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Couple of slow-coach snails

Spectre/Meltdown fixes in HPC: Want the bad news or the bad news? It's slower, say boffins

HPC admin? Feeling slighted that all the good Spectre/Meltdown mitigation benchmarks ignore big iron? Fear not, a bunch of MIT boffins are on your side. Unfortunately, what they found is that network connections, disk accesses, and computational workloads can all be affected by the fixes, whether in the operating system or the …
Honey bee on flower

BeeGFS stayin' alive with Intel OPA tie-up

The HPC-focussed parallel cluster file system, BeeGFS, has received certification to run over Intel's OmniPath Architecture (OFA). The cert, plus a collaboration with Intel's OPA team, is a step forward for BeeGFS, which was spun out of Fraunhofer in 2014 and made the responsibility of ThinkParQ. BeeGFS runs on Linux distros …
Fujitsu's Xlfx

Fujitsu takes next-gen HPC chip on the road

Fujitsu is getting ready to tout its next supercomputer silicon at the upcoming Hot Chips conference, a follow-up to the first peek given in June. The silicon the outfit plans for next-generation big iron, the SPARC64 Xlfx, is Fujitsu's hope for exascale computing: a 32-core, 1 Tflop (double precision) / 2 Tflop (single …
hitahi t7k500 hard disk drive

High-end storage tanked, but 'HDPA' storage about to soar says IDC

Box-counter IDC recently decreed that 2014's first quarter was a shocker for high-end storage sales, but also predicts things are looking up in storage used for what it now calls “high performance data analysis” (HPDA). IDC's veep for HPC and data analysis Steve Conway puts HDPA in a little perspective with a canned quote …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2014

Nvidia upgrades PGI 2014 accelerator compile suite

Just a few months after first releasing its PGI 2014 set of compilers and tools, Nvidia subsidiary The Portland Group (PGI) has expanded OpenACC C++ support in the high-performance computing compile suite, and put older versions of Windows on the EOL list. The PGI 2014 release back in February added support for the latest …
T Platforms GPU Blade

Sod Bitcoin - solving graph problems is the new GPU-flogger

HPC blog These GTC conferences, the annual GPU-fest sponsored by NVIDIA, are my favorite events of the year. Why? It’s how the event is organized. At GTC, real-world researchers, analysts, and other customers present the vast majority of sessions, not corporate mouthpieces. They talk about their projects, the challenges they’ve dealt …
Dan Olds, 3 Apr 2014
HIV testing kit vial

Petascale powerhouse cracks important HIV code

The Blue Waters petascale computer at the University of Illinois' National Centre for Supercomputing Applications is being credited with cracking part of the code of HIV – and possibly helping point the way to new treatments. Simulations carried out on Blue Waters allowed researchers to determine the precise structure of the …

IBM considers System X surgery: Will it ruin its sexy HPC figure?

HPC blog The increasing amount of speculation over IBM's potential unloading of all or part of its System x (x86-based servers) business onto Lenovo has high performance computing (HPC) players wondering about the implications for the sector. What would be the eventual impact on IBM, and the HPC market in general, if Big Blue were to …
Dan Olds, 2 May 2013

Cluster padawans vie for place in Shanghai super showdown

ASC13 The 2013 Student Cluster Competition season is off to a roaring start judging by the high level of interest in the inaugural Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC13), which will kick off in Shanghai in mid-April. Right now, the judges are sorting through the 42 applications submitted by universities from a wide swath of …
Dan Olds, 13 Mar 2013

Free HPC cluster to good home

HPC blog Interested in getting your hands on some serious system hardware for free? Well, with a few provisos, you could get your hands on a nearly new HPC cluster. First off, you'll need to be in the research game - in a US- or Canada-based academic or government lab, or some other non-profit research institution. (We’re talking about …
Dan Olds, 13 Dec 2012

Vid: EXTREME computer sports: Meet the cluster war winners

SC12 Video The 2012 Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is in the books and we have all of the results, right here, right now. First, as was released earlier, China’s Team NUDT ran away with the Highest LINPACK Award, an SCC record 3.014 Teraflop/s score. Their compatriots, Team USTC, locked in second place with 2.793 Teraflops/s, and the …
Dan Olds, 30 Nov 2012

HPC cluster cowboys bag overall award, haul it home to Texas

SC12 Video I caught up with Team Longhorn just before they turned in their final results for the SC12 Student Cluster Competition (SCC). As you can see in the short video, they’re pretty cool and composed, but I thought I sensed a little bit of anxiety under the surface. As it turns out, they should have been more relaxed – they were …
Dan Olds, 30 Nov 2012

FINAL NIGHT: Boston kids power down cluster compo systems

SC12 Early on the last day of the SC12 Student Cluster Competition, I hit a couple of morning meetings and then went wandering around the competition area. Most of the teams had at least two or three reps in the booths monitoring the systems and just sort of hanging around. They had turned in their final scientific results the night …
Dan Olds, 30 Nov 2012

Team Utah grabs Mini Iron crown at little cluster compo

SC12 Until this year, the annual SC Student Cluster Competition focused entirely on seeing how much work teams of university students could wring out of 26 amps of juice. They can use any hardware/software combination that will run the required apps; the only limitation is that their configuration has to be shipping by the time of …
Dan Olds, 28 Nov 2012

Team Boilermaker: We hammer the code... not the booze

SC12 Video We had a chat with Team Boilermaker on the last day of the SC12 Student Cluster Competition. While the team did visit several of the vendor parties the night before, they assert that they didn’t overindulge, and claim that the absence of some team members is due to meetings, not hangovers. I think I buy that explanation; …
Dan Olds, 28 Nov 2012

NUDT on HPC battle: Total cluster supremacy - Who needs it?

SC12 Video Team NUDT (China’s own National University of Defense Technology) was all smiles when I stopped by their booth on the final day of the SC12 Student Cluster Competition (SCC). And what’s not to smile about? They had just won the LINPACK award with their record-breaking 3 Teraflop/s score and were considered a serious …
Dan Olds, 28 Nov 2012

Video: High school kids fend off university challenge in student cluster battle

SC12 The SC Student Cluster Competition (SCC) has seen university teams from around the world vying to prove their cluster competence. But this year has been marked by a number of firsts, including the first team composed entirely of high school students. The Skyline High School Eagles, located in Salt Lake City, entered the LittleFe …
Dan Olds, 27 Nov 2012

10,000 cities, 1 salesman, 6 nodes: It's LittleFe cluster CRUNCH TIME

SC12 Video It was the last day of last week’s SC12 Student Cluster Competition, and Pennsylvania university students Team Slippery Rock chatted to us during the LittleFe battle. In this competition track, teams of university students (plus a high school team) pushed their six-node LittleFe mini-iron to the limit, attempting to find …
Dan Olds, 26 Nov 2012

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