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Google vows: Earth will vanish in 2015

Developers who have built web apps that take advantage of the Google Earth geospatial imaging service have just 12 more months to make the most of them, because the online ad-slinger plans to shut down the Google Earth API next year. According to a Friday blog post, Google will continue to fully support the Google Earth API …
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 2014
Yesterday's launch of the TerreStar 1 satellite. Pic: ESA

Just when you thought you were alone in the bath: Hi-res mapping satellite ready for launch

An American firm is preparing to launch a satellite which will map the world in a higher resolution than the public has ever seen before. Tomorrow, DigitalGlobe expects to send its WorldView-3 satellite into orbit, where it will begin sending images of objects as small as 30cm in size. It will zoom up to space from Vandenberg …
Jasper Hamill, 13 Aug 2014
Three monkeys

Google erases G8 venue from Earth: Microsoft doesn't

As all the world that cares knows, the leaders of the eight most powerful nations in the world have just been holding a summit meeting at the Lough Erne Resort in Northern Ireland. Most accounts suggest that this is a 5-star golfing hotel complex, but according to Google Maps and Google Earth it is just a muddy field: Damn, …
Team Register, 19 Jun 2013
Phytoplankton bloom captured by Envisat

Satellite data gets a dose of Google cloudy goodness

Google is teaming up with CSIRO via its Google Earth Outreach Program to put cloud-based satellite image analysis in front of earth sciences researchers. While there are plenty of public sources for satellite data – such as NASA, for example – turning images into analysis is a power-hungry business. First, you have to locate …
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Mystery as Google offloads SketchUp 3D drawing tool

Google has decided that the 3D modelling business is non-core and has sold its SketchUp tool to spatial specialist Trimble. SketchUp was a free download and offers users the chance to make 3D models of just about anything, either by building them from scratch or by downloading them from Google's Warehouse of user-generated 3D …
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Upgrade eliminates Atlantis from Google Earth

The latest update to Google Earth has resolved the software error that caused some to suspect the lost city of Atlantis had been found in the Atlantic Ocean. For the last three years, Google Earth has shown what appears to be a grid on the sea floor between the Canary Islands and the mid-Atlantic ridge that bisects the ocean. …
Iain Thomson, 6 Feb 2012
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Catfish: A fanfare for Facebook fakery

Film review - contains spoilers Facebook is brimful of hot girls who are usually neither of those things: scammers, hustlers and freelance scumbags who don lovely online masks to get close to you and take you for all you're worth, or if you're lucky, just make you look really stupid. Not all of the masks hide your standard con-people, however – some of them …
Sarah Bee, 16 Dec 2010
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Google Earth steps 'seamlessly' into Street View

Google has announced the release of Google Earth 6 - now with fully-integrated Street View allowing amazed netizens to "journey from outer space right to your doorstep in one seamless flight". It is sort-of seamless, too, with Street View's pegman "docked right alongside the navigation controls", and available for dragging …
Lester Haines, 30 Nov 2010
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Google Earth gets its very own website

Google Earth boasts, as of right now, its very own website, featuring "lots of great content including images, videos, tours, maps and tutorials". Google Earth's new website The one-stop Earth shop does indeed contain a raft of tutorials, info on the mobile version (for Nexus One, Droid, etc, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), …
Lester Haines, 10 Sep 2010
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Is this the world's biggest USB cable?

Google Earth comes up trumps again, this time unearthing the world's biggest USB cable.... Google_Maps_screenshot_of_Waubra, Victoria. Houses and roads look like giant USB cables Looks like some well connected Australians out there in Waubra Or maybe it's just a screenshot of Waubra, Victoria. Check it out yourself at: …
Drew Cullen, 11 Jun 2010
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Jesus descends to Google Earth

Long-term readers will be aware that the Son of God chooses some pretty offbeat places to manifest his supreme being, including Peruvian sand dunes, Ugandan mobile phone masts, Mount Sinai and Romanian wardrobe doors. Well, it appears he's not about to change his simulacrumtastic ways, and here's the latest spot from …
Lester Haines, 28 Apr 2010
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Google Maps absorbs Earth view

Google Maps yesterday got a new tab - an "Earth" option which injects all of the meaty goodness of Google Earth into the search monolith's online cartographical offering. Earth view on Google Maps Google explains: "Earth view uses the same technology that powers the Google Earth desktop application. It allows you to view the …
Lester Haines, 27 Apr 2010
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Google Maps boss to Germans: 'We don't want to invade you'

The man behind Google Street View assured Germany the firm didn't want to invade as it sought to allay the country's privacy concerns today. While Google has been driving its Street View cars around Germany for a couple of years, the service has yet to launch in the country, due to a particularly touchy Teutonic attitude to …
Joe Fay, 2 Mar 2010
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Google remaps Earth for iPhone

Review Google has released a major update to its Google Earth iPhone app, boosting it a full point to 2.0. Let's hope, however, that a version 2.0.1 will soon squash the bugs we dug up when we loaded the new Google Earth onto our iPhone 3GS and took it for a spin. On the plus side, version 2.0 contains all of the fun and …
Rik Myslewski, 19 Nov 2009
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Google navigates Android to turn-by-turn directions

Google has slipped turn-by-turn navigation into the latest version of Android, giving away one of the few mobile services for which punters were still prepared to pay. The application, which will only be available on the yet-to-be-launched devices using Android version 2, provides all the functionality that one might expect …
Bill Ray, 28 Oct 2009
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Loch Ness Monster surfaces on Google Earth

Scotland's Loch Ness is doubtless braced for a stampede of Nessie-spotters after a reader of UK tabloid The Sun provided Google Earth evidence of the existence of the Scottish lake's elusive leviathan: Loch Ness showing possible Nessie sighting A closer look (.kmz here) reveals the astounding truth: A close-up of the …
Lester Haines, 28 Aug 2009
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Google lights up Moon on Apollo 11 anniversary

Google has switched on the Moon in Google Earth to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The newly included Moonscape for Google Earth features 3D terrain of the lunar surface for users to fly around and explore like they already can with Mars and Earth. Users can also switch the scenery into …
Austin Modine, 20 Jul 2009
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German bomber crashes on Moon Google Earth

Scotland's Daily Record is running an interesting piece on the apparent remains of a crashed WWII German bomber which ended its days over Greenock in 1941, and which has now surfaced on Google Earth. The Junkers 88 was allegedly downed by anti-aircraft fire during the "Greenock Blitz" in May of that year, a two-night assault …
Lester Haines, 20 Jul 2009

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