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14.7, that's a lot of pixels

Size matters – how else could Dell squeeze 15 million pixels into this 27" 5K monitor?

When it comes to pixel size, monitor designers boast about who has the smallest. The new Dell UltraSharp 27-inch display has the smallest of the lot. The ultra HD 5K monitor is the world’s first screen with a 5120 x 2880 pixel resolution. That’s 218 pixels per inch. That may sound a way off the LG G3 phone which offers 534 PPI …
Simon Rockman, 6 Sep 2014
Apple Cinema Display with ATV UI

Apple TV demand may drive Samsung-sapping sales

The idea that Apple is working on some kind of smart TV refuses to die, the notion regularly refreshed by rumour and the occasional soundbite from senior company executives. CEO Tim Cook only last week expressed his “intense interest” in the evolution of the TV in a nudge, nudge, wink, wink interview with US TV channel NBC. …
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2012
The Register breaking news

4K vs OLED: and the winner is...

How will television makers persuade punters to buy a new set now we all - well, most of us - have 1080p sets with internet access? We’ve already seen that 3D isn’t going to do it, but now two new alternative upgrade-driving technology are emerging - OLED and 4K - and they two are re-establishing an old battle line between …
Tony Smith, 5 Oct 2012

Freeview kit to require retune tomorrow

Freeview viewers, prepare to retune your equipment. The terrestrial digital TV platform will require yet another channel check tomorrow to implement changes made to its electronic programme guide. TVs with digital tuners and set-top boxes not set to automatically spot the change and to retune accordingly, will require manual …
Tony Smith, 18 Sep 2012

RIM ramps up resolutions for BB10 range

Research in Motion announced display resolutions for its upcoming BlackBerry 10 models this week, allowing developers to crack on immediately with app development. While Rim's first release will feature a display with a res of 1280 x 768, the company has encouraged developers to 'letterbox' their content to 16:9 proportions ( …
Caleb Cox, 16 Aug 2012
LG 5in, 440dpi, 1920 x 1080 display panel

LG shows off 'first' full HD LCD for smartphones

And the latest entry in the 'how many pixels can we cram into a phone display' stakes comes from LG which today announced a 5in in-plan switching (IPS) LCD with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It's the first full HD screen for a handset, LG claimed. Do the sums and that yields a pixel density of 440ppi. That's than enough to ensure …
Tony Smith, 28 May 2012
Apple HDTV

Foxconn chief: we're gearing up for Apple 'iTV'

Foxconn chief Terry Gou reportedly reckons that Apple, one of the contract manufacturer's biggest customers, is indeed preparing the so-called 'iTV'. To be fair to Gou, he didn't actually say Apple is planning to offer an HD TV, but he did say his company is preparing its production lines for such a product, at least according …
Tony Smith, 14 May 2012
Apple HDTV

Apple 'iTV' looks like Cinema Display, says Throat

This, according to a mole who claims to have seen one in action, is what Apple's new TV looks like: Apple Cinema Display with ATV UI Yes, it's the Cinema Display, and it's a scaled down version of the so-called 'iTV', the insider, who spilled the beans to Cult of Mac, said. The Deep Throat also said the telly uses Siri …
Tony Smith, 8 May 2012
Sony HDR-GW55VE Handycam

Sony dusts off waterproof Handycam

It's the new black: gadgets that are waterproof. The latest: Sony's HDR-GW55VE Handycam. With a sensor dense enough to shoot 20.4Mp stills, the camcorder can shoot 1080p HD video at 50f/s. The GW55VE's lens can zoom to 10x, but the gadget can zoom to 120x digitally. Sony HDR-GW55VE Handycam Framing shots is aided by a flip- …
Hard Reg, 2 Mar 2012
Cell tower

Govt warns 4G may make Freeview UNWATCHABLE

Britain's 4G mobile phone networks will mess up Freeview reception for rather a lot of folk, it has has been claimed. The notion is that 4G will operate on a frequency very close to the UHF bands currently hosting analogue and digital TV transmission. The UHF TV band runs from 471.25MHz up to 847.25MHz. That pushes it into …
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2012
Freeview HD TVs

Freeview HD sales surge

Freeview today posted the following stats. Make of them what you will. • 1.3m Freeview HD-equipped TVs and set-top boxes sold in Q4 2011. • 4.4m Freeview HD-equipped TVs and set-top boxes have been sold to date - a quarter of them in the last quarter, according to the first figure. • Sales of Freeview HD-capable TVs doubled …
Hard Reg, 13 Feb 2012
Sony Xel-1

Telly makers aim to put OLED in your lounge in 2012

IPTV Week IPTV Week logo Five years ago, the display technology on the consumer electronics industry's lips was OLED. Screens made from an "active" matrix of organic light-emitting diodes - tiny components that contain molecules which emit light when an electric current passes through them - could produce a more colourful, higher …
Tony Smith, 25 Jan 2012

WTF is... 802.11ac?

Wireless networks are never fast enough, but for the moment at least they are generally quicker at shifting packets of data than the broadband connections they're typically linked to. That's changing. Broadband speeds are rising, especially those fed through fibre-optic lines. Fortunately, Wi-Fi is keeping up. A number of chip …
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2012
LG Cinema 3D 1mm bezel TV

LG: 1mm bezel on your telly, anyone?

CES 2012 CES 2012 Week LG's highlight at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicks off in Las Vegas this week: an HD TV with a bezel that's just 1mm thick. The set is part of LG's Cinema 3D line of smart TVs - in this case, it's one of the company's active 3D tellies. LG Cinema 3D 1mm bezel TV LG has used that to …
Hard Reg, 9 Jan 2012
Channel Five

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again

Channel 5 is giving up on filling a Freeview HD channel, so fans of Celebrity Wedding Planner will just have to live with standard definition. Or go to Virgin or Sky for its Channel 5 HD offering. The intention had been for an HD version of Channel 5 to fit into Freeview from April 2012, but the broadcaster has now notified …
Bill Ray, 21 Dec 2011
Samsung SDHC

Five firms to create HD-centric DRM for SD cards

Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba are to develop a better DRM for memory cards. Just what the world needs: more DRM... The quintet's notion is that the technology will allow HD content to be transferred to SD cards and such and not copied elsewhere. A typical scenario: your DVR records, say, a future Doctor Who …
Tony Smith, 20 Dec 2011
Freeview HD logo

Brits buy 3.1m Freeview HD devices

Britons have acquired 3.1m Freeview HD devices - TVs, receivers and DVRs - Freeview reported last week. In total, 18m homes have a Freeview-capable device of some kind, be it HD or standard definition. Just under 58 per cent of homes - 10.2m - pick up Freeview on a TV rather than a set-top box. There are 1.8m Freeview HD TVs …
Hard Reg, 31 Oct 2011
GoPro HD 2 sports camcorder

GoPro HD Hero 2

Geek Treat of the Week Surfer dude and Reg Hardware reviewer Giles Hill waxed lyrical about the HD Hero when he tried it out last year, and the developers at GoPro have just launched a new version of their rugged, outdoorsy and underwatery action-cam. GoPro HD 2 sports camcorder The HD Hero 2 looks virtually identical to its predecessor, but has …
Cliff Joseph, 31 Oct 2011

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