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Glasgow fanbois keep the faith at iPhone 6S benefaction

Interesting images have reached us of the ritual surrounding the dispensing of Apple's new iPhone 6S to the faithful of Scotland. The pictures – sent to us by long-time Reg Scottish Apple queue correspondent Joseph Heenan – clearly show the rigid orthodoxy which has recently been enforced around such events. Far from the vast …
Matt Dupuy, 25 Sep 2015

Nicked unencrypted PC with 6,000 bank details lands council fat fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined Glasgow City Council £150,000 for losing two unencrypted laptops, one with the personal details of more than 20,000 people - just two years after a similar blunder. More than 6,000 bank account details were held on one of the stolen computers. “To find out that these poor …
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Voda in 3G blackhole probe by ASA

Serious network problems in Glasgow have left Vodafone customers with a dicky 3G service for at least six months, according to a complaint the Advertising Standards Agency is investigating. “A smartphone without 3G is an expensive paperweight and I am fed up paying £30 a month for this one,” writes one pissed-off Glaswegian at …
Anna Leach, 17 Oct 2011
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Glaswegian arrested for pro-riot Facebook posts

A Scottish teenager has been arrested for alleged incitement after posting pro-disorder statements on Facebook. Glasgow has been mostly untouched by the disturbances despite the dangerous incitement of 16-year-old Alexander McQuarrie from Cessnock. Strathclyde Police said the arrest sent a strong message "to anyone who is …
John Oates, 10 Aug 2011
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Glasgow cammer not thrown in slammer

A 25-year-old man has followed in the footsteps of Harrow pirate Emmanuel Nimley after being convicted of using his phone to illegally record movies in a Glasgow cinema. The conviction is said to be the first of its kind in Scotland, after Christopher Clarke of Keppochhill Road, Sighthill, pleaded guilty on 2 June to a charge …
Kelly Fiveash, 2 Jul 2011
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Dwarfish two-legged dino 'was greatest head-butter ever'

A bipedal dinosaur about the size of a German shepherd has been crowned the all-time headbutt champion of the world by Canadian boffins. Researchers in Alberta, following extensive analysis of the skulls of various species which are known to indulge in headbutting, say that the herbivorous pachycephalosaur Stegoceras validum …
Lewis Page, 29 Jun 2011
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Great Scot! Wi-Fi on the Glasgow Subway

Glasgow Subway is Wi-Fi-ed up, a first for a British underground railway. The service is supplied by hotspot provider The Cloud and is available in all 15 stations and platforms. But no tunnels. Commuters are initially offered fifteen minutes free and then must buy on standard subscription terms - £2 for a 24 hour period. O2 …
Caleb Cox, 26 Oct 2010
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Picsel Technologies goes dark

Updated The future of Picsel Technologies is in doubt today after its website disappeared amidst claims that it has gone into administration. Sources claimed last night that PricewaterhouseCoopers had been appointed as administrators of the Renfrew-based firm. Meanwhile, the website appears to have vanished off the internet. When we …
Bill Ray, 16 Jul 2009
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Glasgow unbans Life of Brian

Glasgow councillors yesterday took the bold decision to allow the burghers of that fine city to enjoy Monty Python's Life Of Brian on the big screen for the first time in 29 years. According to the Daily Record, Glaswegian licensing chiefs ruled back in 1980 that the movie could only be shown with an adult X cert. The …
Lester Haines, 1 Jul 2009

Glasgow tube gets phone coverage

Glasgow’s underground railway isn’t as well connected as London’s, but the Scottish city’s network will soon boast something that the UK capital’s tube network doesn’t: subterranean mobile phone coverage. Carrier O2 has hatched a deal to bring mobile phone coverage to the city’s subway, allowing the network operator’s …
James Sherwood, 10 Sep 2008
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Citizens's panel demands policing for DNA database

A "Citizens' Inquiry" into the Forensic Use of DNA and National DNA Database is calling for proper public debate into the issues raised by the database, education of the public about their rights and an independent body to oversee the development of the database. The Citizens' Inquiry was made up of 30 people drafted in to …
John Oates, 30 Jul 2008
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Edinburgh Fringe ticketing chaos continues

The Edinburgh Fringe festival gets underway a week on Saturday (3-25 August) but ever since tickets went on sale the box office system has suffered several major technical cock-ups. As we previously reported, tickets were supposed to be generally available to punters on 9 June, but festival organisers admitted that they had …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Jul 2008
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London's black cabs get wireless payment kit

Royal Bank of Scotland is to fit proximity-payment readers into 25 London taxies, allowing punters equipped with wave-and-pay cards to settle any fare under a tenner with a touch of the card. Most London cabs accept credit cards these days, although some still resort to card-impression machines, but the percentage that has to …
Bill Ray, 11 Jul 2008
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C&W closes in on Thus acquisition

Cable and Wireless has increased its offer for smaller rival telco Thus Group, as it bids to gain weight for its battles against BT for big business contracts. C&W's surprise first 165p per share offer for Glasgow-based Thus was rejected by its board early in June. Today's improved 180p per share bid values Thus at about £ …
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Edinburgh Fringe ticket site dead as a parrot

Edinburgh Fringe festival organisers admitted yesterday that their box office system is still out of action more than 48 hours after tickets went on sale. In the meantime the company has been telling customers: “All website, telephone and counter sales will remain suspended until we reopen the box office tomorrow [12 June].” …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Jun 2008
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Edinburgh Fringe box office system goes titsup

Comedy lovers hoping to get their hands on tickets to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival have lost their sense of humour after discovering the company’s box office system went titsup on Monday. Tickets were supposed to be generally available to punters on 9 June, but festival organisers admitted today that they have been …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jun 2008
Pirates ahoy!

BSA dubs Manchester second worst for piracy

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has claimed that Manchester is the second worst city in England for software piracy. It said thousands of firms in the city will be targeted in the group’s latest campaign to clamp down on counterfeit software in Blighty, which it claims costs the economy nearly £1bn a year. The anti- …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 May 2008

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