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Hells door-bells! Ring pieces paralyzed in horror during Halloween trick-or-treat rush

The so-called smart doorbell maker Ring has just suffered an outage on the one day of the year that its internet-reliant products get the heaviest treatment. Reg reader Aidan Padden alerted us to Tuesday night's downtime in the UK – which came at the height of Halloween door-knocking by trick-or-treaters – although it appears …
Iain Thomson, 1 Nov 2017
Musk Deer -from WCS

Oh, dear! Scientists uncover Afghan VAMPIRE DEER

Just as the kids in the US are taking to the streets for spooky fun and sugar overloads on Halloween, scientists have rediscovered a long-forgotten species of deer that might just freak you out. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) said its researchers had documented a species of musk deer continues to live in remote parts …
Shaun Nichols, 1 Nov 2014
Zombie cloud

Oracle makes Halloween-eve request for sysadmin HORROR MOVIES

On the eve of Halloween, Oracle has asked sysadmins to send it horror movies, or at least screen-capture videos of the issues they want Big O's support teams to solve. Oracle has a name for this service: Demo It To Oracle, or DITO for short. The idea is simple: rather than try to explain a bug to an Oracle service chap, or …
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013

Slideshow: A History of Horror in 20 Scary Games

Complimented on the cobwebs, skeletal remains and general stench of death in my flat the other day, I suddenly remembered it was Halloween this week, so here's another nostalgic slideshow to celebrate. This time it's a collection of 20 pant-cacking games, titles that raised the hair on the back of our necks or at least raised …
Caleb Cox, 31 Oct 2012
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Man faces prison after enormous red chopper panics woman

An Ohio man could face six months in the slammer after his enormous red chopper induced panic in a woman. Bill Morrison was busted after the woman spotted his enormous rubber chopper when he entered Corky's Thomastown bar in Akron, Ohio on October 16. The woman called 911 to say a man with long hair, and a trench coat, had …
Team Register, 22 Nov 2011
Jack O Lantern

Two iPads put a hole through man's wallet stomach

As technology evolves, so does the potential for increasingly scary and horrific looks this Halloween. Check this guy out for a prime example. By taping a pair of iPad 2s to his body - one on his chest, the other on his back - Mark Rober managed to create the gaping stomach effect famously bestowed upon Goldie Hawn in Death …
Caleb Cox, 31 Oct 2011
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Don't let Halloween malware haunt your PC

Halloween celebrations on Monday are likely to be haunted by rampant malware infections and an onslaught of internet scams, security watchers warn. Wicked writers of devilish code are likely to take advantage of the festivities to spook surfers with search engine poisoning attacks that point browsers towards websites infected …
John Leyden, 31 Oct 2011
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Halloween Hardware

Product round-up Look out, it's Halloween 2011, where nobody questions strangers that give young kids sweets, those with a crude sense of humour get dressed up as Steve Jobs, and sales reps get annoyed by random people knocking on their door. If you're someone who gets into the spirit, then consider some of the following Halloween gadgets. …
Caleb Cox, 31 Oct 2011
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Cops cuff nappy-wearing man who demanded sweets with menaces

A man was facing disorderly conduct charges yesterday after after swearing at trick-or-treating kids while wearing nothing but a very large nappy. Joseph DiVanna, 47, from Florida, launched a series of tirades against trick-or-treaters and their adult chaperones in West Ocean City on Sunday. When not swearing he apparently …
Joe Fay, 2 Nov 2010
Jack O Lantern

Yes! It's Halloween Hardware

Product Round-up Two days from today falls Halloween - the last day of October and the time when ghouls and ghosts, witches and demons are said to haunt the land, chilly fingers reach out to you as you climb the wooden hill, and Apple fans go out dressed up as iPhones. To help you celebrate this most spooky of seasons, we've gathered together a …
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Halloween pardon sought for accused witches, sorta

Campaigners are submitting a petition to the government today in the hope that hundreds of people executed as witches will be posthumously exonerated. The Times earnestly reports that the family behind a well-known costume hire company in the UK decided to try and achieve justice for the dead, in an altruistic and noble move …
Sarah Bee, 31 Oct 2008

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