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Eee PC Girl

Back-to-school 10in Netbooks

Group Test The summer hols are over, and it's back to school for the kids. Or to college, for the older ones. Whatever their age, though, your offspring - perhaps even you yourself - are likely to have their eye on a new computer for the new term. And with prices never being lower, there's no longer a financial reason to restrict junior …
All-in-one Inkjet Printers

Buyer's Guide: all-in-one inkjet printers

Group Test In the home, where print volumes are typically low, inkjet printers rule. You simply won't find colour lasers or laser-based all-in-ones at the £150 price point around which all the printers in this Group Test are offered. Inkjets also have the versatility to be able to print quality photos as well as strong colours and …
Simon Williams, 15 Jul 2010
All-in-one Inkjet Printers

All-in-One Inkjet Printers

Group Test Much like the trend for mobile phones to have cameras, inkjet printers with scanners seems to be the norm these days. With all the models on test producing photo quality prints yet costing less than £150, you might think you’re getting something for nothing. Of course, along with the scanner doubling as a colour photocopier – …
Simon Williams, 15 Jul 2010
All-in-one Inkjet Printers

All-in-One Inkjet Printers: Best Buys

Group Test Before I announce which printers have won Reg Hardware awards, let's first see how they measure up against each other. Print-speed Tests Multi-page Printing £150 Inkjet group test Output in pages per minute (PPM) Longer bars are better Photo Printing £150 Inkjet group test Time to print 15 x 10cm photo in Seconds (s) …
Simon Williams, 15 Jul 2010
Freeview HD logo

Buyer's Guide: Freeview HD Set-top Boxes

Group Test You might think that getting Freeview HD is just a matter of buying an HD box that you like the look of and connecting it to your TV with an HDMI cable, but there are other considerations besides the cosmetic. Important though they are, the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), user interface and remote control aren’t necessarily at …
Nigel Whitfield, 20 May 2010
Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

Review The price of the Dell Inspiron Zino HD has risen since Reg Hardware first reviewed it, with the base price now starting at £329 instead of £279. The highly specced review system came complete with a Blu-ray combo drive and we calculate the all-in price at £730. Dell Inspiron Zino HD You don’t get a TFT display included in …
Leo Waldock, 29 Apr 2010
Shuttle XPC SG41J1

Shuttle XPC SG41J1

Review The SG41J1 is part of Shuttle's entry-level J series of barebones systems so you’ll be building this PC yourself. Provided you can live with fairly basic integrated graphics you’ll need to supply an LGA775 Intel Core 2 processor, DDR 2 memory, a hard drive and an operating system, plus mouse, keyboard, speakers and a display. …
Leo Waldock, 29 Apr 2010
Mini Desktop PCs

Mini Desktop PCs

Group Test While Microsoft and Intel both spent many years trying to persuade us we needed big, bulky media centre PCs underneath our TVs, space considerations and a lack of downloadable content meant that most folk were more than happy to make do with a DVD player. The explosion in online content - particularly video material - means …
Leo Waldock, 29 Apr 2010

Blu-ray Players

Group Test With the nights drawing in, and a shiny flat-screen TV set in the living room, what better way to relieve the tedium of the TV schedules than with a high definition movie? With time off over Christmas, and a looming VAT increase, is now the best time to invest? We’ve rounded up a selection of Blu-ray players that all feature BD- …
Nigel Whitfield, 28 Nov 2009
MSI P55-GD65

Intel P55-based motherboards

Group Test If you’re planning to build a new PC around an Intel 'Lynnfield' Core i5 or Core i7-800 processor then you are guaranteed to get stacks of performance at a reasonable price. In addition to a new CPU, you'll also need a motherboard that's based on Intel's P55 chipset and supports the LGA1156 interconnect spec. To help you …
Leo Waldock, 12 Nov 2009

Fast USB 2.0 Flash Drives

Group Test Anyone else remember how the death of the floppy disk was supposed to mean the end of the 'sneakernet' - files exchanged physically on a handy, portable storage format? It never happened. Instead, floppies were briefly replaced by higher-capacity media like Iomega's Zip disk and then, when USB really took off, Flash drives. …
Tony Smith, 17 Oct 2009
Core i7 Coolers

Ten of the best... Core i7 CPU coolers

Round-up Intel’s standard CPU cooler for the Core i7 family looks like a slightly bigger version of the cooler that we're used to seeing on LGA775 Pentium D and Core 2 chips. It works well at the standard speed but lets the side down when you start overclocking. Thermaltake SpinQ After-market coolers for Core i7 come in two distinct …
Leo Waldock, 7 Jul 2009

PC or not PC? Ten desktops on test

Group Test The desktop PC is a truly versatile animal, capable of running both our business and personal lives as well as entertaining us like nothing else since the television entered our world. Whether you want an all-encompassing budget marvel or a high-end gaming beast, there's a system out there to suit you. It's just a question of …
Duncan Madden, 8 Jun 2007
camcorder collection

Easy cam, easy go: camcorders on test

Group Test The stigma of the camcorder as a provider of rubbish quality "comedy" footage shot solely to keep Harry Hill in a job is over. Be it HD pro movie making or just YouTube-style improv clips, there are myriad models on offer so suit any and all budgets... Sony HDR-UX3E Sony HDR UX3 camcorder Sony's new AVCHD-format …
Duncan Madden, 24 Apr 2007

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