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Guitar-playing keys enable extremely thin keyboards

CES 2013 A San Francisco company wants to help laptop, tablet, and smartphone manufacturers in their seemingly insatiable desire to create thinner and thinner devices. Its solution is to replace keyboards and other physical user-interface elements with electro mechanical polymer (EMP) keys that provide localized and individualized haptic …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Jan 2013
Tactus Technology

Touchscreens to get finger friendly

Haptic technologies are so advanced these days that we will soon see feel touchscreen displays make physical buttons appear and disappear when needed. Well, those are the claims of Tactus Technology, which has such a product in the works that it hopes to see fitted in devices as early as next year. Tactus Technology The …
Caleb Cox, 7 Jun 2012

Will Apple's iPad 3 HD touch you in a special way?

Updated The cryptic teaser - "And touch" - in Apple's invitation for its much-hyped event today has prompted speculation that the screen on its next-generation iPad will be a silky, lumpy riot of shifting textures that will delight the spasming fingertips of those lucky enough to fondle it. iPad launch invite, credit Apple We have …
Anna Leach, 7 Mar 2012
GameBone Pro

Tingle factor aimed at game controllers

A fresh take on vibrating videogame controllers has been pitched to console manufacturers, with a pad that features haptic feedback through the thumbsticks. The prototype – from engineers at the University of Utah – pulls the skin of the user's thumbs, mimicking the recoil of a gun better than the standard vibration found in …
Caleb Cox, 6 Mar 2012
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NASA to develop haptic air-typing spacesuit gloves

NASA is considering plans to integrate haptic vibro feedback and Halting State style air-writing accelerometer capability into spacesuit gloves. The news came this week as the space agency announced candidates selected for its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) pork handouts. Among the successful applicants was Virginia …
Lewis Page, 26 Nov 2009

BMW opens up to haptic car doors

You may have been introduced to the world of electronic haptics by your smartphone’s virtual keypad, but now your car’s doors could soon begin giving you feedback about surrounding potential dangers. Michael Graf, from car firm BMW, has – with a little help from researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) – …

Samsung phone recognises people, calls them

Scrolling through your phone’s address book to find someone to call or text can be a chore. So Samsung has launched a cameraphone that lets you text or call by tapping on their photo. Samsung_haptic_8M_01 Samsung's Haptic 8M: lets you call friends from pictures Called "Face Tagging", the feature allows you to call or text …
James Sherwood, 26 Mar 2009

Samsung taps touchscreen phone UI for PMP

CES Introduced today, the Samsung P3 is the PMP based on the same widget-based UI found on Samsung's touchscreen phones - complete with buzzy haptic feedback. Samsung P3 Samsung's P3: bright display The P3 sports a 3in, 480 x 270 LCD for a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. It also has built-in speakers for out-loud video and music …
Tony Smith, 8 Jan 2009

LG unwraps tasty touchscreen treat

LG has finally taken the lid off of the biscuit tin and revealed the specifications and price of its latest cost-conscious caller: the KP500 Cookie. LG_Cookie_01 LG's KP500 Cookie sports haptic feedback First announced last month, the KP500 has a 3in touchscreen display and haptic feedback technology to ensure you’re …
James Sherwood, 24 Oct 2008

BlackBerry Storm finally blows in

RIM, together with Vodafone, has finally taken the wraps off the worst kept secret in handset history: the BlackBerry Storm. Although pretty much all of the Storm’s features have already been leaked online, Vodafone has at least confirmed that the UK’s panting punters will be able to get their mitts on the first touchscreen …
MS Windows Vista logo

Immersion shakes out $20m for MS legal win

Microsoft will soon have an extra $20m in the bank and new business partner now that it's settled a long running legal spat with vibration-feedback firm Immersion. Under the terms of the deal, Immersion will pay Microsoft $20.7m (£11.5m/€14.2m) and enter into Microsoft's Certified Partner Program. It’s rumoured this could see …

Rumour-mill rumbles on Apple, Immersion vibro iPhone pact claim

Apple's plans for the evolution of the iPhone could be on shaky ground - in a good way. The company is said to be talking to tactile feedback firm Immersion to build haptics into the handset. Llittle-known Mac news site has claimed an unnamed Apple source told it that senior executives from Immersion and Apple met …
James Sherwood, 28 Apr 2008

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