theft, racketeering and employee …
Chris Mellor, 19 Oct 2018
Huawei London 16/10/18

The new Huawei is going upmarket, but the old Huawei still threatens

Analysis For a company that just four years ago vowed not to "engage in significant advertising campaigns", Huawei now puts on vast displays of wealth and technological prowess. Yesterday's extravaganza drew over 5,000 to London's Excel centre to see four new phones and two wearables, ranging from €99 to €2,099. Each event is a no- …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Oct 2018
Huawei Watch GT

Huawei's Watch GT snubs Google for homegrown OS

Google's decision to shove Java everywhere it can may be as catastrophic as Microsoft's "Windows everywhere" from the 1990s. Huawei unveiled a smartwatch today. This isn't really news, but Huawei making a smartwatch based on its own open-source embedded OS very much is. The new Huawei Watch GT uses the open-source LiteOS with …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2018
Mate 20 Matrix imaging unit

Huawei Mate 20 series: China's best phone, but a pricey proposition

Hands On With its vast, formidable production machine roaring behind it, Huawei is giving itself two entries in the annual flagship race this year – the prize some other OEMs struggle to hit annually. Not content with hyping its spring P-series, Huawei has turned its autumn line into a highly desirable consumer flagship contender too. …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2018
Microsoft Azure

Azure goes quiet, Huawei Canada ban urged, US Senators are after Google, and more

Roundup This week we caught wind of another Facebook blunder, a dodgy Patch Tuesday bundle, and more China trouble. Here's the rest of what went down. Fake Flash, fake money, real malware Stop us if you'd heard this one before: but unsolicited Flash download pages on random sites can be a bit dodgy. Palo Alto Networks says it has …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Oct 2018
Man and woman enlightened

Samsung: Swanky hardware alone won't save a phone maker

Interview Samsung has responded to a saturated market – and the mortal threat of Huawei – by ramping up its mid-range phones and promising much more rapid repairs. In response to a hyper-competitive market and margin squeeze, device makers have cut back on support. But that's a false economy, Samsung executive Kate Beaumont told us. …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Oct 2018
Crystal ball. Pic: Shutterstock

China's going to make a mobile OS and everyone will love it, predict ball-gazing analysts

Huawei last year denied reports that it's developing its own mobile OS to lessen its dependence on US giants like Google. The South China Morning Post had reported that Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei blessed the doomsday project, to be activated in case of a "worst-case scenario". The Alibaba-owned paper said Huawei has such …
Cut cable

Australia, US and Japan want Huawei local submarine cable project

Australia is once again trying to get Huawei removed from a submarine cable contract in the Asia-Pacific. The cable in question is planned to link Papua New Guinea communities of Port Moresby, Alotau, Popondetta, Lae and Madang. At Port Moresby, it would connect to the Coral Sea Cable System which at the end of 2019 will land …

Canadian security boss ain't afraid of no Huawei, sees no reason for ban

Canadian Center for Cyber Security chief Scott Jones has told a parliamentary committee there's no need for the country to cut Chinese comms giant Huawei out of its 5G rollout. Speaking to the Canadian parliament's Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security earlier this week, Jones said the centre believes the …

Hungry, hungry network firms: Ericsson, NXP chow down, Ciena on the prowl

Freed from the attentions of Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductor has been looking around for its own acquisitions, and this week announced it had slurped OmniPHY. The six-year-old acquisition target specialises in automotive Ethernet subsystems, with a focus on megabit and gigabit products. In-vehicle networking, NXP's announcement …
Huawei logo

Huawei wants to print data centres for telcos to fling at governments

At Huawei's Operations Transformation Forum 2018 gabfest in Munich, Germany, this week, the Chinese giant teased "ShapeCloud" – a concept designed to help telcos build bit barns for government customers. Huawei's grandly titled Data Center Integration Solution Domain General Manager Wang Wei said ShapeCloud has three flavors …
Chris Mellor, 5 Sep 2018

Benchmark smartphone drama: We wouldn't call it cheating, says Huawei, but look, everyone's at it

Updated Huawei has addressed the issue of tweaking a phone's performance to improve its benchmark scores, after being caught redhanded. The practice isn't new, and has been carried out by a number of phone makers in the past. It works like this: To boost a system's benchmark score, the phone detects whether a popular benchmark is …
Huawei Mate 20 Lite

Huawei Mate 20 Lite: A business mobe aimed at millennials? Er, OK then

Hands On "Who are Honor people?" a Huawei executive asked a few years ago, before answering his own question: "They try and wear a flower in their own hair. They are young people." But now Huawei people can be Honor people too! "It's all about the selfie," a spokesperson told us, introducing the Huawei Mate 20 Lite at a preview in …
Huawei AI Cube

Huawei's Alexa-powered AI Cube wants to squat in your living room too

IFA Alexa is built into so many appliances being demonstrated at IFA this week, you need a map* to them all. Basically it's everywhere, and on a global scale appears to be decisively winning the platform battle with Google. So it's no surprise that Huawei's first attempt at cracking the European consumer electronics business …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2018

Huawei first to preview its 7nm phone SoC – the HiSilicon Kirin 980

IFA Four major companies design the key chips for smartphones, and Huawei's HiSilicon became the first to announce its 7nm designs today at the giant IFA show in Berlin. The HiSilicon Kirin 980 series is the first to disclose details of chips based on the new production techniques – although you can expect Apple to follow in a few …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2018
huawei store in shanghai , china by J. Lekavicius /Shutterstock - EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Huawei pleads with FCC to overturn US ban, says it's 'anticompetitive'

Huawei has pleaded with the US Federal Communications Commission to come to its rescue in the ongoing debate over whether its kit can compromise national security. The Chinese networking giant is hoping to leverage an FTC consultation on communication, media and IT competition to seek relief against US government hostility to …

EU tosses Nokia a small loan of €500m, tells it to go crazy with 5G R&D

The European Union reckons 5G R&D needs a boost – so it has slung a loan of €500m in the general direction of Finland. Nokia, recipient of the loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), hasn't identified specific goals for its development effort. However, EIB president …
Person eating an apple

Huawei elbows aside Apple to claim number-two phone maker spot

Huawei overtook Apple in Q2 as the world's number-two phone maker, according to fresh stats from Gartner. Some analysts had recorded months in 2017 where Huawei took the silver, but for Gartner, April to June was the first full quarter in which the Shenzhen upstart outsold Apple globally. The analyst house also confirmed that …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Aug 2018

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