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You didn't miss World Cloud Backup Day. It just kinda happened

Google and Box have each revealed new cloud backup products. Google's even got two: the one we'll see soonest, on June 28th, is “Backup and Sync from Google”. The product is a formal merger between Google Drive and Google Photos, which makes sense because at present an Android user will likely be using Google Photos almost …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jun 2017

Google borks its Drive Windows app – after pushing out unfinished buggy version to public

Updated The Google Drive app for Windows has crashed and burned – after the tech genius hub pushed out an unfinished and faulty software update. Reports of the cockup surfaced after hundreds of users posted their frustrations on social media, Reddit, and Google Product Forums. It basically means netizens can't access their cloud …
Katyanna Quach, 16 Mar 2017
Google Docs

Google gives Microsoft office an awkward hug with new plugin

Google's given Microsoft Office an awkward hug by refreshing Drive so it plays nice with desktop applications. Drive is Google's share 'n' sync offering and integrates tightly with its apps: drop a document into Drive and you can read or edit it in the Docs in-browser word processor. That tool's not to everyone's tastes and …
Kim Jong Il fro team America, World Police

Integrate? Moi? Amazon’s first API-free service should open up

Amazon’s Zocalo document-sharing and collaboration service, in limited public preview, is unusual among Amazon’s web services because it (currently) has no API. You can interact with it only through the supplied applications or via a web browser. Zocalo offers a limited set of features and aims at enterprise users with …
Tim Anderson, 24 Jul 2014

Microsoft ups OneDrive storage, slashes prices to match Google Drive

The race to the bottom in the cloud storage market continues, with Microsoft lobbing lots more free storage at its consumer customers and slashing prices on the paid tiers of its OneDrive online storage locker by more than 70 per cent. "The landscape is changing to the point that we believe it's no longer enough to provide …
Neil McAllister, 23 Jun 2014
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Google's Drive SLASH, secret 'big upgrade': Coincidence? Hardly

Google has slashed its online Drive storage prices so fast, it undercuts all of its rivals – and its own products. The Reg suspects the web king will dramatically lower its infrastructure-as-a-service storage prices as well in two weeks. The dramatic price cut for Google Drive was announced on Thursday: storing 100GB of data …
Jack Clark, 13 Mar 2014
Suitcase bulging with cash

Wanna make 15 bucks? Assimilate someone into the Google Apps BORG

Google is offering an incentive for Google Apps users in the US and Canada to spread the word about the online productivity suite, in the form of a cash reward for each new customer they refer. The online ad-slinger will pay a $15 referral bonus each time a new user signs up for Google Apps using an existing customer's unique …
Neil McAllister, 10 Mar 2014
WD MyCloud

WD embraces C word* and hews HDD handles from NAS kit

Western Digital is re-branding its MyBook Live line of basic NAS boxes to better stress the device’s personal cloud capabilities. So yes, from today they will be called MyCloud drives. They’ll also getting new internals, a revamped casing and upgraded software for devices that want to tap into the drives’ storage. Inside, you …
Tony Smith, 2 Oct 2013

Google pools cloud storage

Google has changed its approach to cloud storage, with individuals and business users of its apps now offered a pool of storage rather than silos dedicated to different services. Announced in an inevitable pair of blog posts, the Chocolate Factory is calling the new arrangement “unified storage”. Storage wonks wondering why …
Simon Sharwood, 14 May 2013
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Avoid nasty plugins with this extension, says Google

Google's ongoing attempts to harry Microsoft by nipping at the heels of the cash cow that is Office have thrown up some new irritants, and a new definition of "additional software". Chrome Office Viewer is one of the ad giant's new tricks and allows those who use Beta versions of Chrome to open Microsoft Office documents …
Simon Sharwood, 26 Apr 2013
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Google Drive goes titsup for MILLIONS of users

Google Drive has been titsup for the last few hours with many users being greeted by 502 error messages when they attempt to access the online storage service. For many, it remains stubbornly offline for now. Google confirmed that there was a problem with Drive about two hours ago after users complained about service …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Mar 2013

LogMeIn uncloaks cloud storage bypass

By now you know the prosumer cloud storage schtick: an agent on your device monitors a designated folder and copies everything in it to the cloud, from where any other device running the service's agent and logged in with the same account sucks down that file so it is available locally. The likes of DropBox, Google, Microsoft …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Feb 2013

Google Drives into web hosting

Google Drive has turned on a feature that lets the cloud storage service become a limited web host. It's long been possible to allow others to access data stored in the service, which can produce a URL for files. The new tweak means it's possible to ask for a “Preview” of an HTML file stored in Google Drive. Doing so renders …

Google's Drive + Gmail: A 10GB Dropbox killer

Open ... and Shut In the realm of digital overlords, Google just took one more step toward being the lord of all. While Google+ has failed to draw crowds as a social network, Google has made collaboration through existing networks exceptionally easy. This week Google introduced the ability to send supersized email attachments of up to 10GB. In …
Matt Asay, 30 Nov 2012
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Google shovels more small-fry apps on Larry Page's pyre

Google has dumped more products as it repositions its brand as a social network in a move to shift even more adverts. Mountain View said it will kill off a number of small-fry applications over the coming months, and Google bosses want "people to have a beautifully simple experience" when using the search giant's services. …
Kelly Fiveash, 1 Oct 2012
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Betting on Box in a SkyDrive and Google Drive world

Open ... and Shut As the desktop is consumed by the rising tablet market, the file system as we know it is doomed. No, we won't suddenly lose the need to keep track of files and folders. But how we do so is undergoing a dramatic shift. As Funambol founder Fabrizio Capobianco explains, our files increasingly live within apps. But not really. …
Matt Asay, 27 Apr 2012
Google Drive

The shortest Google Drive review you'll read today

Comment Google notified your humble Reg scribe that Google Drive for the Mac was ready. It installed and promptly crashed. Here's the slow-motion replay: Download and unpack the software to to the Mac's applications folder, double-click on it, agree to the licence, and watch it automatically synchronise your files with your online …
Chris Mellor, 27 Apr 2012
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Nest cloud storage for backup fun

It's been a big week for cloud storage. First Microsoft updated SkyDrive. Then Google, after years of speculation, parted the clouds to reveal Google Drive, even if it remained out of reach to some mere mortals using Macs. All this activity got me thinking: could the three play together nicely? It turns out they can … a bit …
Simon Sharwood, 26 Apr 2012

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