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And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin hologram ... Sir, it is only wafer thin

A group of scientists has developed the “world’s thinnest hologram” – a thousand times thinner than a human hair, they claim. Holograms are three-dimensional images created by the interactions of laser lights, and appear to have more depth than images formed from lenses. The dream is that one day, flat images from screens …
Katyanna Quach, 19 May 2017
NEW YORK - OCT 15, 2016: Beyonce Knowles attends the TIDAL X: 1015 concert at the Barclays Center on October 15, 2016, in New York. Editorial credit: JStone / Shutterstock, Inc. (editorial use only)

NZ firm tucks into $27m on the back of VR 'hologram' promise

Analysis 8i, a New Zealand based company, last week landed a large B funding round that reads like a who’s who in the Virtual reality world. Its aim is to bring holograms to the masses. This doesn’t actually mean what it says, but it’s still pretty cool. To most of us, a hologram is something that stands in front of us, created in the …
Faultline, 20 Feb 2017

Boffins twist beams of neutrons into pasta to cook up holograms

Holograms created with neutron beams have been demonstrated for the first time by a team of scientists working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The research published this month in Optics Express shows that although neutron holograms are less visually appealing, they can reveal more information about an …
Katyanna Quach, 21 Oct 2016
Simulated views of the world as seen through HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens or Hollow Lens? El Reg stares down cyber-specs' code

Build 2015 The first rule of Microsoft's HoloLens is you do not talk about HoloLens. When you're given a demo, you may not take photos, you may not shoot video, and you may not record audio. Given a moment to think about it, this is a strange requirement. After all, everything you see through HoloLens itself is an optical illusion. You …
One Direction's Salt Lake City / West Valley concert in 2013. Image credit:

Hawking hologram comforts One Direction fans with Zayny parallel universe claim

It turns out there's more than one direction One Direction could be heading in, after megaboffin Stephen Hawking comforted fans with the claim that Zayn Malik may still be in the band in a parallel universe. The theoretical physics professor was beamed via hologram from Cambridge, England to the Sydney Opera House in Oz to …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Apr 2015

4th Century GOBLET could REVIVE CORPSE of holographic storage

Cambridge boffins have discovered that thin films of silver nanoparticles can increase optical storage density and create multi-coloured holograms. The effect was first noted way back in fourth century Roman times (circa 290-325 AD) with the crafting of the Lycurgus Cup, an engraved glass goblet that has a green tint when lit …
Chris Mellor, 4 Sep 2014
Top view of the Holometer as a Fermilab scientist works on the apparatus

Boffins attempt to prove the UNIVERSE IS JUST A HOLOGRAM

How can we tell from the inside of our Universe if it’s actually real or just a hologram? Boffins at Fermilab have set out to answer this thorny question with a new experiment in the National Accelerator Lab called the Holometer. A Fermilab scientist works on the laser beams at the heart of the Holometer experiment Lasers …
Hologram communication - Star Wars

Apple patent pokes at holographic iPhone screen

Future Apple iPhone and iPad handsets could sport holographic screens, if a company patent filing comes to fruition. An application posted Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) details a display system which would use projection hardware and parabolic lenses to create 3D interfaces. The filing suggests that …
Shaun Nichols, 24 Apr 2014
The Register breaking news

Microsoft bod dreams up 'Star Trek holodeck' games console

Microsoft wants to push Xbox games beyond the screen and put them all over the sitting room, reveals a patent application published by the US Patent Office last week. The idea sketched out by MS optical engineer Gritsko Perez in the patent application 'Immersive Display Experience' would create a peripheral display around the …
Anna Leach, 17 Sep 2012
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New 3D displays use falling water drops as 'voxels'

Robotics boffins in the States say they have developed a brilliant three-dimensional holographic projection system - ideal, for instance, for playing 3D Tetris - which is based on falling droplets of water. Here's a vid of a prototype system: It seems that the boffins were actually trying to develop a headlight system for …
Lewis Page, 7 Jul 2010
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Subatomic nanoholograms smash 1-bit-per-atom barrier

Imperceptibly tiny news from the world of nano-publishing today, as a new record has been set by American scientists for exceedingly small writing. Boffins at Stanford University say they have managed to write "SU" in letters smaller than atoms. "We ended up with the smallest writing in history," says Hari Manoharan, Stanford …
Lewis Page, 2 Feb 2009

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