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Artist's impression of the TRAPPIST-1 system seen from one of the planets. Pic: ESO / M. Kornmesser

Hubble Space Telescope spies possibility of liquid water in TRAPPIST-1

The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted possible signs of water on the outer planets of TRAPPIST-1, the system with the most exoplanets in a star’s habitable zone. The TRAPPIST-1 system – named after the TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope in Chile – was discovered last year. It has been described as a mini …

European Space Agency: PLATO will seek out 'ADVANCED LIFE forms'... 'SLIME'

The European Space Agency is planning to launch its own planet-hunting observatory in 2024, after the mission was chosen for the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme. Exoplanets The Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars, or PLATO, mission has been chosen to monitor relatively nearby stars, searching for the tiny dips in …

Watery asteroid discovered 150 light-years off hints at habitable worlds

A European trio of researchers has discovered a "circumstellar disk" – a corpse, in other words – of a minor planet that was about 26 per cent water. The discovery of the rocky remains, found orbiting a white dwarf star 150 light years over the rainbow, gives credence to the theory that our own Earth's watery condition was …
Rik Myslewski, 11 Oct 2013
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Boffins spot planet that could support life... just 12 light years away

An international team of astroboffins have discovered that the nearest single Sun-like star has one planet orbiting in the sweet spot for potential alien life. Image generated by Stellarium software showing Tau Ceti in the constellation of Cetus on from Hatfield, UK Tau Ceti, which is just 12 light years away and can be seen …
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Habitable HEAVY GRAVITY WORLD found just 42 light-years away

Astroboffins have found another super-Earth planet orbiting a star just 42 light years away from home, but this one could support life as we know it. Super-Earth HD40307g with its host star Super-Earth HD40307g alongside its host star. Credit: J. Pinfield, RoPACS, Uni of Hertfordshire Star HD40307 has been checked out …
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NASA finds first Earth-sized planets outside the solar system

NASA's Kepler mission, tasked with the illustrious mission of finding an Earth 2.0 for humankind, has located the first Earth-sized planets orbiting a star outside our solar system. Artist's concept of Kepler 20e Artist's concept of Kepler 20e. Credit: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech The two worlds, Kepler 20e and Kepler 20f, are …
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Aliens more likely to live on moons than planets, say boffins

Noted US boffins have stated that habitable conditions in far-flung star systems may be more commonly found on moons in orbit around planets than on the planets themselves. This of course suggests that space travel may be very common elsewhere in the galaxy, among aliens who are not unfortunate enough - like the human race - to …
Lewis Page, 21 Dec 2009
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'Exomoonologist': NASA can detect forest moon of Endor

One of Blighty's top exomoonologists has said that NASA's new "Kepler" space telescope - in addition to its hotly-anticipated ability to discover habitable planets orbiting other stars - will also be able to detect habitable moons orbiting the gas giants of far-flung solar systems. David Kipping, an astronomer at University …
Lewis Page, 4 Sep 2009
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Boffins: Bebo interstellar spam aliens don't exist after all

Astroplanet boffins in America say that humanity may not, as had been expected, soon be the target of an interstellar assault from alien civilisations unwisely enraged by Web-2.0 teenybopper portal Bebo. It appears that the planet Gliese 581d - which might have mounted an invasion of the Solar System as soon as 2049 - cannot …
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2009
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Interstellar Bebo spamgasm targeted at 'water world'

Astronomers believe that there may be a "water world" capable of harbouring intelligent alien life orbiting a star just 20 lightyears from Earth. Unfortunately, it appears that the first communication any aliens will receive from the human race will be a multimedia compilation assembled by Bebo users. News of the possible …
Lewis Page, 22 Apr 2009
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NASA delays Kepler launch for rocket checks

NASA has moved back the launch of one of the most eagerly-anticipated spacecraft for some time, in order to check out concerns regarding its launch rocket. The Kepler telescope, expected by many to discover evidence of habitable worlds orbiting other stars, will wait until March 6 while engineers re-examine elements of its …
Lewis Page, 2 Mar 2009
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NASA probe finds opals in Martian crevices

A NASA space probe orbiting Mars has discovered deposits of opals in the mighty Valles Marineris canyon system* east of Tharsis. Opals aren't valuable enough to justify interplanetary trade, but the discovery is significant as it suggests that liquid water existed on Mars a billion years more recently than had been thought. …
Lewis Page, 29 Oct 2008

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