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Europe votes to restrict police data sharing

The European Parliament voted on Monday night to reinstate the principles of data protection in legislation that would allow police across Europe to routinely share data about their activities. As the Parliament has no authority in the third pillar (the EU's jurisdiction for police and judicial matters), the amendments it …
Mark Ballard, 23 May 2007
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Sun may never set on British Empire's pint

Campaigners and Conservative politicos claim to have won an indefinite reprieve for the traditional British pound, inch, foot and - perhaps most importantly - pint. The BBC reports that the planned 2009 deadline for all UK/European sales to be conducted using the metric system has now been put in limbo, perhaps forever. The …
Lewis Page, 9 May 2007
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Euro Data watchdog warns of database creep

State databases, the way the European Data Protection Supervisor talks about them in its annual report quickly grow beyond their function and not always with benign consequences for the people they have numbered. The EDPS' 2006 Annual Report, published yesterday, noted (100-page pdf) how the data guardian's attention had been …
Mark Ballard, 3 May 2007
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Home Office promises proactive powers for info commissioner

The Home Office has promised to give the Information Commissioner powers to make spot inspections on people's databases to determine if they have complied with the Data Protection Act. Reporting to the first hearing of the Home Office Select Committee into the surveillance society today, Information Commissioner Richard Thomas …
Mark Ballard, 1 May 2007
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Euro police data plan attacks 'fundamental rights'

A proposal to allow European police forces to share data undermines fundamental human rights, the European Data Protection Supervisor said today. The European Council's proposal to extend data protection into police and judicial matters was designed to ensure first that police managed their data properly so that they could then …
Mark Ballard, 30 Apr 2007
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Europe makes 'progress' on police data protection

The European Council has swept aside widespread reservations about its proposals for a police data protection law. The German Presidency of the European Union claimed in a statement last week that its revised proposal for data protection in the third pillar had been so well received by other member states that it might even …
Mark Ballard, 23 Apr 2007
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Officer jailed for leaking police records to violent criminal

A police officer who improperly accessed a police database and passed individuals' personal details on to a man with a violent criminal record has had his jail term increased to nine months. James Andrew Hardy was previously found guilty of misfeasance in a public office for improperly accessing the police database and was not …
OUT-LAW.COM, 16 Apr 2007
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EU data protection chief slams police data sharing treaty

The European Commission, pushed by the European Council, neglected its statutory obligation to ensure its initiatives are democratically accountable, transparent, and planned wisely, when considering plans for police data sharing the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) said yesterday. The EDPS took the unusual step of …
Mark Ballard, 12 Apr 2007
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Transatlantic police data roadmap laid

Europe and the US have begun to plot the direction of a data sharing link between their police and immigration forces. It's a long way off, but indications after talks in Berlin today between European and US negotiators are that both sides are in agreement that's where they are headed. "Our common goals are clear," Franco …
Mark Ballard, 5 Apr 2007
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Privacy prevails in McKennitt case

The House of Lords today refused an author permission to appeal a ban on her book, ending a case that will be seen as a landmark in the development of an English privacy law. Niema Ash wrote Travels With Loreena McKennitt: My Life As A Friend, but publication was halted when McKennitt won an injunction relating to certain …
OUT-LAW.COM, 2 Apr 2007
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Football hooligans to get data protection rights

Police across Europe are being urged to respect the civil liberties of suspected football hooligans when they stalk them over the run-up to the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland. European police forces were given the remit to share intelligence about football fans in 2002. The Austrians, wanting more …
Mark Ballard, 30 Mar 2007
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EU proposes greater data sharing between police forces

The German Presidency of the European Union wants police forces across Europe to be able to share data more freely and wants a single body to be in charge of overseeing the process. The changes are contained in a framework decision proposed by the Presidency to the European Commission designed to outline the protections …
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Mar 2007

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