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Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Star Wars museum to land in Chicago

Chicago will house the official museum of all things George Lucas and Star Wars. A widely-reported statement from Lucas says the director is sad the museum won't be located in his home state of California – San Francisco and Los Angeles also entered bids – but that Chicago is simply a better site. The Chicago Tribune reports …
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jun 2014
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Star Trek saviour JJ Abrams joins the dark side: Star Wars VII

Star Wars creator George Lucas has given the thumbs-up to the appointment of JJ Abrams as director of the seventh outing for the sci-fi franchise. Lucas said the Star Trek helmsman is the "ideal choice" to take the reins of the movie, which will be the first Walt Disney Co foray into the Star Wars universe since it swallowed …
Lester Haines, 28 Jan 2013
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Pixar names HQ after Steve Jobs

Pixar, the computer animation company founded by George Lucas and sold to Steve Jobs - who later sold his company to Disney, as George has just done with his - has renamed its main office block after its rescuer. To be fair to Pixar, it’s an appropriate tribute. Jobs’ money kept the company in business, allowing it to continue …
Tony Smith, 7 Nov 2012
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Disney buys Lucasfilm, new Star Wars trilogy planned

Disney has bought out Lucasfilm in a $4.05bn deal and announced a new trilogy of Star Wars films under the leadership of the entertainment behemoth. "For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next," said George Lucas, CEO of Lucasfilm in a canned statement …
Iain Thomson, 31 Oct 2012
Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars art

Star Wars visionary becomes one with the Force

Star Wars conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie, whose paintings were the force behind much of the film series' design, has popped his clogs at the age of 82. McQuarrie's art was instrumental in persuading 20th Century Fox to back the production of Star Wars. Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars art This was followed by further film …
Caleb Cox, 5 Mar 2012
Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray disc set

Review Cards on the table: I’m not a Star Wars obsessive. I have precious little interest in the prequel trilogy. Indeed, I prefer the high velocity chutzpah of the Clone Wars animated series. And I don’t own any Hayden Christensen action figures either, although there may be a Slave Leia in my sock drawer. Star Wars: The Complete …
Steve May, 15 Sep 2011
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George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man

Andrew Ainsworth, the man who designed the Imperial Stormtrooper uniforms, has won the right to sell replicas. George Lucas has been suing Ainsworth since at least 2008 and the case finally ended up in London's Supreme Court. Ainsworth made the original helmets in 1977 – the legal action treated the helmets as the paradigm …
John Oates, 27 Jul 2011
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Star Wars: From dream sci-fi bride to perfect Blu-ray wife

Here's a pun-splattered heads-up to all you Star Wars fans out there. In about two hours' time news will reach us from a secret server located on the distant planet Bespin that Maythe4thbewithyou will prove a good day for the Lucasian franchise. There's a countdown and everything! The gimmicky website created in honour of the …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 May 2011
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George Lucas 'very happy' with 3D Phantom Menace

George Lucas has announced his satisfaction with the efforts to date to convert The Phantom Menace to 3D. The job of adding an extra dimension to Jar Jar Binks has been handed to Prime Focus, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The firm previously used its "proprietary View-D 2D-to-3D process" on Clash of the Titans, …
Lester Haines, 30 Mar 2011
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Facebook boydroid to hand over theoretical riches to charity

Mark Zuckerberg clearly has more invisible money than he knows what to do with, given that the Web2.0 paper billionaire has agreed to offload most of his wealth to charity. The Facebook founder's philanthropic assertion echoes that of tech titan Bill Gates and in fact was instigated by the Microsoft chairman's own "Giving …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Dec 2010

UK judges reject Lucas' appeal in Star Wars helmet case

A trio of senior UK judges have rejected George Lucas' claims that a propmaker for the original Star Wars film had breached his copyright by selling Imperial stormtrooper outfits. Shepperton-based Andrew Ainsworth made the helmets for the original Star Wars movie - which was largely filmed in the UK. Over 30 years on, he now …
Joe Fay, 16 Dec 2009
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Stormtrooper helmet sales still legal in Britain

A British movie prop maker who crafted the Stormtrooper uniform for the original Star Wars movie can continue selling replicas of the costume throughout the galaxy — the US excepted. George Lucas's production company Lucasfilm sued Andrew Ainsworth over copyright violations for selling Stormtrooper suits and helmets through …
Austin Modine, 31 Jul 2008
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Viacom slaps YouTuber for behaving like Viacom

Viacom has slapped an American political candidate for posting his own video to YouTube. With its latest YouTube crackdown, the media behemoth seems to be sending a new message to internet video-sharers across the globe: "You can't mess with our copyrighted content. But we can mess with yours." Last year, as he ran for a spot …
Cade Metz, 30 Aug 2007
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Oz cops cuff Darth Vader on his 30th birthday

Fans of Star Wars were treated earlier this week to a marathon 17-hour screening of all six films in celebration of the franchise's 30th birthday. Several thousand diehards packed the Los Angeles Convention Centre on Wednesday to kick off "Star Wars Celebration IV", which runs until Monday. Attractions for the paying public …
Lester Haines, 25 May 2007
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Serenity beats Star Wars in sci-fi movie poll

Serenity has outstripped Star Wars as the best sci-fi movie of all time in a poll of 3,000 fans by SFX magazine. The 2005 movie spin-off of acclaimed but cancelled series Firefly picked up 61 per cent of the vote, relegating George Lucas's magnum opus to second place (with 28 per cent of votes). Blade Runner picked up third …
John Leyden, 3 Apr 2007

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