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High-speed powerline: Home connectivity without the cables

Breaking Fad Whether you’re a fan of the Internet of Things (IoT) or just a user of home technology, for many Reg readers IP connectivity is something that you probably want just about everywhere in your home, whether it’s to WhatsApp from the bath, or for things like media streamers and smart TVs in the living room. Compared to five years …
Nigel Whitfield, 30 Apr 2015
Withings Home camera

Be your own Big Brother: Monitoring your manor, the easy way

Feature If you've ever had the misfortune to be burgled, you'll know how nervous it can make you feel. After my own experience some twenty years ago, it took a long time before I could leave the flat without fretting, and perhaps using my new-fangled mobile phone to call the home computer and check that it was still there to answer the …
Nigel Whitfield, 14 Sep 2014
Qualcomm Atheros hybrid home network

WTF is... IEEE 1905.1?

Feature It sounds like a solution looking for a problem. A technology that allows networked devices in the home connected by different network media to operate as if they were connected across a single medium. Surely TCP/IP already allows you to do that, routing packets from, say, network attached storage linked to a router over an …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2013
Devolo dLan 500 AVmini

Devolo dLAN 500Mb/s powerline network adaptor review

Devolo's dLan 500 AVmini adaptors score highly for me for two reasons: they operate at powerline's highest speed grade, 500Mb/s, and they're compact. Powerline adaptors used to be fairly small, but that was back in the 14Mb/s days of HomePlug 1.0, one of two original competing powerline standards of the early 2000s. Upping the …
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2012
Netgear XAV5101

Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor

Review When a vendor puts a colour-coded performance guide LED onto a powerline Ethernet product and admits that "best" throughput - the light is green, natch - is "greater than 80Mbps", you immediately realise how big a gap lies between the technology's reach and its grasp. Netgear's latest adaptor, the XAV5101 500 Nano, is labelled …
Tony Smith, 5 Apr 2012
DLNA logo

DLNA blesses HomePlug Ethernet-over-mains tech

The Digital Living Network Alliance, the organisation behind the DLNA media streaming standard, has given the thumbs-up to powerline networking. The DLNA said it likes HomePlug powerline technology in particular, and will add the specification to its device interoperability guidelines, which are due to be revised shortly. …
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2012
The Register breaking news

Standard setter seeks to unify power, wired, wireless LANs

The IEEE has put in place a programme to devise a standard that will bridge wired and wireless network technologies in the home. Dubbed P1905.1, the draft standard will "provide a common, protocol-agnostic interface" to not only 802.11 Wi-Fi and 802.3 Ethernet but also the less well-known MoCa (multimedia over co-ax) spec and …
Tony Smith, 15 Dec 2010
The Register breaking news

Wi-Fi strikes alliance with mains networking tech

The Wi-Fi Alliance has inked an agreement with the HomePlug Powerline Alliance to create interoperable kit, capable of annoying radio hams as never before. Power line telecommunications (PLT) kit sends networking signals around the home over mains wiring, and often competes with Wi-Fi, which uses radio to achieve the same …
Bill Ray, 3 Nov 2010
The Register breaking news

Netgear launches next-gen powerline Ethernet kit

Netgear has announced what may well be the world's first consumer networking products based on the as-yet-unratified IEEE P1910 next-gen powerline Ethernet standard. Netgear's Powerline AV 500 series comprises single-adaptor and two-adaptor starter kits. Each adaptor delivers speeds of up to 500Mb/s, Netgear said, fed through …
Tony Smith, 3 Sep 2010
D-Link DHP-306AV

D-Link DHP-306AV powerline Ethernet adaptor

Review I use a couple of Devolo dLAN AVplus powerline Ethernet adaptors at home, to hook up my wired-only Sony Bravia connected telly to my router. They're great adaptors, but with a pass-through three-pin power socket, they're bulky. D-Link's latest adaptor, the DHP-306AV, offers a more compact alternative. D-Link DHP-306AV D-Link …
Tony Smith, 2 Sep 2010

IEEE drops support for rival standard from powerline LAN spec

The IEEE-backed attempt to define a universal standard for powerline networking has dropped plans to ensure compatibility with rival world home LAN standard Late last year, members of the IEEE P1901 working group voted to include, a standard being developed under the auspices of the International Telecom Union (ITU …
Tony Smith, 21 Oct 2009

Vendors promised chips as ITU agrees PHY spec

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has given its blessing to a key component of, the prospective standard for data networking over mains wiring, home phone lines and coax cabling. As is the case with all standards organisations, the wheels move sure but slow. There are many more steps to take before …
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2009
Solwise Piggy 6

Solwise Piggy 6 multi-device powerline network adaptor

Review As more diverse powerline Ethernet products come to market, the practicalities of using mains wiring for networking become ever more apparent. The Solwise VeseNET 200AV HomePlug AV adaptor is good example of how this system can serve locations that are too costly to be hardwired with Ethernet ports or where wireless networking …
Bob Dormon, 28 Apr 2009 for gigabit

It's surely no coincidence that shortly after one technology for high-speed home networking achieved a key step toward becoming a world standard, the minds behind an alternative approach said they too had finally got the ball rolling. It won't do it much good - the second would-be standard, IEEE P1901, is arguably doomed, a …
Tony Smith, 27 Feb 2009

Powerline Ethernet standardisation effort still stuck

An attempt to define a standard for in-home powerline Ethernet networking remains deadlocked after the lead proposal failed to win sufficient support from IEEE members this month. A joint specification touted by the HomePlug Alliance (HPA), Panasonic and Hisilicon only won the approval of 69 per cent of the IEEE P1901 Working …
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2008

IEEE fails to agree on powerline Ethernet standard

The organisation charged with putting in place a standard for networking over mains wiring has once again failed to elect one of the two competing specifications as its choice. Last week, members of the IEEE P1901 Working Group met in Miami to vote on the confirmation of a joint proposal from Panasonic and the HomePlug …
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2008

Chip makers unite to define unified home network tech

Intel, Panasonic, Texas Instruments and Infineon have launched a bid to steer the development of a unified home networking platform - technology capable of combining coaxial, powerline and phone cabling. The four firms today launched the HomeGrid Forum, which they said would seek to ensure the Internation Telcommunications …
Tony Smith, 29 Apr 2008

Device routes audio across powerline LANs

Devolo has launched its latest powerline Ethernet product: an 85Mb/s adaptor designed to connect a hi-fi to a mains-hosted network so it can play streamed music. Devolo dLAN Audio Extender Devolo's dLAN Audio Extender: ready for remote playback The dLAN Audio Extender looks like a typical powerline adaptor, but in place of …
Tony Smith, 29 Jan 2008

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