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Blu-ray DVD

Universal to bond Blu-ray Discs to DVDs

Nearly three years after Warner proposed combo HD DVD/Blu-ray Discs as a way to end the format war, Universal Studios is trying out the notion, this time bonding Blu-ray with DVD. Warner's scheme was called Total HD and involved sticking an HD DVD and BD together, back to back. It allowed the one platter to be played in either …
Tony Smith, 2 Dec 2009
Toshiba Blu-ray

Official: Toshiba to get in on Blu-ray Disc

Toshiba has asked the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) if it can join the gang, a move it specifically stated paves the way for the introduction of Toshiba kit supporting the HD optical disc format. The one-time driver behind the HD DVD format stressed that it remains committed to the delivery of digital content on a variety of …
Tony Smith, 10 Aug 2009
Toshiba Blu-ray

Toshiba tight-lipped on Blu-ray player plan

Toshiba has poured cold water on claims that it's preparing to produce a Blu-ray Disc player this year. Well, sort of. The one-time HD DVD cheerleader this week formally said that it was not able to comment on stories that it plans to release the BD player by the end of the year. No great surprise, that - no one expected it …
Tony Smith, 22 Jul 2009
Toshiba Blu-ray

Toshiba to back Blu-ray Disc with player launch?

Toshiba may be about to put the past behind it, look to the future and launch a Blu-ray Disc player. That's what a report by Japanese-language site Yomiuri claims. The machine will be out - in Japan, presumably - by the end of the year. Toshiba was the leading proponent of Blu-ray's arch-rival, HD DVD. In February 2008, the …
Tony Smith, 20 Jul 2009

People just not that into Blu-ray

Winning the next-gen DVD format war turns out to be a bit like getting crowned "most popular stench." Blu-Ray may have overwhelmed the competition, but that doesn't mean folks plan to invite it into their home. Although nearly half of Americans now own a high definition television, the overwhelming majority show little …
Austin Modine, 22 Jun 2009

Warner opens 'Blu-ray for HD DVD' swap shop

If you were one of the unlucky early adopters who bet your cash on HD DVD, now’s your chance to switch to Blu-ray, because Warner’s launched a disc swap service. The scheme allows you to post the firm your HD DVD copy of, say, 300, and in return you’ll receive a Blu-ray edition of the same movie. There are a few catches, …
James Sherwood, 23 Apr 2009
LG Super Multi Blue BE06-LU10

LG Super Multi Blue BE06-LU10

Review The LG Super Multi Blue BE06-LU10 external DVD writer's headline figure is its 6x Blu-ray writing speed. The rest of the specification also catches the eye: 2x BD-RE, 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW writing. LG Super Multi Blue BE06-LU10 LG's Super Multi Blue BE06-LU10: stylish, kind of... You need to read the packaging …
Leo Waldock, 3 Mar 2009

No cheap Blu-ray players for Blighty this Xmas

Don't expect to pick up a cheap Blu-ray Disc player this Christmas - unless you live in the US or Japan. So claimed market watcher Screen Digest this week, which stressed that the dip in sales of Blu-ray players it expects to see this quarter isn't a result of a lack of demand but tight supply. The recession is having an …
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2008

Toshiba tools up for movie download future

Erstwhile HD DVD heavyweight Toshiba has forecast the end of consumer optical media, and is to develop a series of set-top boxes and portable players all fed with digital content sold on SD card instead. The scheme follows the Japanese giant's decision to invest $20m in US digital content deliver specialist MOD Systems in …
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2008

Boffins invent 42GB DVD

Blank DVDs are a cheaper storage option than Blu-ray, but the HD format has greater capacity. However, Japanese storage scientists claim to have invented a method for storing up to 42GB onto a single DVD. Researchers from the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, based in Japan’s Tohoku University, …

Nvidia launches next-gen laptop graphics chips

Computex Nvidia has taken the wraps off the next incarnation of its notebook-oriented graphics chip line, dubbed unsurprisingly the GeForce 9M series. The chip maker claimed the parts will be up to 40 per cent faster than their GeForce 8M equivalents and ten times faster than typical laptop-oriented integrated GPUs. That gives them the …
Tony Smith, 3 Jun 2008

HD media future may be Blu, but it's not rosy

Analysis Sales of Blu-ray Disc players have not benefitted from the end of the format war, it seems. This week US retail market watcher NPD said player sales grew just two per cent in the month after Toshiba tossed in the towel. The Japanese giant's decision to abandon HD DVD came on 19 February. That month, NPD said, Blu-ray Disc …
Tony Smith, 1 May 2008

LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray HD DVD combo drive

Review While it's clear that Blu-ray Disc is going to rule the HD roost, unfortunately for Sony, the rival HD DVD format will take some time to wither away. Which leaves the buying public in a tricky position. The smart money is on combo drives such as the LG GGC-H20L, which can read both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats for a price just …
Leo Waldock, 30 Apr 2008

HD DVD sales still solid despite format's failure

Toshiba may have canned production of HD DVD hardware, but that didn't stop US consumers buying into the format last month, new market stats reveal. According to US market watcher Redhill, 81 per cent of the next-generation optical disc players bought by Americans were Blu-ray Disc machines. That means 19 per cent of them used …
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2008
Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD player

Microsoft updates Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on

HD DVD may be dead but it's clearly not yet buried. Microsoft this week unveiled a software update for the Xbox 360’s now-discontinued HD DVD add-on drive. Next time you pop an HD DVD into the drive, the update will be automatically downloaded and installed – provided you’re connected to Xbox Live. If not, then it’ll soon be …
James Sherwood, 11 Apr 2008

Sony bullish on Blu-ray dominance

Sony wants to own 50 per cent of the Blu-ray Disc hardware market by the end of the year, according to a company executive. Ryoji Chubachi, President and electronics CEO at Sony, made the bold statement during a recent press conference in Taipei, according to a DigiTimes report. Chubachi claimed that Sony already has 20 per …

Blu-ray awareness rising

If you still haven’t made the switch from VHS to DVD, then chances are you’re not up to speed on Blu-ray either. But research has found that over half of UK film fans are at least aware of the HD format. The study was conducted by research firm Interpret and questioned people aged between 18 and 54. Although the study was done …

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour

Microsoft has officially denied that it’s working with a Taiwanese manufacturer to develop a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360. On Tuesday Register Hardware reported that the software giant had inked a deal with Lite-On for the development of Xbox 360 Blu-ray drives. It was claimed the drives would be integrated into a smaller …

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