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close-up of gemini pda (planet computing)

Gemini goes back to the '90s with Agenda, Data and mulls next steps

Exclusive Planet Computers, the tiny British outfit reviving Psion-style handheld computing, has told The Reg it has received new investment which enables it to produce further models and fulfil its retail ambitions. The company raised over $2m on Indiegogo to produce the Gemini, a modernised clamshell, with original Psion industrial …
Happy penguin, image via Shutterstock

A slick phone Linux for your pocket PDA? Ooh, don't mind if I do, sir

Sailfish has become the fourth OS to be officially supported on Planet Computing's pocket computer, the Gemini PDA, and eager beavers can download an image from Planet today. Planet has also released an official Debian distro for download. The keyboard-toting device boots into Android, while support for the Ubuntu flavour of …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jun 2018
Gemini eSIM management (pic: El Reg)

We wanted a camera, they gave us the eye of Gemini – and an eSIM

The plucky little PDA that could is getting some upgrades. El Reg popped into Planet Computing's London office to get cosy with some of the new Gemini toys due to launch in the not-too-distant future. I spent some time earlier this month in the company of the Psion-inspired Gemini and came away impressed, but had a few …
Richard Speed, 27 Apr 2018
Gemini Linux Bootscreen (pic: El Reg)

Gemini: Vulture gives PDA some Linux lovin'

Review Planet Computing’s Gemini is a middling Android phone integrated with a Psion Series 5-style keyboard and clamshell case. Since our exclusive hands-on with a real production device, I’ve spent a few weeks in its rattly, plasticky company. And I’ve also managed to get Linux installed. So what’s it like? The Gemini, for those …
Richard Speed, 11 Apr 2018

The Gemini pocket PC is shipping and we've got one. This is what it's like

Exclusive They've really gone and done it. They've made a modern Psion: a brand new computer that fits in your pocket – one you can touch-type on and everything. Planet Computing's Gemini is not just a PDA: it has been called "the only interesting phone in the market," which shouldn't sound so weird – the Gemini model with a SIM card …
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Feb 2018

The new, new Psion is getting near production. Here's what it looks like

World Exclusive Last week Gemini, the venture that re-invents the Psion 5 design for the 21st century, took delivery of pre-production units. Planet Computing invited us to see how the project is progressing. Since the final Psion pocket computer design (the Revo) appeared 18 years ago, the device category has died; there's nothing with a …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2017

Up close with the 'New Psion' Gemini: Specs, pics, and genesis of this QWERTY pocketbook

MWC Bill Clinton was still US President when the last pocket computer that you could touch type on came out. Back then, almost everyone accessed the internet at home on a dialup modem, not broadband, and no phone yet sported a colour screen or a camera. It was a different era. But after 17 years, a Psion 5-style machine is back, …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Feb 2017

The Psion returns! Meet Gemini, the 21st century pocket computer

Exclusive The original Psion designers have returned to put the classic British pocket computer in a modern body. Martin Riddiford, the designer of the Psion Series 3 and Series 5 keyboards, and co-founder of Therefore, has come up with an entirely new design for the 21st Century. Patents were filed today, and the venture codenamed “ …
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Feb 2017
Neil Armstrong and David Scott

NASA celebrates 50-year anniversary of first spaceship docking in orbit

Pics March 16 is a double anniversary for space travel – it's the 90th anniversary of the launch of the first liquid-fueled rocket by Dr. Robert Goddard, but also the 50th of the first time mankind successfully docked two spaceships, with the flight of Gemini VIII. People tend to forget NASA's Gemini missions – so named because the …
Iain Thomson, 17 Mar 2016
management regulation2

Nimbus Data settles lawsuit, moves to LA, promises new products

All-flash array supplier Nimbus Data, which has been quite quiet for around 18 months, has settled a lawsuit and has new products coming, as well as a refreshed website and a new office. The outstanding Maximus customer complaint issue with Nimbus Data has been settled by agreement of both parties, with the US court in the …
Chris Mellor, 13 Jan 2016

Customer sues Nimbus Data for 'breach of contract' over arrays

Updated Flash array vendor Nimbus Data is being sued by a customer for breach of contract over two Gemini arrays that the purchaser alleges failed to meet "four conditions of sale". The customer is Maximus Inc, a publicly traded company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. It is an operator of government health and human services …
Chris Mellor, 19 May 2014
Gemini X-series

Hey, Nimbus Data. What you doin' with those 4TB flash slabs? Making a 96TB box? We KNEW it!

Nimbus Data has announced a 10-node clustered all-flash array that can store up to 96TB in a single box. The Gemini X-series all-flash arrays build on the current Gemini F-series arrays, which come in F610/F620 variants with 56/40/20 Gbit/s InfiniBand and 40/10/1 Gbit/s Ethernet, and the F410/F420 which lack InfiniBand and use …
Chris Mellor, 4 Mar 2014
The HP Moonshot Gemini 1500 server chassis

Eye spy future HP Moonshot server nodes

Pics HP was at the International Super Computing 2013 conference in Leipzig, Germany, last week, showing off its ProLiant rack servers as well as the SL6500 Scalable Systems tray servers that have been used to build some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. And, with no tongue in cheek at all, HP's server geeks were also …

HP fuels second-gen Moonshot servers for April 8 launch

The next-generation of HP's "Project Moonshot" super-dense servers for hyperscale data centers, code-named "Gemini", are being prepped for their long-awaited launch next Monday. HP has a lot a stake with Project Moonshot, not the least of which being the viability of high-volume server manufacturing for big data-center …
Screenshot of the Office 2013 installer for Office 365

Microsoft's 'Gemini' project will be the Windows Blue of Office

Even as Microsoft has publicly acknowledged the existence of Windows "Blue," the much-buzzed-about Service Pack reworking of Windows 8 due later this year, the rumor mill is already churning with rumblings about a similar update project underway for Office 2013. According to Redmond-watcher Mary-Jo Foley's sources, that …
Neil McAllister, 27 Mar 2013
Apollo moonshot

HP taps Intel Atom for next-gen Moonshot hyperscale servers

When HP unveiled its "Project Moonshot" effort last November to create hyperscale servers based on Calxeda's EnergyCore variant of the ARM RISC processor, cynics said it was no doubt interesting in terms of engineering, but that the "Redstone" servers were nonetheless a publicity stunt. Tuesday's preview of the next-generation " …
Cat 5 cable

Cray notches another XE6-Cascades super deal

Cray's future "Cascade" family of supercomputers, which sport a new interconnect and means of linking into processors and coprocessors, are not even fully developed yet and the company has inked another deal for one of the boxes. After Wall Street closed for business on Tuesday, Cray said that Kyoto University will install an …

Cray XK6 super mates Opterons with Nvidia GPU workhorses

Supercomputer maker Cray has finally jumped on the GPU coprocessor bandwagon, and it looks like someone is going to have to hitch Belgian draft horses to that wagon and reinforce its axles once the XK6 hybrid super starts shipping in the fall. Cray made a name for itself as a provider of vector processors back in the 1970s and …

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