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Metal plant grows out of circuit board - Green IT concept pic. Photo by Shutterstock

Hyperscale cloud operators are saving the planet

Once upon a decade ago, green computing was a big thing. Nowadays it is an actual thing, thanks to the usual suspects: virtualization and cloud computing. Take for example, the United States' data centres: collectively they chewed up about 70 billion kWH in 2014, about 1.8 per cent of total US consumption, according to a June …
Drew Cullen, 28 Jun 2016
Business types meditate in green field. Photo via Shutterstock

Whatever happened to Green IT?

Call it green computing or sustainable IT, ten years ago it was all the rage. The IT press was filled with articles about it. Today, it’s hard to find a headline that mentions it. What happened? Green IT gained real traction in 2007-2008, as companies vied for position as the most sustainable on the block, often with massive …
Danny Bradbury, 15 Mar 2016

Green supercomputer pioneer to model micro drones

The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research has slung some money in the direction of Virginia Tech to conduct fluid dynamics modelling as part of its Micro Air Vehicle – to you and I, micro-drones – projects. The wrinkle in the contract, worth up to $US6 million over five years, is that researcher Wu Feng is to bring his …
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Fujitsu hails first bio-mouse

This, apparently, is the world's greenest mouse. Fujitsu M440 The Fujitsu rodent, dubbed the M440, can be entirely recycled, the company claims, because it contains no plastic. It's also bio-degradable. The mouse's non-metallic parts are made from a mix of materials all created using biologically sourced renewable compounds …
Tony Smith, 25 Jan 2011

ATM pays out credit for unwanted gadgets

Recycling your old mobile phone, compact camera, MP3 player or even external storage device could soon become much easier - and more rewarding - following the installation of a gadget-recycling ATM in North America. Eco_ATM_01 Eco ATM: makes recycling gadgets rewarding Eco ATM spits out usable credit for local shops in …
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2009
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EC calls for tech help on carbon targets

The European Commission is calling on the technology and communications industry to not only sort out its own energy use and carbon emissions but also help the rest of industry make cuts too. Greater use of technology will help the European Union achieve its targets for cutting carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 and …
John Oates, 12 Mar 2009

Environmentalists greenmail Google, Dell

Cebit 09 Greenpeace has called out the tech industry on its environmental claims, challenging the likes of Google and Dell to start applying pressure on governments to adopt meaningful emissions reduction targets ahead of a crucial meeting on a replacement for the Kyoto protocol. The environmental pressure group has written to the …
Joe Fay, 3 Mar 2009

Mobo maker builds 'powerless' processor cooling fan

Mobo maker MSI has come up with a novel way of keeping processors cool and conserving energy at the same time: the CPU to drive its own fan. It's actually a new implementation of an old discovery. MSI's Air Power Cooler uses the energy inherent in the expansion of air as it warms up to drive a fan. MSI's Stirling Engine …
Tony Smith, 29 Feb 2008

Green Grid pollutes environment with more white papers

Comment The Green Grid has been flopping around for about two years and continues to flop. The organization, backed by some of the biggest name vendors in the technology game, held a conference this week in San Francisco to release - you know what's coming - more white papers. How many white papers? Oh, who cares. The Green Grid …
Ashlee Vance, 6 Feb 2008
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Nobel Prize winner demands more honesty from peers in green debate

Scientists hoping to educate the public about environmental concerns could do themselves and the public a favor by abandoning hyperbolic scare tactics in favor of straightforward talk, according to a prominent scientist. Steve Chu, the director of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and a Nobel Prize winner in physics, chastised …
Ashlee Vance, 2 Feb 2008
Green data centre

Writing ‘Green IT’ at the top of the business agenda

Reg Tech Panel Freeform Dynamics The level of importance placed on ‘green IT’ when it comes to choosing new kit and looking at different IT vendors isn’t that great, as 1,300 readers recently told us. It will be soon though, as the same survey revealed that while only about one in 20 say green related selection criteria are weighted highly …
Team Register, 31 Jan 2008

Nokia pledges eco-friendly AC adaptors

Nokia is building on recent pledges to sell more eco-friendly handsets, by promising to halve the power consumption of its battery chargers. The Finnish phone company hopes to cut the average amount of energy used by its AC adaptors when in no-load mode - the time they spend plugged in but not charging a phone - by 50 per cent …
James Sherwood, 31 Jan 2008

HP to reduce PC energy consumption by a quarter

HP's ambitious plan to slash energy consumption in its PCs by 25 per cent by 2010 has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the computer firm proclaimed its intent to cut the carbon footprint of its desktop and notebook PCs by adopting more efficient power supplies …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jan 2008

Nokia unveils eco phone and planet-friendly charger

NokiaWorld No sooner had Nokia’s executives leapt onto the stage at today's opening of the giant's annual NokiaWorld shindig than assembled hacks were presented with a new, eco-friendly handset. Nokia 3110 Evolve Nokia's Evolve: half the front can be recycled The 3110 Evolve is a dual-band GSM/GPRS handset which Nokia claimed has …

Laptop power cranks up a gear

There’s never really been a reliable way of losing weight and saving the planet - and certaintly not one that works while you're sat working at your desk. Until now - a Spanish Polytechnic has invented a laptop that runs on a miniature bicycle. cycle_laptop_2 No need for the gym after work now The Polytechnic of Madrid’s …

Toshiba to sell trees with laptops

Toshiba is branching out from the electronics industry. It’s begun cross-selling an eco-service that it claims will offset the carbon cost of customers' laptops. Tosh_green_laptop Buy a tree from Toshiba Its Carbon Neutral Scheme allows punters to pay an optional £1.18 fee when they buy, say, a Toshiba Satellite laptop. A …
James Sherwood, 28 Nov 2007

Orange shines on world's first solar-powered Bluetooth headset

UK carrier Orange has brought what's claimed to be the world's first Bluetooth headset that draws its power from the sun. Iqua_sun Iqua's Sun: solar powered First unveiled at the 3GSM event, held in Barcelona earlier this year, the Iqua Sun headset looks like most other headsets on the market - well, apart from the unit's …
James Sherwood, 12 Nov 2007

Greenpeace: iPhone crit makes for more headlines

Eco-oriented non-governmental organisation Greenpeace has tacitly admitted it's been focusing its criticism of the mobile phone industry on Apple's iPhone because it gets more headlines. Nothing wrong with that per se. As a campaigner, Greenpeace should be seeking the best opportunities to get its message across. Unless, as …
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2007

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