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HP Zbook 17 G5 3QR

HP dangles subscription hardware at power users

Microsoft's Surface has become a victim of its own success. This year’s iteration reuses the same case, maintaining compatibility with peripherals. Several PC rivals can boast better value in the premium professional segment with more interesting designs. HP Inc, for one, can boast striking designs and a comprehensive …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2018
man copies face in photocopier

HP Ink CEO: That $550m Apogee buy was to stop rivals slurping it

Canalys Channels Forum 2018 Spending $550m on Apogee was as much a defensive measure to stop rivals buying the print services dealer as it was to beef up its place in the copier market, HP Inc chief Dion Weisler has said. HP Ink splashes out on Brit print provider Apogee READ MORE The transaction in August added a chunk of revenues and 824 new members …
Paul Kunert, 12 Oct 2018

HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit

HP Inc customers in the US have asked a California court to sign off on a $1.5m settlement over a firmware update that bricked printers using third-party ink cartridges. Back in 2016, the print and PC business released an update that was programmed to disable cartridges made by third-party suppliers – after 13 September that …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Sep 2018

Big Baboon ain't gibbon up: SAP, HP accused of aping software squirt's e-commerce patent

SAP and HP Inc have failed to get an e-commerce patent case brought against them by a small software firm thrown out. The plaintiff, California-based Big Baboon Inc, has alleged that the companies directly and wilfully infringed on its patent. The outfit filed the suit in 2017, but was initially dismissed because it failed to …
Rebecca Hill, 29 Aug 2018
rain on an umbrella

HP Inc strips off, rolls around as Windows 10 money pours down

HP Inc's latest set of financials were boringly positive – from a rival's perspective – rising as they did by double digits. "Q3 was impressive," CEO Dion Weisler told a gaggle of Wall Street types on an earnings call. And it was based on a "balanced performance across businesses and regions", he added. Group turnover for HP' …

HP Ink splashes out on Brit print provider Apogee

HP Inc. has announced that is acquiring UK-based managed print and document services slinger Apogee in a $500m (£380m) deal. Profits down, image via Shutterstock HP Ink's UK profits tumble nearly 85% – of course Brexit to blame READ MORE Apogee, which according to its Companies House (PDF) filing clocked up £172.8m in …
Richard Speed, 2 Aug 2018
Africa Studio

PC shipments just rose, thanks to Windows 10

Sales of personal computers rose in 2018’s second quarter, making it the best time to be in the PC business since 2012. News of the sale rise came from analyst firms IDC and Gartner who’ve both hit F9 on their spreadsheets recording Q2 shipments and found a positive number. Gartner found 62.1 million PC shipments, up a 1.4 per …
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jul 2018
HP Z-Book x360 G5

Who fancies a six-core, 32GB RAM, 4TB NVME ... convertible tablet?

A couple of days back we covered Dell’s new portable workstations and now HP Ink has launched some too. One that caught The Register’s eye is the ZBook x360 G5, a convertible PC that flips to become a tablet. And does so while offering a six-core Xeon E-2186M at 2.9 GHz (bursting to 4.6 GHz(, integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 …
Profits down, image via Shutterstock

HP Ink's UK profits tumble nearly 85% – of course Brexit to blame

If there is something missing on this sunny Friday, it could well be a collective yearning among Reg readers to know how HP Ink Inc is faring in the UK. Fear not, for we have the latest financials. The PC and print arm that undocked from the mothership back in 2015 turned over £1.4bn in sales for the 12 months ended 31 October …
Paul Kunert, 29 Jun 2018
An HP building in Santa Clara

HP Inc will be less Lesjak, Jack: CFO retires as PC'n'printer biz shifts more gear

HP Inc execs claimed on Tuesday they are staying ahead of the rest of the market with solid sales in both printers and PCs. The hardware giant revealed its financial figures for another healthy quarter, Q2 FY2018, although warned a small number of layoffs are coming amid its ongoing rejig of its workforce while confirming its …
Shaun Nichols, 29 May 2018
HP Healthcare Edition HC270cr Clinical Review Display

'Repeatable sanitization' is a feature of PCs now

HP Inc has announced a trio of slightly-odd products intended for use in hospitals. The new HP EliteOne 800 G4 23.8 Healthcare Edition All-in-One PC and HP EliteBook 840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook are computers intended for use in the healthcare industry. The EliteBook will ship with software called "Easy Clean" that …

HP Inc – the no-drama one – is actually doing fine with PCs, printers

On a day when Meg Whitman, CEO of its sibling HPE, announced her departure from the biz, HP Inc revealed its slow and steady progress in two tough markets. The printers and PCs half of the Hewlett-Packard split closed out a $52bn fiscal year that saw revenues climb by eight per cent on the previous 12 months. For the fourth …
Shaun Nichols, 22 Nov 2017
movie still from zoolander: 'hansel, he's so hot right now. hansel'

Your next laptop will feature 'CMF' technology

HP Inc says it has flipped its relationship with the PC supply chain, and made colour, materials and finish as important to PCs as CPUs, screen sizes and disk capacities. Stacy Wolff, HP Inc's global head of design, told The Register today that four years ago HP's designers took what component-makers sent it, then designed PCs …
Simon Sharwood, 14 Nov 2017
HP's forthcoming Elite X3 Windows Phone

HP Inc exec: Yes, we'll put a bullet in the X3 device

Canalys Channels Forum HP Inc has finally confirmed it is to kill off X3 device sales and support by the end of 2019, cutting short the proposed roadmap and hanging the blame on Microsoft's "change of strategy" with its mobile OS. The three-in-one PC debuted in February 2016, built around Microsoft's Continuum. El Reg's lab vultures tested the kit …
Paul Kunert, 4 Oct 2017
HP Envy x360 15

After Microsoft calls out HP Inc over stalled Windows 10 logins, HP bounces back with a fix

After enduring roughly two weeks of complaints, HP Inc has today produced a fix for folks struggling with blank screens on their computers. A Windows 10 update, released by Microsoft on September 12, caused HP PCs to get stuck showing black displays after users attempt to log in. Machine owners reported seeing nothing but …
Andrew Silver, 25 Sep 2017
HP Inc's EliteOne all-in-one PC

What do you call an all-in-one PC that isn't? 'Upgradeable', says HP

All-in-one PCs look pretty and make for tidy desks but don't often feature in business settings because bonding a monitor and a computer reduces maintenance options. HP Inc's therefore had a crack at what it's calling an “upgradeable” all-in-one that – erm – isn't really an all-in-one at all. The company last week gave the …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Sep 2017

HP Inc vows: We're not walking away from Continuum

Analysis While Windows roadmaps purportedly leaked to a blog last week appear to have a big hole in them where mobile should be, HP Inc tells us it has been assured by Redmond there are no plans to drop Continuum. HP is the sole major mobile vendor committed to the Windows Mobile Edition of Windows 10 and bet big on Continuum, the …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Aug 2017
HP's Z VR Backpack PC  and dock

HP Inc reveals dockable, wearable VR workstation for the office

HP Inc has released a backpack PC for the office. The company already makes the Omen backpack PC for gamers, but the newly-revealed HP Z VR Backpack PC is aimed at design pros. The PC weighs 4.65 kg, including the harness. Should you shoulder that burden you'll be lugging around an Intel Core i7-7820HQ with four cores and the …

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